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Comment by Cousin Ed on October 28, 2008 at 12:38pm
Great job Meck,
Keep up the good work!!!



Young, Black, and Fabulous

Chris Brown Reflects On Time Behind Bars, Calls It A “Humbling” Experience On "Big Boy's Neighborhood"

 photo cbb1.jpg

Chris Brown is still busy promoting his X album (which dropped Tuesday). And during a recent radio interview, he opened up about Karrueche and his time behind bars. Check it inside….

 photo cbb3.jpg

After hitting up autograph signings in L.A. with girlfriend Karrueche, Chris Brown made his way to Power 106 to chop it up on “Big Boy's Neighborhood” to promote his newly released X album.

During their chat, Breezy opened up about his almost four-month stint behind bars after violating his probation in the Rihanna case. You’ll recall, the “New Flame” singer was thrown in jail after getting kicked out of rehab.

 photo cbb2.jpg

Now...a rehabilitated Breezy is ready to get his kick his career in gear and stay out of trouble. At least, that’s what he’s saying. He got candid with Big Boy about his time in jail, calling it a humbling experience and it making him appreciate things more.

Below are the highlights:

On what he learned from being incarcerated:

“For me it was more so a humbling experience. At the end of the day I think I got kinda carried away and off track of what my real purpose was, who I was as a young entertainer and as a young person. Everything that I learned in there, when I got out, I just took everything with—not a grain of salt—I really appreciated everything more.”

On if people asked for his autographs in jail:
“Yea…a couple of them (correctional officers) but they really couldn’t. Some of the inmates would slide me down their line, they’ll shoot a line down ‘yo can you sign this for my daughter’ and I’ll do it, it wasn’t a problem.”

On his first meal when he came home:
“The first meal…I actually got a cheeseburger.”

Chris also shared a funny story about an inmate who approached him about doing music together. During his transit on Con Air from L.A.to D.C.(to appear in court for his assault case in D.C.), the inmate told Chris he wanted to give him his music and when he gets out he wanted Breezy to release it. So Chris asked him when was he going to get out of jail…dude said 32 years!


Check out the full interview below:

Do you think jail changed Breezy?

Photos: Power 106 LA

UPDATES: Reggie Bush DEFENDS Adrian Peterson Disciplining His Son+NIKE SUSPENDS Adrian Peterson's Contract+Greg Hardy PLACED On Exempt List

 photo reggieb.jpg

More NFL updates! Reggie Bush is coming to Adrian Peterson’s defense, admitting he would discipline his daughter with a spanking. NIKE has given Adrian the axe and Greg Hardy is the newest player on the exempt list. Deets inside….

This has been one hell of a week for the NFL involving their players and domestic violence incidents. But one player is speaking up, defending Adrian Peterson’s parenting skills.

Detroit Lions running back Reggie Bush has weighed in on the Adrian Peterson scandal. And he’s backing the Vikings running back, agreeing with his parenting skills, but notes he wouldn't take it to the point where bruises are left on the child.

 photo reggiebdaughter.jpg

In an interview on WFAN's "Boomer and Carton" show, Reggie admitted he would “harshly” discipline his one-year-old daughter Briseis Avagyan Bush (above) if it was needed. He said,

“I definitely will try to — will obviously not leave bruises or anything like that on her. But I definitely will discipline her harshly depending on what the situation is.”

He added,

"I was punished the same way. And I know a lot of my friends and a lot of the guys I played with, they were punished the same way, too. I got what we call whoopings."


When asked if he would use a “switch” (such as AP did), he said he would consider it.

“I would possibly consider it, depending on what she did.”

He then switched it up saying, “I said spanking. Spanking is different than a branch or a stick.” Hmph.

Reggie then took to his Twitter to clarify his statements tweeting:




Yes…we got “whoopings” when we were little, but when it gets to the point where a 200+lb NFL player is whooping a child with a weapon, that’s a bit much.

