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IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY: Lil Wayne, Fabolous, The Game & YMCMB CELEBRATE Drake’s Birthday + Toya Wright PARTIES With Husband MempHitz, Monyetta Shaw & More For 31st Birthday

 photo bdrake1.jpg

Party time! Both Drake and Toya Wright celebrated a birthday this past week. And last night, the two held two separate parties in Miami and Atlanta to celebrate. Peep their pics inside..


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His birthday was last Friday (Oct. 24th) but that hasn’t stopped the festivities for 28-year-old Drake. Last week, he brought in his birthday with a swanky dinner at Bent restaurant in his hometown.

This week, he’s partying with his label homies. The Toronto born rapper rounded up his YMCMB crew, including head honcho Lil Wayne, to celebrate his birthday at the South Beach hotspot STORY nightclub in Miami last night, thanks to Hennessy V.S.


 photo bdaydrake2.jpg

After a few drinks and mingling with the ladies, Drake hit up the DJ booth and turned his birthday bash into a show performance as he hit the stage to perform several of his hits. He was later joined on stage by rappers The Game and Travi$ Scott.

 photo drakebday16.jpg

Drizzy’s boss Lil Wayne was sure to be in the building to celebrate his homie’s birthday.

 photo bdaydrake7.jpg

And he was spotted puffing on a blunt, throwing up signs with one hand and a green "lollipop" in the other. Earlier this wek, Wayne announced his highly anticipated album Tha Carter V was being pushed back (once again). He revealed it would be released in two parts and the first part will drop Dec. 9th.

 photo bdaydrake3.jpg

"Thim Slick" rapper Fabolous came out to party and toast it up with Drizzy.

 photo drakebday14.jpg

Ray J was in the mix alongside what looks like rapper The Game wearing a red mask.

 photo bdaydrake19.jpg

And here's The Game and rapper Travi$ Scott on stage.

 photo bdaydrake13.jpg

Haunted House 2 star Marlon Wayans came to wish Drake a Happy Birthday.

 photo bdaydrake9.jpg

And "Turn Down For What" rapper Lil Jon (who recently starred in a hilarious voting PSA) was also in the mix.


At another party....

 photo roya10.jpg

While her ex-husband partied in Miami, Toya Wright celebrated her 31st birthday (along with D'USSÉ ambassador Mr. Rugs) in downtown Atlanta with a few of her reality tv celeb friends.

The birthday girl (whose actual birthday was the 28th) partied with “Hollywood Exes” star Monyetta Shaw, former “RHOA” star Marlo Hampton, “Basketball Wives LA” star Malaysia Pargo, “LAHH ATL” star Tammy Rivera, “RHOA” husband Todd Tucker and of course, her hubby MempHitz.

 photo roya12.jpg

October has been a celebratory month for Toya. Last week, she celebrated her 5th anniversary for her store Garb Boutique being in business.

 photo roya8.jpg

Waka Flocka Flame's fiancée Tammy came to party in a cute LBD paired with pink Tom Ford pumps.

 photo roya4.jpg

And Marlo...well...guess she's just being Marlo. Sighs....

 photo roya11.jpg

 photo roya9.jpg


 photo roya1.jpg

Todd was spotted (sans his wife Kandi--she's currently filming at an unknown location with the "RHOA" cast) chilling out in the cut.

 photo roya15.jpg

And "Married to Medicine" star Quad Webb Lunceford was also in the mix.

 photo roya3.jpg

 photo roya7.jpg

Fun times!

Photos: ExclusiveAccess.net/ATLpics.net

Trey Songz PARTIES With Rumored Boo Mila J In NYC + French Montana REVEALS He Was NEVER In A Relationship With Trina

 photo treymila.jpg

There are rumors circulating that Trey Songz and Mila J are dating. And last night, the two only fueled the fire behind the speculation. Get the deets on their night and find out what French Montana had to say about dating Trina and whether he and Khloe Kardashian are still together inside…..

