Heard this earlier today and it had me reminiscing. This is what music use to be. Enjoy fam!!

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Young, Black, and Fabulous

Beyonce COVERS Interview Germany Magazine’s Dec/Jan Collector's Issue + J. Cole Returns To His Hometown In COMPLEX Magazine’s Dec/Jan Issue + K. Michelle’s “Going Under”

 photo beyinterviewmag.jpg

Beyonce lands the cover of a special collector’s issue of Interview Germany magazine, while J. Cole returns to his hometown in Complex magazine’s Dec/Jan issue. Also, we have new music from K. Michelle titled “Going Under”. More inside….

All hail the Queen!

After dropping that epic “7/11” video on us out of nowhere, Beyonce returns to the magazine circuit for the cover of Interview Germany’s Dec/Jan special collector’s issue.

Shot by photographer Mason Poole (originally for Bey’s “On The Run” tour book), Mrs. Carter dons a black fishnet mask that she wore during the opening act of her joint tour with husband Jay Z. The interview hits stands Wednesday, Nov. 26th worldwide and it’s available for pre-order here.

Today, BEYONCÉ Platinum Edition Box Set has been released worldwide. The 2 CD/2 DVD limited edition package includes two brand new songs, “7/11” and “Ring Off”, plus four new remixes with features from Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Mr. Vegas and Pharrell. Also, fans will receive the "LIVE” DVD featuring 10 live performances from the “Mrs. Carter Show World Tour”, the original audio CD, the original DVD featuring 17 music videos and the official 2015 Beyoncé mini calendar.

On another magazine cover....

 photo jcolecomplex.jpg

Since finding success after becoming the first signee to Jay Z’s RocNation label and making it to the big leagues, J. Cole returns to his hometown of Fayetteville, N.C. where it all began.

J. Cole (real name Jermaine Lamarr Cole) takes us back to his old stumping ground in COMPLEX magazine’s December 2014/January 2015 issue. His success has allowed him to create his own charity organization, Dreamville Foundation, which provides school supplies for needy children and launch his own record label (in partnership with Intercope) called Dreamville Records. But his biggest accomplishment, according to the rapper, is buying his favorite childhood home, a split-level house residing at 2014 Forest Hills Drive, where he says he created his fondest memories.

The address also serves as the title of his upcoming third studio album which, much like his own life, tells a story of young man leaving his home to follow his dreams.

Below are some of the highlights from the cover story:

How has the city changed since you left?
People I grew up with tell me it’s getting worse. I don’t know if that has to do with the economy or if the education is getting worse. On the flipside, Fayetteville has some heroes now—even if they’re rappers or athletes. We never even had that [when I was growing up]. You couldn’t go to Raleigh, Charlotte, or Atlanta and be proud of where you were from. The pride before was about coming from somewhere that had a reputation of being a hard place to make it. Now there’s a pride about accomplishment, whether it’s me, or Eric Maynor, who made it to the NBA, or Eric Curry, who was the No. 3 draft pick in the NFL Draft. It sucks that these things have to come from sports and entertainment, but it’s something for kids to look up to and say, “Somebody from here did something.” I don’t want to inspire kids to rap. I want to let them know that anything they want to do is possible. I come from here and did some shit that was impossible, so if you want to be an astronaut, lawyer, doctor, writer, journalist, or whatever, I want to inspire you to do that.

You rap a lot about love. What is it that attracts you to it?
I guess because I’m interested. I became more conscious of that with this album. That’s what Hollywood represents versus 2014 Forest Hills Drive, which is home. Home is wherever the authentic, unconditional love is. The fake shit, the synthesized love, is Hollywood. I ran from Fayetteville to New York, from New York to everywhere, ultimately looking for what? For love—respect and love from my peers, love from the fans, love from the critics. I’ve learned that none of that shit is real. I appreciate it, it’s extra love, but it can and should only help and add to the real pot of love. It should not substitute. “Artists” that go to Hollywood and live their lives for the cameras, the attention, they’re supplementing for their lack of love, their holes. Those people—and maybe myself included—are ultimately running away from the place where the real love exists, because maybe it’s too painful, maybe it wasn’t the type of love that they needed, or it was void there. There was no father, there was no support. Wanting to be a movie star, wanting to be a rap star, wanting to have jewelry, wanting to have girls, and wanting to have money, all that shit is just trying to plug those holes. It’s dangerous because it’s not real.

Do you feel the label and Jay Z believe in you more now?
They definitely believe in me more now. But first of all, Jay Z believed in me enough to sign me, and for that I am forever grateful. Thank God he heard “Lights Please” and those songs I played for him the first meeting. Thank God he signed me off of those. After that, I can’t front. If we asked him honestly, I’m sure he would say he wasn’t sure what I would turn out to be in the grand scheme of things, in terms of commercial success.

What was it like when he put the Roc chain on you?
That was a top life moment. I don’t soak shit up well, but after that night I definitely took a moment to. It wasn’t about that moment of the chain. It was like, it took so long to even get this dude to come out on stage with me. It took so long to get this guy to come to shows.

You can check out his full interview here.

Check out a clip of J. Cole giving a tour of his old home below:



On the music scene....

 photo kmichelledown.png

Sampling lyrics from Grandmaster Flash’s “The Message”, K. Michelle returns with a new single title “Going Under”.

