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RUMOR CONTROL: Terrence Howard Wants You To Know He & Wife Mira Pak Are Still Together & Stop Believing Everything You Read!

 photo thm1.jpg

Terrence Howard is seemingly speaking out against rumors that he and his third wife Mira Pak are divorcing. Peep new coupledom pics of the couple along with their infant son Qirin Love inside….

“Empire” star Terrence Howard is doing some serious damage control after making headlines surrounding his divorce settlement with his second wife Michelle Ghent. You’ll recall, his ex-wife Michelle has made abuse allegations against the Hollywood vet and reportedly made threats to expose the star’s titillating sexcapades.

Not only that, there were reports he and his third wife Mira Pak were divorced!

During the drama-filled court proceedings (remember when he was crying on the stand?), it was reported Terrence had already divorced his wife of two-years. According to reports from the NY Daily News, the divorce judgment was granted in Chicago, and was entered the day before his deposition in the Michelle Ghent proceeding. But, that all appears to not be true. At least, that’s what Terrence is saying.

The “Empire” star posted a picture of himself and Mira aboard a plane with the caption, “Heading out!!!” He told a Twitter follower he and his wife were flying out for a weekend excursion. Oh?


 photo thm2.jpg

A few days before that, he shared a shot of himself, his wife and their newest bundle of joy Qirin Love (who was born in May 2015) with the caption, “My wonderful family day out!!!” They were in Chicago with Terrence while he films for the upcoming second season of the hit FOX series.

Along with pictures of him and his family all smiles, he also posted a tweet subliminally denouncing the Splitsville Lane rumors. He said:

 photo thm3.png

Can't believe everything you read in the papers...


It's interesting to note, he posted these pictures after judge threw out his divorce/spousal agreement with Michelle and they're headed back to family court. Looks like he might be trying to clean up his image before he goes back in front of a judge.

And then there were those rumors that his role would be majorly reduced on screen due to recent divorce drama and domestic violence allegations. Guess he's doing everything he can to stay in the producers and judge's good graces.


Photos: Terrence's IG

"SOC" Remains #1 For A Third Week, Rakes In $13.2 Million + Will Smith Stars In NFL-Trauma Themed Film, "Concussion"

 photo Screenshot 2015-08-31 10.38.16.png

For the third straight week, Straight Outta Compton has dominated at the box office.  Get the latest stats inside and watch a trailer for Will Smith's upcoming film.

  photo Screenshot 2015-08-31 10.55.16.png

The cast of SOC, shown atop during the recent premiere in Berlin, have a lot to celebrate.  In addition to huge debuts all around the world, the film is still number one in the States!

This week, SOC managed to make $13.1M, bringing the cumulative total to $134.1million! Maintaining #1 was a huge feat because the film faced competition from the Kendrick Brothers’ War Room, a faith-based film targeting Christians. War Room eventually made $11.3M.

 photo OSheaJackson2015MTVVideoMusicAwardsHHJsswrw8Y4l.jpg

 photo Screenshot 2015-08-31 11.39.55.png  

Also, the film's success is quickly turning SOC castmembers into household names.  Just yesterday, O'shea Jackson (who plays Ice Cube) joined his dad onstage at the 2015 VMAs as a presenter.  We're expecting to see a lot more from the cast and even bigger Hollywood roles in the future.


Meanwhile, Ice Cube tweeted....

 photo Screenshot 2015-08-31 12.13.28.png



1). Straight Outta Compton (UNI), 3,142 theaters (+117) / $3.8M Fri. / $5.5M Sat. (+44%) / $3.9M Sun. (-30%) /3-day cume: $13.2M (-50%)/Total cume: $134.1M/ Wk 3

2). War Room (SONY), 1,135 theaters / $4M Fri. */$3.9M Sat. (-4%) / $3.1M Sun. (-21%) / 3-day cume: $11M / Wk 1
Industry weekend: $10.7M
*includes $600K of previews

3). Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation (PAR), 3,095 theaters (-347) / $2.2M Fri. /$3.7M Sat. (+72%) / $2.4M Sun. (-36%) / 3-day cume: $8.3M (-28%)/ Total Cume: $170.4/ Wk 4
Industry weekend: $8.26M

4). No Escape (TWC), 3,355 theaters / $2.4M Fri. / $3.4M Sat. (+41%) / $2.4M Sun. (-30%) /3-day cume: $8.29M / Total cume: 10.3M /Wk 1 (Wednesday bow)
Industry weekend: $8.175M

