I was watching the movie "I Am Legend" a couple of nights ago and there was one line that really stuck out to me. Will Smith's character said that Bob Marley believed he could cure racism by injecting it with love and music. Great concept, but can racism really be cured? Is racism something that can be treated with some type of medication and it just disappears like a common cold? Some Americans don't want to recognize it or either they recognize it and don't want to face the reality that racism is still dwelling in our nation today and it's still a huge controversial issue that no one wants to deal with. But it needs to be confronted. Especially during these times when our president is an African-American (OBAMA YALL!!).
So whose fault is it that racism even exists? Is it the government? Or is it we the people? As time continues to move forward and cultures continue to evolve there is one thing that remains the same: there's hatred among the American people because of the color of one's skin. There is even racism within the races themselves. How can you be racist toward someone whose complexion is the same as your own? So many of us (Americans) are looking to the government to provide solutions to this problem because it is a political issue just as much as it is a moral issue. But what happens when the governments resolutions are inadequate? I personally believes that it begins with us. We should step up to the plate and become active in overcoming racism. It may not ever completely be resolved, but it surely can be minimized a great deal. Is that possible? Or do we need to come to the realization that we as a nation of very diverse people will never be able to coexist in peace without being prejudice toward one another? It seems to be a never ending cycle. We need to band together in these tough times and help one another get through it. As the old saying goes, "United we stand. Divided we fall."

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Comment by LatinTemptress on December 9, 2009 at 9:52am
Don't look towards the government for the answer because they too keep us divided. How? Take a look at any official form you must fill out such as for employment, hospital, insurance, driver's license, college, benefits, etc. After name and address, is the RACE section. Next time the Census forms come around take a good look at the race sections. For each section there are sub-divisions. I worked the Census one year and I couldn't believe the bullsh*t and how many people picked WHITE after they picked their own race. SMH.

For example: Are you African American? YES
Are you African-American White?
African-American Black?
African-American Hispanic?
African-American Asian?
African-American Samoan/Pacific Islander, etc?
And on and on. The same questions are asked for every race groupl WTF! Of course this is done by the GOVERNMENT in order to allocate federal dollars to which area. The government WANTS to keep us divided and fighting amongst ourselves. It is an easy form of CONTROL.
Comment by Albert Flagg on December 8, 2009 at 10:30pm
racism will never be concluded.It is a human fault that nature has planted in our DNA.Racism and prejudice reaction to people who are different has been around since the dawn of man and it is in every corner of the world and every culture.There are of course varying degrees of racism.Although I don't believe it affects every one I do believe it does dominate the mass majority of people.For example you have those who hate people of other color and would like nothing more than to see that race eliminated (such as the KKK)And then you have others who have friends of another race,but don't want to see that person dating his or her sister or brother.The Hindu religion has a cast system that is based on the color of your skin.The Mormon religion considers black people as Mud people.Iceland won't even allow blacks to live amongst them There is even a color issue within our own black race.Light skin VS Dark skin.or Good hair VS Bad hair.I hate to say it but that's why so many sisters are wearing weaves and not styling their own beautiful black hair.and before the shaved head style became a fad,too many brothers had jerri curls.and processed hair.The list goes on.But I have to admit that I believe our country USA has the biggest problem with race,and has had this problem for a long time.We as people have to be aware of how we treat each other and look past complexions and hair textures.
Comment by LatinTemptress on July 22, 2009 at 11:38am
To me racism continues when people blame their failures on others. Neo-Nazi blame their trailer-park poverty on Blacks, Jews, Immigrants, etc when they should look internally and see that their poverty-striken lives is due to their lack of education and unwillingness to elevate themselves. Latinos are racist within their own cultures when it comes to shade of skin due to the import and introduction of African slaves by Spaniards into Central and South America as well as the islands of Puerto Rico, Cuba and Dominican Republic. So by many Hispanics, Black-Latinos are the "lower class" which I find ridiculous. We are all Latinos no matter what shade and to racists, we are all "brown cockroaches" so get over it and as long as we are kept divided, we will be considered the "minority." I am proud of my Latino heritage yet alot of Latinos won't even talk to me because they consider me "white" due to my fair skin. Most Latinos won't even acknowledge that our culture is a beautiful blend of indigenous natives and Africa, they only accept the European roots. To these I say GO TO HELL. I embrace my African roots as much as I embrace my native Taino roots. I can only imagine if Blacks and Latinos joined forces...the things we could do with this country, we'd be a force to be reckoned with and we couldn't be ignored, no matter how hard "the powers to be" tried.
Comment by Lac on June 3, 2009 at 4:29am
HELL NO! Racism will NEVER end. Not physically anyway. Mentally it can. Let me explain... Everybody want to use the phrase nigga, nigger, niggy, ninja, etc. Yet, those same people using them (majority of color) get upset when another race uses the term. Yes you can shake it off mentally, because your mentality isn't on that type of ignorance. Therefore it doesn't affect some. But then you have the physical aspect of it. We can say the phrase anytime, all day, because we have that invisible pass. When you see the other races using the same phrases in the same dialogue, you first observe that their physical make-up is not like yours. Automatically, there's a problem.