The VH1 reality star is gearing up for the release of her sophomore album Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart? (Dec. 9th). This new song is the fourth single from her new LP, following singles “Love Em All”, “How Do You Know” and “Maybe I Should Call”.

On “Going Down” K sings,

“Who's gonna pick me up? Who's gonna give a fuck? Who's gonna go the mile, fly me to the clouds? I'm singing love don't fail me now don't count me out. Oh love don't let me down come back around”

The “Love Em All” singer is gearing up for a joint tour with Keyshia Cole, which is expected to kick off in January. In the meantime, check out her newest track below:

We feelin' it?


Photos: Interview Germany/K Michelle’s IG/COMPLEX

FLIP FLOPPIN: Porsha Williams TWERKS On "The Real", DISHES On NOT Mending Fences With Kenya Moore, FIGHTS With Cynthia Bailey

 photo rttrtrtbttbbrtbr.png

Porsha Williams appears on "The Real" today where she'll dish on twerking, THOTs and Kenya Moore.  Also, she had a huge blowup with Cynthia Bailey on RHOA last night.  Watch the clips inside...

 photo porshaeffe.jpg

On today's episode of "The Real", Dish Nation co-host Porsha Williams drops in, revealing where she stands with co-star Kenya Moore and talks about mending relationships and soul searching. Then, the self-proclaimed "Twerk-A-Holic" has a twerk off with Adrienne ("When in doubt, twerk it out") and (according to a Warner Bros. press release) shows us why she's been labeled the "Queen of Thotland."

On Kenya Moore: You know what, I just feel like at that moment I gave a bully power and so I just vowed to never let that happen again. And so now this year if you say some sh** I'm like...I give you nothing!

On RHOA season 7: This season I feel is about mending relationships, or just you know trying to. So it's just a lot of soul searching I think.



Watch Porsha on "The Real" today......

About last night......

Porsha had an epic fight with Cynthia Bailey where they both flexed their "reading" skills.  Though she's normal calm and subdued, Cynthia came out with her guns blazing, even calling Porsha a flip flopper (repeating a rumor that Porsha got involved with a married man to support her lifestyle).  Naturally, the battle made waves on social media, prompting commentary from Peter (the unofficial housewife):

 photo petterwtiterdvfvff.png


Wow....looks like Porsha got shade from both Cynthia AND Peter.   This is going to be a messy season....




Photos via Warner Bros/Porsha's Instagram

GROWING UP: Lauryn Hill & Rohan Marley’s Daughter Selah Marley Celebrates Her Sweet 16

 photo selahb2.png

Selah Marley is growing up! Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley’s daughter celebrated her Sweet 16 last night. And it came complete with a special performance by A$AP Ferg and an appearance from Teyana Taylor and her boyfriend Iman Shumpert. Peep the pics inside….

It’s hard to believe Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley’s second child Selah Marley is approaching womanhood. Yesterday, Selah celebrated her 16th birthday with a Sweet 16 bash filled with her family and close friends at the Crosby Street Hotel in SoHo. And for her coming of age celebration, she was gifted with a special performance by rapper A$AP Ferg.

Overjoyed, Selah posted to Instagram, "greatest night of my life @asapferg"

 photo selahb4.jpg

The young model and singer was absolutely gorgeous (spitting image of her mother) in a black sparkly gown accessorized with a blinged out lion head necklace.

Her father Rohan (son of Bob Marley) took to Twitter gushing over his baby girl's special night. He tweeted:



 photo teyanaselah1.png

"Maybe" singer Teyana Taylor and her boyfriend/NY Knicks baller Iman Shumpert came out to party for Selah's Sweet 16.

 photo teyanaselah2.png

Teyana was beside herself after meeting her idol Lauryn Hill. She posted the pic above to Instagram with the caption, "That look up when u trying not to let the tears fall.This Is One Of Those Speechless Moments.. Moments That Can't Be Worded.. You Grow Up Looking At Someone You Idolize Through A TV & Before You Know It You Get To Sit Down & Match Wits With Them.. They know Who u Are...They See Them In You... Man...This Woman Made Me Understand That Its Ok To Be Unique Musically, Fight The System If You Have To For What U Believe In. To Have A Rare Type Of Voice Raspy & All LOL That Still Touches Souls & Heal Hearts.. In Her Song "Lost Ones" She Said; "Wisdom Is Better Than Silver & Gold, I was Hopeless Now I'm On Hope Road".. Thank YOU For Just You. You Are Truly Heaven Sent. #LaurynHill #YepIWasGeeked #YesTheLookUpWhenYouDontWantYheTearToFall #SheWasSoFunny #ShesEverything #SheKeptThankingMeForComing #ShitWhyThankMe?NO #THANKYOU

 photo selahb3.jpg

Selah's big sister Eden Marley (daughter of Rohan) came out to celebrate her little sister’s born day.

 photo selahb5.png

And Selah's brothers Zion, Joshua and John were also there to celebrate their sister's coming of age.

 photo selahbirthday.png

After an outfit change, the YBF chick posted a pic to thank everyone for coming out to her party. She said, "back at the barnyard—thank u everyone 4 coming out to my party, hope u all had fun, it was the best night of my life"


Peep a clip of her partygoers rockin' out to A$AP Ferg below:


She said Asap Ferg @selahlmarley #sweet16

A video posted by Rohan Marley (@romarley) on Nov 11, 2014 at 7:33pm PST


Happy Birthday Selah!


Photos: Selah's IG/Rohan's IG/Teyana's IG

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