So are R&B crooner Trey Songz and budding singer Mila J dating? We’re not exactly sure, but last night could be an indication that the two could possibly be romantically involved.

Last month, we told you about the talk on the rumor mill that these two are dating. Trey was caught writing “love you too baby” in the comments on a pic he posted of Mila J with the words “I Love Trigga” on the picture. And he also posted a picture of Mila and himself with the caption, “she so fine”.

Well, last night, both Trey and Mila attended Power 105’s Powerhouse concert at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. And afterwards, they linked up to continue the night’s festivities.

Mila and Trey were spotted partying it up at Stage Forty8 in NYC. Neither The Motown singer (nor Trey) confirm or deny involvement with each other, but Mila did say they are "just very good friends". Mmmhmm….

We hear the two never left one another’s side throughout the night as they danced to tracks from Trey’s TRIGGA album and Mila’s debut EP M.I.L.A. (Made In L.A.). They spent the entire night sipping on champagne and enjoying each other’s company. And as you can see (above) the two looked like they got quite cozy with one another.

Looks like a little more than friends to us…but you decide.


And in a candid interview....

 photo powersb13.jpg

French Montana stopped by the “Wendy Williams Show” this morning to dish on his current relationship status with his girlfriend (?) Khloe Kardashian. French was originally scheduled to perform with singer Jeremih, but since Jermih missed his flight, French was tapped to perform “Don’t Panic” and was convinced to sit down with Wendy. Luckily for us, NO questions were off limits and he kept it 100.

The Coke Boy revealed he and Khloe are in a “special zone” right now and that every relationship has its ups and downs. So we’re assuming these two are still together. He also revealed he was NEVER in a relationship with raptress Trina and confirmed the big $2million payout he gave his now ex-wife Dean Kharbouch.

Below are the highlights:

On he and Khloe Kardashian’s current relationship status:

“I just feel like every relationship, you break up and make up. Right now we’re on real good times. We’re in a special zone right now. She’s going to be my baby forever.”

On if he’s dating Khloe for publicity:

“I don’t feel like love come like that. That’s just something people want to run with. I feel like when you meet someone you really like you don’t worry about that stuff”

On Trina introducing him to the Kardashians:
“No, not at all. Kanye [West] invited me to the Barclays Center to his show and just so happen Kris [Jenner] and Kim [West] was there. Then so happen Trina knew Kim so she said ‘Hi, this is French’ That’s what it was she didn't introduce me to them”

On his relationship with Trina:
“Honestly I was never a couple with Trina. I was just going through my divorce so I was just having fun with life. I wasn’t in a mental space [to be in a relationship]. I can’t claim nobody after I was just going through a divorce”

On his divorce being finalized and having to pay his ex-wife $2 million:
“Yea something like that. I don’t really want to talk about it I might start sweating”

On his son Kruz Kharbouch:
“My son is good. I’m going to see him tomorrow. Take him trick or treating in the park”

On if he got paid for the upcoming reality show “Kourtney and Khloé Take The Hamptons”(which starts this weekend):

“Big time”

On Kris Jenner:
“I love Kris. She’s a strong woman just to be in the position she’s in. They go through a lot that people don’t see. I love them a lot”


Check it:

French's new album Mac & Cheese drops Dec. 16th. 


Photos: Getty/Aziz Harden

SPILLED TEA: Chris Brown ADMITS He Battled With Drugs, Talks Rihanna Dating Drake AND Marriage & Kids With Girlfriend Karrueche On "Hot 97"

 photo cinter.png

Chris Brown is talking! And he’s spilling all types of tea. Find out what he said about his battle with drugs, how he felt about his ex-girlfriend Rihanna dating his frenemy Drake and whether marriage and kids are in the future for him and current girlfriend Karrueche inside….

Chris Brown did a very candid and eye-opening interview that aired this morning. He spilled all the tea and dropped plenty of notable nuggets.

During a sitdown with Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning show (for the first time), Breezy was very honest and open about the many situations he has been involved with over the years.