Today, black people keep racism going. It can be innocent or on purpose. Examples, women will say they don't date light skin men because they are sneaky, no good, dogs, pretty boys, not pure breed, darker the berry-sweeter the juice, etc. Those are all innocent, but racist as hell towards your own.

Then you have those that say I want a light skin man because I don't want a child with nappy ass hair. Again, still racist.

People of color are the only ones that are racist towards everybody else including our own. So if racism is going to be diminished, it starts with the shades of black and brown first. White people have come along way, so far that they see themselves as nigga's or wiggers, because they don't think it's a bad thing, but the cool thing to be. They don't see it as a racist remark, but something cool black people say to each other. I think they have come along way from how their ancestors/grand parents were.

Racism is not going anywhere any time soon. As a matter of fact, out in Cali it has evolved to black on brown crime with hispanic and black gang members killing anybody, any age of the opposing skin colors. (look at the news).
Comment by SweetErykah on May 14, 2009 at 12:09am
Good question Lyrical Beauty...

I agree with Bam. The problem with racism is that we actually acknowledge as such. Sad to say there are many people that actually look for it just to find things to complain about. In other situations racism is thrown in your face. Not just by the government and people of the another race but by our own race. You ask "How can you be racist toward someone whose complexion is the same as your own?"... I feel as though being resist towards your own has been passed down for centuries. It happens in other cultures as well. We as a black people are so stuck on the many different shades we are. Dark skin, Light skin, Fare, Blue, butterscotch (wud up sista butterscotch lol!), Piss colored, Purple, Dark purple and many other names we can call each other. I say names because we (can't say I haven't done it myself) and been so disrespectful in how we acknowledge each other. Why should color matter? Sad to say it's a mental thing we need to erase. Because as we speak/type/read it is being passed down to the younger ones. We should instill positive thoughts as well as let them be aware about the negative and how to react towards it.

Where I live (utah) racism is not so in your face but more like shadiness going on behind your back. That can effect some the most. I can go on about racism where I live. It would go on for days. Personally I would rather someone tell me they don't like nor respect for me up front. Telling me why you don't like me is irrelevant. I don't care if its due to my color. The point is you don't like me and I'm ok with that. Life will go on. If we spend time trying to understand racism, its time wasted.

"No need to understand what does not need to be understood" -me

There are so many other things in life we need to change and racism is an uphill battle we just have to take one day at a time. It starts in your heart.
Comment by Lyrical Beauty on May 13, 2009 at 4:49am
EXCELLENT FEEDBACK BAM!!!! I 100% agree that in order for us to overcome racism then we all must desire the same outcome. But I wouldn't quite say it will never be. See I am a FIRM believer in God and I know my Bible says that ALL things are possible through Him. So I do believe that we can all come to a place where we desire the same outcome.
Comment by Bam on May 13, 2009 at 3:35am
In order for racism to be eliminated mankind as a whole must desire the same outcome. That will never be. The only people who have a problem with racism are the ones who suffer from its uglyness. Those who benefit from racism have no problem with it, infact it is their wish not only to continue but to strenghten racism. So let us return to the old battle, "WE KNOW WE SHALL WIN, AS WE ARE CONFIDENT IN THE VICTORY OF GOOD OVER EVIL"-------BOB MARLEY
Comment by Cousin Ed on May 9, 2009 at 10:12pm
Great insight Ms. Lyrical Beauty,

