The Affects of the Recession on Children

I'm a person who likes to stay current on the news. I ran across an article this evening that kind of saddened my spirit. Take a look at it for yourselves......

CHICAGO (Reuters) – Hard economic times are hitting the United States' youngest citizens, threatening to roll back decades worth of gains in health, safety and education, according to a report released on Monday.
It suggests the country's most severe recession in a generation, which has cost more than 5 million American jobs since it began in late 2007, is having a drastic impact on children.
"Our projections show that virtually all the progress made in family economic well-being since 1975 will be wiped out," Ken Land of Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, and colleagues wrote in 2009 Child Well-Being Index and Special Focus Report.
The annual report, sponsored by the Foundation for Child Development, a private child advocacy group, measures economic, health, safety and social factors affecting children and teens.
Based on current estimates, the report projects that the current recession will pare median annual family incomes back to $55,700 by 2010, down from $59,200 in 2007.
Households run by single women will see their annual incomes fall to $23,000 in 2010, down from $24,950 in 2007.
But the steepest drop will be among single households headed by men, where median annual family income is expected to drop to $33,300 in 2010, from $38,100 in 2007.
These declines in family income will affect many other aspects of life for children in America.
"Many families that have built a life around two-earner incomes now have one income or perhaps no income, so children in those families are being impacted by the current economic environment," Land said in a telephone interview.
He said the percentage of children in poverty will rise to 21 percent in 2010, up from about 17 percent in 2006.
The researchers said the housing crisis will disrupt social relationships for children, as job losses cause families to uproot in search of work and less-costly housing. Many families are at greater risk of homelessness.
Children's health also will suffer, they said.
They foresee increases in an already growing obesity epidemic as parents turn to cheap fast food to feed their families.
One bright spot, they said, is the State Children's Health Insurance Program, which will at least ensure that many poor children get needed health care.
Based on trends in prior recessions, they said rates of violent crime will likely rise, hurt by police force cuts and cuts in juvenile crime prevention programs.
They also predict fewer children will be taking part in early childhood education programs, which are known to raise student test scores.
Black and Latino children, whose communities tend to be more sensitive to economic fluctuations, will be affected most by these changes.
"When the economy is doing well, their well-being gains are more dramatic. When the economy slumps, they are harder hit than their white counterparts because more children of color live in poverty to begin with," Ruby Takanishi, president of the foundation, said in a statement.

This is so ridiculous!! All of these families that are already struggling to make ends meet as it is, now by next year they will be taking major pay cuts that they can't afford to take. The worst part is that children will be affected in an enormous way. So what does the government plan to do about this? I'm not a parent myself, but I have first hand seen how upsetting it is for a parent not to be capable of providing for their child. Healthcare has always been an issue, but it seems like things are becoming far worse before they are getting better. It's a shame that a child's health will have to suffer for the government's mistakes with our economy. But yet, they want us to bail out all of these auto dealerships and financial institutions? Seriously, what kind of crack are they smoking??!!!! Instead of giving these CEOs and Presidents of these Fortune 500 companies all these million dollar bonuses so they can fly in their private jets and vacation on lavish islands how about they take that money and make better use of it? Give it to these struggling families who have to stretch the pennies to put food on the table. What about giving it to those families who are one mortgage payment short of being homeless?? What about those parents with very ill children, but can't afford to get the treatment needed because healthcare costs an arm and two legs?? What about those elderly people who can't work and are on a very small fixed income?? You have to forgive me. I'm a bit on the pissed off side right now. But this is the hood so it's okay. I mean don't get me wrong. There's nothing wrong with having private jets and vacationing on lavish islands, but not at a time like we're in now. The middle class demographic is on the verge of being...well wiped out I guess you can say. So far, in my opinion, the government's answers to everything have been insufficient and I think they need to explore different avenues other than what has been done. Obviously what's been done hasn't worked. I know things aren't going to change overnight, but they need to get a move on because these children are suffering in an unimaginable way. Just my thoughts.

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Comment by Lac on June 3, 2009 at 3:18am
Imagine growing up living with different people all the time. One minute you are at grandma's, then aunties, then the play-play aunties, etc., Imagine having to move every single year as a child and attending eleven different schools. Imagine hearing mental and physical abuse in the home frequently during the week as it unfolds down to you as a child.

Now imagine the kids around you and their lives. Nice clothes, plenty of food, and great relationship with their families.

Imagine the recession having NOTHING to do with this problem. This is an everyday thing with children. This is parents either not knowing how to be parents, not ready to being a parent, not wanting to be a parent, and not doing whats responsible as a parent.

Yes the recession can affect quite a few kids, but truth is majority were affected way before the recession. By the way, that child was me and quite a few of the other kids around me growing up.

My two. Peace.



Young, Black, and Fabulous

“Braxton Family Values” Season 5 Promo Shot & Release Date + Keke Palmer’s Pretty Evil “Scream Queens” Poster

 photo bfseas5.png

The Braxton sisters are back for their fifth season. And we have their new promo shot. Also, a new promo shot of Keke Palmer for her new gig “Scream Queens” was released today. Check them out inside….