He said at one point in time, he was battling with drug use and it was affecting his craft (“I was falling asleep on video sets"), the Rihanna situation (“We made amends, we good now”).  He also said how he felt when Rihanna did her interview with Oprah (“I was actually moved by it“), how he felt about Rih dating Drake (“I was tight”), how he and Drizzy squashed their beef for the 2014 ESPY Awards and whether marriage and kids are in the future for him and his girlfriend Karrueche Tran.

Below are the highlights:

On battling with drugs:

“I was off the syrup, the Xanax....that’s the hood cocktail. I was falling asleep on video sets, I was cussing people out randomly. I was doing crazy stuff. I would wake up and be like ‘aye man, what time we shooting this video?’ And they would be like ‘dude we shot it yesterday.’ I be like ‘Damn!’

He then realized, “This ain’t for me. As time progressed I was like let me chill out. I don’t want to be a zombie when I meet people. Or say the wrong thing, or end up punching somebody or doing something crazy…like I did…because I was under the influence of some bull.”

His biggest demon:

“Being afraid of failure.”

On the Rihanna situation:

“Me and her, we made amends. Like, we good. She's my friend. I knew that was a mistake I would never do again. I look back at it like I was 17-18 and I’m 25 now so I look back it like ‘dang’. And I’m still doing community service and going to see the judge every month in a half over that situation.”

On getting back with his ex-girlfriend Rihanna:
“Yea..we was cool. For me it was like a lot of it was on me trying again to pick up the pieces. I just wanted to make sure it was still there. But at the end of the day, I kinda wanted to make amends to her to show her I could be the man she wanted me to be.”

On Rihanna opening up to Oprah:
“It was a shock for me because you know, with different teams and how people’s camps work. After I saw it I was like ‘ok cool’ now she’s showing me that she care because I didn’t know for awhile. I was actually moved by it. That’s when I knew we could be friends and can talk.

On Rihanna dating Drake:
“I look at it like this. I’m content with who I am so whoever decides to move on and do their thing I was cool. I mean, I was tight, but you also have to consider that was in the ‘thug Chris Brown era’. I was in my bag. At that time I was just all about running up on dudes, when I see you it’s this.”

So does he feel like Rih started dating Drake on purpose? “She’s going to get mad when I say this but in a way I do. It’s understandable. It’s the game, we young. We do that at that age.”

On the bottle throwing fight with Drake:
“That was a ‘stick ya chest out’ contest. That’s all that was.”

On who made the initial call to squash his beef with Drake:
“Honestly, his camp hit up my management and they was like we got this opportunity at the ESPYS, we want to do a spoof. So I was like cool. They were kind of hesitant because they didn’t know our temperature between each other. But I was just like I aint got time to be looking over my shoulder and be upset. It just doesn’t make me look good. But, I was just like let’s break this whole beef thing. Let’s just do something funny, let’s make light of the situation. It just shows growth and maturity.”

On his first encounter with Drake:
“I think we just avoided talking about the issue at that point. We was just like ‘What’s up man? We good.’”

On his girlfriend Karrueche being loyal:
“It’s been almost 5 years. She’s straight. I dig her man. She’s dope. I feel like, especially being in this industry, you just need somebody that understands you. Who understands who you are personally except for your name. Me and her have a real connection, like best friends on top of our intimacy.”

On marriage and kids with Kae:
“I’m scared of marriage cause I’m young right now. Kids? Yeah man, I need a little Chris Brown cause when I can’t dance no more I need to teach him something. I ain’t rushing.”

Well alright! Glad Chris has seen the errors in his ways and is now attempting to become a better man.  For the first time in a LONG time, we can actually see the growth in him as a man.  Keep it up Chris!

Peep his interview below:

As for Rihanna...


A video posted by trinarockstarr (@trinarockstarr) on Oct 10, 2014 at 12:06pm PDT

While on the carpet at Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta for her ROGUE Man fragrance launch last week, she was asked, “What are you looking for in a man now?"

She responded, “I’m not looking for a man, let’s start there.”

Ha! *Snaps*





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