Listen to this and tell me what you think:



Young, Black, and Fabulous

Sanna Lathan & French Montana Do Dinner…Is He Her “Perfect Guy?” + Safaree Samuels & Girlfriend Zashia Stunt For The ‘Gram

 photo sanfre.jpg

What’s this? Sanaa Lathan and French Montana spotted out together…again? Yep, the twosome is fueling dating rumors after being spotted at dinner together. Check out the video and peep flicks of Safaree Samuels and his new chick Zashia Santiago stunting for the ‘gram inside….

Press play....


A video posted by TheYBF.com (@theybfdaily) on Aug 1, 2015 at 8:57am PDT

Yep! That’s Sanaa Lathan and French Montana enjoying a super fancy dinner together recently. Are these two an item? We’re not sure. But, we do know the two seem to enjoy spending time with one another these days.

Remember that eyebrow raising video of Sanaa stretched out on Frenchie a few weeks ago? We’ll blame it on the alcohol, but the Hollywood vet and the NYC rapper do seem like they're warming up to each other.

Last week, the upcoming Perfect Guy star poked fun at the relationship rumors, following that video surfacing (thanks to Diddy). She posted up a photoshooped pic of The Perfect Guy poster with French on the left and Diddy on the right, taking the place of her real co-stars Michael Ealy and Morris Chestnut:



A photo posted by Sanaa Lathan (@sanaalathan) on Jul 20, 2015 at 2:35pm PDT

Ha! Maybe chick is just having fun. We'll keep an eye out.

The Perfect Guy hits theaters September 11th.

Speaking of the Coke Boy...

 photo mcf2.png

Looks like French is cooking up something big with R&B songstress Mariah Carey and Pop superstar Justin Bieber.

MiMi, French, JB and producer Eric Hudson were spotted at the Record Plant in Hollywood on Thursday. And it appears they trio may be releasing a joint track soon. Both MC and French posted flicks on IG with the caption “coming soon.”

 photo mcf1.png

Hmm...no word on where this alleged track will end up, but we're interested in hearing how it turns out.

Elsewhere on the 'gram....

 photo cro20.png

After throwing shade at Meek Mill for his mediocre diss track “Wanna Know,” Nicki Minaj’s ex-fiancée Safaree Samuels is serving up a few hot coupledom shots of himself and his new girlfriend Zashia Santiago.

 photo cro4.png

The hot new couple was all wrapped up in love as they posed it up for a few sexy flicks. And we can’t lie, they’re kinda hot! We're wondering if it's for a Calvin Klein ad in GQ magazine. Safaree mentions GQ in one of his captions.

In another caption, he writes, "Back to front.... We have 1 back to back ill save for a later time.. @jayflex #hardestpicoftheyear #stuntgang #calvinkleinneedsme #loveyou #rare #shewatchesmyback nothing like the feeling of tackling the world together... the other one"

Not mad. Do you boo.


Photos: Splash/Getty/Mariah’s IG/French’s IG/Safaree’s IG via @jayflex

SUMMER FUN: Rihanna Serves BAWDY In A Yellow Bikini Before Partying At Crop Over In Barbados + Rob Riley Gets Down & Dirty + Adrienne Bailon Unwinds In The Hamptons

 photo cro8.jpg

Rihanna is back in Barbados! The Pop princess laid out by the pool in a itty bitty yellow bikini before partying at Crop Over. "Hit The Floor" star Rob Riley was also in the mix. Meanwhile, Adrienne Bailon is kicking off a relaxing weekend in the Hamptons. Peep the pics inside…..

