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ONIKA OVERDRIVE: Nicki Minaj BREAKS DOWN IN TEARS Over Safaree Split + Dishes On Beyonce On "WWHL" + Slow Wines On All Fours During Afterparty

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Nicki Minaj trekked through NYC on The Pink Print promo tour where she grinded on a sofa at an afterparty, dished on recording with Beyonce and gave her most vulnerable interview ever, breaking down into tears as she discussed her breakup with Safaree.  Watch it ALL inside...


Nicki Minaj's third disc, The Pink Print, landed in stores with strong sales (predicted to move 170,000-180,000 units) this week, and she's still on her hustle. She appeared on Angie Martinez's Power 105 show yesterday, giving her most vulnerable interview ever.

During their two-part chat, Nicki opened up about her relationship with Safaree, whom she dated for over 10 years, revealing that she's never known life as a famous woman without him.

At one point, she breaks down into tears (the camera cuts away) and she explains that their split came about because he didn't hold up his end of the bargain. She also hints that his thirst for "fame" was one of the primary reasons they broke up.  Hmm...


On Beyonce (1:55)
I never knew how she felts about me as an artist. I worked on “Flawless” for a while…she stopped by the studio. When I did send it to her, she told me, “Jay told me to tell you he was inspired.”

On Meek Mill (6:00)
Angie slips in a little “Do you love Meek Mill?” line that makes Nicki blush. She says, “I think he's amazing. I love what he represents. For dudes that think like him and act like him. You’re so important for our culture...."

On August Alsina
“I love his spirit..he’s so vulnerable”.

On Drake
He and I are so…we have such a family relationship . She adds, "I don’t want to kiss him in the mouth!"

On Dating
I just feel like if I was to be with someone at this point they would have to be more similar to me. And it is a challenge finding a dude that’s crazy like me and hood too…

On Safaree and the breakup {starts at 10:05)– She breaks down at 13:42}

  • I’ve never been single for the last 15 years of my life. And I don’t even know if I’m single now. My first relationship overlapped into my second.
  • I wasn’t broken up when I was writing a lot of these songs. A song is like an argument frozen in time…. Sometimes in an argument you say things that don’t necessarily lead to a breakup. But when yo breakup, you say the same things you said six months ago. But everything came from a place of love.
  • My relationship was based on love…there was nothing but love there. This wasn’t someone I just picked up off the street. This is somebody I grew up with like I don’t even know how im gonna function without this person in my life. Like, I’ve never lived my life as a famous person without him. I still want to tell him stuff and get his opinion...

Part II

  • It’s not just a relationship or a breakup, that was like a humongous part of my life. I know because of the world we live in, relationships are not even sacred anymore. They’re so disposable. Everybody’s on Instagram trying to hurt each other. It’s like we don’t value relationships anymore. So when people see you like…this is not something people are used to. This is a lifetime. People get married and have three children in this amount of time. So this can’t be compared to the little people who get together just to be on paparazzi pics…this is not that. This is real deal. It’s something I’m dealing with publicly. If I were not putting out an album I wouldn’t talk about it…it’s not easy. I'm not gonna joke about it and disrespect him like he didn’t mean the world to me. And I’m not gonna be corny either. I'm just figuring it out.
  • I think I’m beyond that now, I’ve found so much peace now.  And I don’t wanna go back to feeling how I was feeling but…I don’t know what the future holds.  If it’s meant to be it will be and if not thank God we got out now before children were involved.  But I am a lot happier now. And I know that's hard to see with the tears but I really am.  Sometimes attachment is unhealthy…I think we were addicted to each other for so long.
  • You know what’s so crazy, if I wasn’t a rapper we’d have children and be married and be happily ever after. And that’s what’s so... cause we know this sh*t is what did it....Fame is the worst drug known to man. It’s stronger that Heroin.
  • I just wish everyone would have kept their end of the bargain.


Watch Nicki break down with Angie:

Part II:

During "WWHL":

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' photo c236faa1-f427-4b07-a36a-2e4f8422d22a.jpg

After her emotionally draining talk with Angie, Nicki hit up Bravo's clubhouse with Andy Cohen on "WWHL." She wore a Givenchy look and Louboutin shoes for the chit chat. In addition to a surprise appearance from Miss "Fix It Jesus" Phaedra Parks, Nicki dished on Drake, Beyonce and her love of "RHOA."

 photo watch-what-happens-live-season-11-gallery-11204-05_zps7e81ac97.jpg


On wardrobe malfunctions:

On working with Beyonce:


On if she would sleep with Drake:




During an afterparty last night, Nicki got some of the brown juice in her and started grinding and winin' on the sofa. 


Photos via Nicki's Instagram



Stevie Wonder & Girlfriend Tomeeka Welcome Baby Girl Nia!

 photo 2422641200000578-0-image-a-20_1418879558381_zps716b27d2.jpg

No, Stevie Wonder did not welcome twins or triplets like previous reports stated he would.  But the legend DID confirm that he and girlfriend Tomeeka just welcomed their baby girl Nia!  Deets inside...

Stevie Wonder is a dad again....for the 9th time!

The 64-year-old music legend confirmed via his rep, according to Us Weekly, that he and girlfriend Tomeeka Robyn Bracy have welcomed baby Nia.

Nia, which carries the meaning of "purpose" and is one of the seve principles of Kwanzaa, was also welcomed home by her older sibling who is the first child of Stevie & Tomeeka's. 

Hopefully we get a peek of the bouncing bundle of joy soon!


Photo: ABC

TWERK CITY: Amber Rose & Black Chyna Keep Their "A**es On Fleek" By Twerking For The 'Gram

 photo amberblacchyna_zps38fb35fa.jpg

Amber Rose & Blac Chyna are up to their stripper tricks again.  Peep the sisters-in-the-post-pole-life-struggle inside...

These two have been pal'ing around for months--bowling with Nick Cannon, shopping, and now twerking.  Amber Rose and Blac Chyna have found comfort in each other during their post-pole-life struggles.  They both were rescued from the strip club by seemingly rich and famous rappers, both had ridiculously cute babies by said rappers, and both took that next step in their relationships (Chyna as a supposed fiancé to Tyga and Amber as a wife to Wiz Khalifa). 

But now that both are single ladies, they're showing off those booty skills that got them "chosen" in the first place.  Amber posted a couple videos of her and her girl twerkin' for the 'Gram -- with headscarfs and slow motion.

And she believes her stripper turned ex-wife and baby mama of a rapper is more comeuppance than someone with  traditional job:

This is how me and @blacchyna keep our asses firm and tight #DatAssOnFleekDoe #SitInUrCubicleandHate #eaturheartout

Peep the videos below:



A video posted by Amber Rose (@amberrose) on Dec 12, 2014 at 12:04am PST

And in case that wasn't enough:


A video posted by Amber Rose (@amberrose) on Dec 12, 2014 at 12:19am PST


Photos/videos: Amber's IG

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