5). Sinister 2 (Gramercy/Focus), 2,799 theaters (+33) / $1.4M Fri. / $2M Sat. (+44%) / $1.2M Sun. (-39%) /3-day cume: $4.65M (-56%)/ Total cume: $18.5M /Wk 2

6). Man From U.N.C.L.E (WB), 2,706 theaters (-967) / $1.2M Fri. / $2M Sat. (+60%) / $1.2M Sun. (-40%) /3-day cume: $4.4M (-43%)/Total cume: $34.1M/ Wk 3

7). Hitman: Agent 47 (Fox), 3,273 theaters (+12)/ $1.1M Fri. /$1.7M Sat. (+53%) / $980K Sun. (-44%) / 3-day cume: $3.85M (-54%) / Total cume: $15.3M /Wk 2
Industry weekend: $4M

8). The Gift (STX), 1,934 theaters (-369) / $846K Fri. /$1.37M Sat. (+62%) / $918K Sun. (-33%) / 3-day cume: $3.13M(-27%)/ Total Cume: $35.96M /Wk 4

9). Jurassic World (UNI), 1,239 theaters (+665) / $793K Fri. /$1.4M Sat. (+73%) / $960K Sun. (-30%) / 3-day cume: $3.12M (+230%) / Total cume: $643.1M /Wk 12

10). Ant-Man (DIS), 2,016 theaters (-290) / $777K Fri. /$1.4M Sat. (+83%) / $855K Sun. (-40%) / 3-day cume: $3.05M(-25%)/Total cume: $169.2M / Wk 6

11). Minions (UNI), 1,976 theaters (-250)/ $672K Fri. /$1.3K Sat. (+94%) / $948K Sun. (-27%) /3-day cume: $2.9M (-24%)/Total Cume: $324.8M / Wk 8

12). American Ultra (LG), 2,778 theaters (0)/ $812K Fri. /$1.2M Sat. (+45%) / $814K Sun. (-31%) / 3-day cume: $2.8M (-49%) /Total cume: 10.4M/ Wk 2

13). We Are Your Friends (WB), 2,333 theaters / $725K Fri.** /$615K Sat. (-15%) / $460K Sun. (-25%) / 3-day cume: $1.8M / Wk 1
Industry weekend: $1.74M
**made $175K in Thursday previews

14). Fantastic Four (Fox), 1,675 theaters (-906)/ $435K Fri. /$835K Sat. (+92%) / $430K Sun. (-49%) / 3-day cume: $1.7M (-53%) / Total cume: $52.7M /Wk 4
Industry weekend: $1.77M



In other movie news...

Will Smith (who recently wrapped filming Suicide Squad) is set to star in the Peter Landesman’s written and directed film Concussion.

The film tells the story of American immigrant Dr. Bennet Omalu, a forensic neuropathologist who made the first discovery of CTE, a football-related brain trauma. Once he attempts to go public with his discoveries, he finds himself fighting against some of the most powerful institutions in the world.

It's expected to be in theaters on Christmas Day.



Photos via Getty/Oshea Jacksin Instagram/RobertReddPhoto

NOW THAT SHE’S LEGAL: Tyga & Kylie Jenner Get KISSY In New “Stimulated” Video

 photo tyky1.png

Tyga’s girlfriend Kylie Jenner JUST turned 18. And now that she’s legal, the twosome has no qualms about putting their love on front street. Peep the kissy visuals in his new video “Stimulated” inside….

We brought you Tyga’s grossly laced lyrics in his new track “Stimulated” where he raps about banging “a young girl.” Now, the video treatment for the track has been released. And it stars his 18-year-old girlfriend Kylie Jenner (who just celebrated turning the legal age on August 10th).

Now that the “KUWTK” reality star is officially legal, Tyga and Kylie no longer have to hide their relationship. Last night, the two were getting all cuddly in the audience as they watched the 2015 MTV VMAs go down in L.A. Today, they are featured in a brand new video “Stimulated” (a cut from his recent mixtape Fuk What They Talkin Bout), sharing intimate moments they share behind-the-scenes.

 photo tyky2.png

In the new clip, we see T-Raww spitting lyrics off the balcony of mansion where he raps about penetrating a girl who's all grown up:

“They say she young,
I shoulda waited,
She a big girl, dawg
When she stimulated…
She a big girl dawg,
I’m puttin’ in,
Yeah I’m penetrating"

Then in comes Kylie starring as his on-screen love interest. While he never mentions Kylie’s name on the track, it’s pretty clear who he’s referring to. And the fact that Kylie stars in the video, sort of confirms what everyone was already thinking…he’s rapping about Kylie!

Check it (if you can stand it) below:



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