Well look what we have here! The first look at Toni Braxton, Tamar Braxton, Trina Braxton, Towanda Braxton and Traci Braxton for their season 5 promo shot. And they’re looking quite fab we might add.

The ladies are back for yet another explosive season filled with sister rivalry, dark hidden secrets and an end to a marriage.

Entertainment Tonight has the first sneak peek at what we can expect. And it is MANY things. From Trina’s divorce to this big secret she has, it appears there will be loads of drama. Check it below:

Mark your calendars for May 21st at 9/8c on WE tv.

Also on the promo circuit....

 photo kekepro.jpg

“Scream Queens” is on its way to the small screen. And we have YBF chick Keke Palmer’s brand new "pretty evil" promo shot for the upcoming series.

The 21-year-old starlet will be starring in the anthology series, created by "American Horror Story" writer Ryan Murphy.

This upcoming season will focus on a college campus "rocked by a series of murders” and Keke plays a girl named Zayday. Sounds interesting. A few of her co-stars include singer Ariana Grande, Joe Manganiello ("True Blood"), Lea Michele ("Glee") and Jamie Lee Curtis.

It's set to premiere in September on the FOX Network.

 photo keek1.png

This morning, the Chicago native trekked it to her hometown on her Brotherly Love press tour. She made an appearance on local news show “Good Day Chicago” styled in a GUiSHEM sweater and shorts ensemble paired with Christian Louboutins.  Somebody was giving it to morning tv...

On the music front...we hear Keke will be hitting the studio with record producer Rico Love. album in the works?


Photos: WE tv/Keke's IG

IN THE CLUB: Trey Songz Pops Bottles With Keri Hilson, Sevyn Streeter & Shay "Buckeey" Johnson In Atlanta

 photo kekeopdcdsds.png

Trey Songz hosted a party last night following his Georgia State University concert and Sevyn Street, Keri Hilson and Shay Johnson all came out. See their pics inside....

 photo DSC_3892-XL.jpg

Trey Songz performed at Georgia State University last night before he headed to The Gold Room for the afterparty.  You know he likes the drinks and the ladies.

 photo PAW_4559-XL.jpg  

 photo PAW_4549-XL_zpsqgsgge6d.jpg

Thanks to his thrilling performance, the promoters blessed his VIP table with tons of bottles...and he showed his gratitude. 

 photo PAW_5932-L.jpg

Trey is slated to re-release his 2014 album Trigga, now dubbed Trigga Reloaded in June and he's got a new EP entitled Intermission that he's streaming for free.

 photo PAW_5504-XL.jpg

 photo Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 4.00.30 PM_zpshuuo2yxd.png

Sevyn Streeter, who also hit the stage at GSU, was spotted in VIP posing with friends.  

 photo PAW_5198-XL.jpg

 photo PAW_3597-XL.jpg

Atlanta native Keri Hilson came out to support Trey and Sevyn.  Looking cute Keri!

 photo DSC_3679-XL.jpg  

Reality star Shay “Buckeey” Johnson showed off her toned bod that she has been earning at in the gym. The “sometimes” girlfriend of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star Scrappy is looking good these days. We last saw her on the carpet at this year's Trumpet Awards and she looked good then too.

 photo PAW_4490-XL.jpg   

Work it. 


Photos:'s IG

R.I.P. R&B Singer Johnny "Just Got Paid" Kemp, Dead At 55

 photo johnny-kemp-twitter.jpg

We are sad to report that Johnny Kemp, the singer of the R&B classic "Just Got Paid" has died.  He was 55.  More inside...


Johnny Kemp, the R&B singer who had a "surprise" #1 record in 1988 has died at the age of 55. While earlier reports by a Bahamas local newspaper stated that he passed away during The Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage cruise, we received a statement from Reach Media Inc., disputing those reports.  As told to,

"We have received confirmation that Johnny Kemp has passed away. We do not have any other details. We can confirm he was not on the ship for the Tom Joyner Foundation Fantastic Voyage Cruise."


Born on August 2, 1959, Johnny was a Bahamian singer who honed his chops singing in nightclubs in the Bahamas at the age of 13.  According to Bahamas Weekly, he moved to New York in 1979 and released his self-titled debut album came out in 1986, featuring the minor hit with "Just Another Lover."

Johnny made his mark on music in 1988 when he wrote the lyrics for a Teddy Riley-instrumental that was intended for Keith Sweat. Keith ultimately passed on the song, which became "Just Got Paid", but Johnny's vocal hit the radio and eventually the top of the charts.  Going #1 R&B and #10 pop, the crossover anthem is often the theme song of homes across the country on the 1st and the 15th.

In memory of Mr. Kemp....go cash those checks on this good Friday and watch Johnny's classic here:



Photo via Johnny Kemp's Twitter

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