Jetting from Beverly Hills, Rihanna has returned "heauxm" in Barbados to party with the locals to partake in the Crop Over festivities. But, before she hit the party scene, chick served up a hot photoshoot by the pool in an itty bitty yellow bikini yesterday.

 photo cro12.jpg

 photo cro17.jpg

Shot by her bestie Melissa Forde, Rih flossed her tight and toned bod in an array of summer fun flicks by the pool.

 photo cro83.jpg

The Island Gal put on her best model behavior as she flaunted her “ass”ets while rocking a Jacquie Aiche body chain and jewelry.

 photo cro7.jpg

Coming from behind the camera, Melissa served up bikini fab in a hot two-piece with her bestie. Bikini baring besties at its finest.

 photo cro30.jpg

After lounging by the pool....

 photo cro22.jpg

The "BBHMM" singer made her way to Crop Over to partake in the annual festival in her beloved hometown. She linked up with "EXTRA" correspondent A.J. Calloway, who is also in town for the festival.

 photo cro25.jpg

RiRi’s other bestie Leandra is also in the mix for the summer fun with her girls.

While getting drenched in paint, Rih made sure to snap a few "us-ies" with a few fans:

 photo cro26.jpg

 photo cro24.jpg

And her friends joined in on the fun:

 photo cro1.jpg

Check out the madness below:



A video posted by @mdollas11 on Aug 1, 2015 at 3:49am PDT



Looks like Rih is gearing up for one hell of a weekend.

And look who else is there....

 photo cro100.png

 photo cro102.png

"Hit the Floor" star Rob Riley, who started his own Carnival production company, was also in the mix to party it up with locals. Looks like he had loads of fun.



 photo cro2.jpg

Instead of hitting the party scene this weekend, “The Real” co-host Adrienne Bailon is looking to get in some R&R in the Hamptons.

 photo cro4.jpg

Chick jetted to Ruschmeyers in Montauk, NY for a relaxing weekend to unwind from her hectic schedule. And it appears she's solo, sans her fiance Lenny Santigao. He was busy snapping flicks at Kevin Hart's "What Now" tour stop in Chi-town last night.



Photos: Splash/@mtfphotography/ @mdollas11/@charissemills/@puddingnsouse/@id_ol1/@ajcalloway/@ adrienne_bailon

GOOD LUCK KISS: Ciara & Baby Future Cheer On Russell Wilson At NFL Training Camp + Russell Signs 4-Year $87.6 Million Contract With The Seahawks

 photo cie67.jpg

Ciara and Baby Future were on the sidelines cheering on Russell Wilson during training camp…but not before he grabbed a good luck kiss from his lady. Peep their coupledom shots and get the deets on Russell’s new lucrative contract with the Seattle Seahawks inside….

Hot new couple Ciara and Russell Wilson keep bringing the cutesy coupledom moments. Yesterday, CiCi trekked it to the Seattle Seahawks training camp to support her man hours after he signed a major deal with his team (more on that in a sec).

Before hitting the gridiron, the Seahawks QB received a good luck kiss from his queen. Aww…

 photo pie6.jpg

And look who else was there...

 photo cie1.jpg

Baby Future! While his pops Future has been vocal about not being pleased with “new men” being around his son, CiCi doesn’t seem bothered one bit. She brought little Future out for the football fun and to cheer on his possible "future" step-dad at the  Virginia Mason Athletic Center in Renton, WA.

 photo cie87.jpg

And it looks like Russell is getting in enough “step-daddy” practice, holding little Future on the sidelines. Too cute.

 photo cie2.jpg

Later, the Super Bowl champ signed autographs for fans.

 photo cie5.jpg

Then, he chopped it up with the media about his new contract. Let's talk about that...shall we?

Russell Wilson just became the 2nd highest paid football player in the NFL after signing a 4-year $87.6 million contract extension with the Seattle Seahawks. The lucrative deal includes a $31 million signing bonus and he’s guaranteed a cool $61 million. WINNING!

The “I Bet” singer took to Twitter to congratulate her man on signing his new contract:


The superstar QB also took to his Twitter to express his excitement about returning to the Seahawks. He tweeted:




Definitely an upgrade for CiCi...and we're not mad at all. Congrats!


Photos: Joshua Trujillo/ seattlepi.com

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