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Young, Black, and Fabulous

BANNED: Gilbert Arenas Won ALL The Prizes At The Orange County Fair...So They Asked Him To Leave! + Rihanna Was BLOCKED From Performing In Baltimore After The Unrest

 photo Screenshot 2015-07-28 15.11.20.png

When a former NBA player takes it to the hoop at the county fair....he wins ALL the prizes!  Find out why Gilbert Arenas got banned from the Orange Country Fair and read about Baltimore police blocking Rihanna's free concert.

"We just got banned from all the basketball hoops at #orangecountyfair...every one screamed #theRimsarebent I screamed #hibachi ...#ArenasFamily #CountyFairRockstars" - Gilbert Arenas

Although Gilbert Arenas hasn't played for the NBA since 2012, he's still got the moves. Don't believe us? Ask the folks at the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, California.

Because Mr. Arenas still has a few mean 3-pointer skills, he's been BANNED from the fair. Why? See exhibit A above.  Gilbert stepped up to the booth and straight cleaned the folks out! He won all the stuffed animals!  Sources say he won the hoops game an impressive 15 times before officials stepped in and said that's enough Mr. NBA!

And if you peep his Instagram caption (we included it above) you'll see he brought back his signature catchphrase "Hibachi!"  We can only imagine him scoring win after win and yelling out "Hibachi!" with ever prize claimed!

While he did get "banned" that day, we can report that officials told Gilbert (and his four kids) that they were welcome to come back another day.  



In other news............

 photo Screenshot 2015-07-28 15.10.28.png

While some fans often complain about Black celebrities not stepping up to the plate on social issues, we've learned that Rihanna's recent efforts were shot down. A shocking report in The Baltimore Sun revealed that RiRi wanted to come to Baltimore in the week after rioting broke out to walk with protesters and perform a free concert, but she was shut down by officials.

In a message dated May 1st and sent to Capt. Eric Kowalczyk, then the head of media relations for Baltimore Police, an officer discusses a conversation he had with Rihanna's reps.

The rep "advised that Rihanna wants to walk with the protesters as well as perform a free concert," the officer wrote. "He added that she will be arriving by plane and in an effort to divert press/media she will be traveling to the city by train (or by car if necessary).

"[He] stated that they had hoped to secure some extra police security and was directed by the Governor's office to seek assistance through Communications"

Well......let's just say Rihanna's effort were shut down. A situation report that was ALSO dated May 1st indicates police might have stopped any attempt at holding a show. The update read,

"Possible Rihanna Concert at Penn & North. No time given. Police are claiming they have no permit so it will NOT be allowed."

Oh we know she tried. Don't ever say Rihanna doesn't give back!



Photo via Gilbert's IG/Rihanna's IG

Jill Scott OWNS The “Good Morning America” Stage With Funky Single “Closure”

 photo jig1.jpg

Jill Scott appeared on “Good Morning America” this morning and rocked the stage with a performance of her lively track “Closure.” Check it inside..

Jill Scott was literally glowing as she made her way to “Good Morning America” this morning to promote her recently released album WOMAN. Miss Jilly from Philly looked effortlessly gorgeous as she trekked the streets in an olive jumpsuit and crochet cardigan.

Once inside…

 photo jilg3.png

Choosing a track from her newly released fifth studio album, the three-time Grammy winner rocked the stage with a lively performance of “Closure,” with the backing of a live band.

On the energetic track, Jilly strongly demands closure after a failed relationship and eagerly reminds her ex he is now a thing of the past. Jill’s amazing vocals, the perfect harmony from her background singers and the powerful percussion and horns makes for an exciting performance.

Check it below:

And cause we can't get enough....

 photo jilg2.jpg

Jilly was serving up beautiful backstage selfies. Gorge.


Photos: Splash/Jill's IG/GMA's Twitter

NEW MUSIC: Dawn Richard's "Roses" + Safaree Samuels Slams Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill In "Lifeline," Claims He Wrote Verses for Nicki

 photo Screenshot 2015-07-28 11.55.13.png

In today's new music, we've got a cosmic track from the eclectic diva Dawn Richard, meanwhile Nicki Minaj's ex-Safaree Samuels has a new diss track where he claims to have ghostwritten a few tracks on The Pinkprint!   Listen to them both inside....

 photo Screenshot 2015-07-28 11.53.55.png

While the VMAs and the BET Awards might sleep on Dawn Richard and her talent, we're here for it!  This week, she's dropped another sensuous tune from her album Blackheart, name "Roses." The track was produced by London-based beat master Cronus as it is sure to take the listener on a cosmic trip.

The song is basically an ode to releasing sexual tension as Dawn croons, “All that I want from you, is to get rid of the blues / Even if it’s one night with you.” 

Check out "Roses" below:


By the way, Dawn is set to drop the final installment of her trilogy, Redemptionheart, later this summer. In the meantime, Blackheart, and 2013's Goldenheart are available now.


In other new releases...

 photo Screenshot 2015-07-28 11.55.59.png

We're sure you've been keeping up with the Meek Mill vs. Drake beef, but there's another horse in the race too.  While Meek is busy calling out Drake for "ghostwritten" verses via social media, Safaree Samuels has been leveling the same charges against Nicki Minaj.

Although Nicki never claimed Safaree while they were together (they dated for over ten years) we learned a lot about their relationship once they borke up. Now, on his "Lifeline" track, Safaree is spilling the tea, and he "suggests" that he's ghostwritten a few bars on Nicki's classic Pinkprint series.  Say what now?  He said,

“This ni**a bent outta shape with a gorilla face/My bars on The Pinkprint no one will ever match / My dick-print lil ni**a, you could never match.”

Oh ok then.....but when we checked the CD linear notes, Nicki only gave Safaree an A&R credit. But's he saying otherwise.....

Plus he's got a few jabs for Meek too. He disses his record sales ("You dream about Drake numbers in your nightmares”), and even tries to fat shame him (“You need to eat a pear”). Whoa!

Now, we do not expect Nicki Minaj to let the "ghostwriting" jab go unchecked. She prides herself on being a lyricist, so we know she's going to DESTROY Safaree. And we can't wait....





Photos via Dawn's IG/Safaree's IG

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