In other Adrian Peterson news....

 photo apvikings.jpg

Sports apparel giant NIKE has decided to suspend their contract with Adrian Peterson, amid his legal proceedings, after being indicted on child endangerment charges. NIKE released a statement after suspending the endorsement contract with AP saying,

"Nike in no way condones child abuse or domestic violence of any kind and has shared our concerns with the NFL," company spokesman KeJuan Wilkins said in a statement. "We have suspended our contract with Adrian Peterson."

According to ESPN, the company pulled some of Peterson's Vikings jerseys out of some of its stores in Minneapolis on Tuesday. NOW…he will no longer receive checks from NIKE, along with Ray Rice.

And in other NFL news....

 photo greh.jpg

Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson’s actions have made the NFL one hot topic in the media recently. And now another NFL player is joining the fold.

On the heels of Adrian being placed on the exempt list, Carolina Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy has also been added to the exempt list until his pending domestic violence case is resolved.

The 2013 Pro Bowl selection appealed his guilty verdict after he was charged with assaulting and threatening his ex-girlfriend Nicole Holder. He’s scheduled to appear in court November 17th. In the meantime, he will sit on the exempt list and still be paid his full salary of $13.1 million (in weekly increments), much like Adrian. Had he been suspended he wouldn’t receive a dime, but since he agreed to be placed on the exempt list, he’s still getting paid.

Unlike Adrian, he’s allowed to be around the team, but can't participate in practice or play in any games.

Greg issued a statement regarding his situation saying,

"I understand that I need to step away from football right now and take care of this legal matter," Hardy said in a statement. "I am entitled to my day in court and that's where my focus should be. I am disappointed to leave my teammates and the Carolina Panthers organization during our season. My decision to take a leave of absence allows me to focus on my family until the legal process has run its course."

Sighs….really need these guys to get their ish together…STAT!


Photos: Getty/Reggie's IG

FIRST LOOK: Remy Ma & Papoose Cover "Sister 2 Sister" + Remy SPEAKS On Papoose's Loyalty And What Happened The Day She Got Convicted!

 photo remydfdf.png

Remy Ma and Papoose's "Love Story" (and matching Timbs) landed on the cover of "Sister 2 Sister" and we have the FIRST look at photo before it hits newsstands!  Get the deets on what Remy revealed about their love inside...


Remy Ma is on the loose and hotter than ever.  Television appearances, magazine spreads, spitting hot 16s - it's almost like she never went away!  But....in the upcoming issue of "S2S" (on newsstands next week) Remy Ma opens up about the ugly side of incarceration and the toll it took on her family and friends.

On the brighter side, she talks about her loving husband Papoose who married her days before she went to jail and who made it a point to see her every moment he could for SEVEN years!  It's a true love story. A little ratchet. A little cray cray. But love is love.  And one thing this sneak peek proves is Papoose LOVES Remy Ma.  Check out the highlights before the magazine hits stands here: 

On leaving friends she made in jail behind:

I miss them so much already. It’s so crazy. I had already been packed because I had expected to leave the day before. So I’m like, “It’s just a couple of things I wanna grab like my Bible and some paperwork and pictures that I took over the last couple of days.” And they just really rushed me out of the whole prison. I caught a glimpse of my friends; they had locked them inside the gym and they were all banging on the doors screaming like, “We love you, we love you, we miss you.” It was a wonderful thing. But I’m probably never gonna see them. So who knows? I spent six and a half years with them. They’re going through all types of situations, but one of my stipulations on my parole is that you cannot contact people that have a criminal history. So it’s like you build these relationships and just, due to the new criteria that I have to follow based on my release, I can’t even contact them or let them know everything’s alright and I miss you guys. But that’s part of the situation.

On "No New Friends":

My circle is definitely smaller. If I didn’t know you before like 2000 or even 2005, I really don’t want to have anything to do with you if you’re not my family. It’s not because I think I’m better than anybody; I’m just trying to be more cautious. So, I’m definitely aware of who I am and my career and just the achievements that I’ve made in life. But there are cons, too. I was always aware of the bull. You get to travel and you make a lot of good money and you make a lot of “quote unquote” friends because of who you are. You get free stuff and things like that. But there’s a lot of things that come with that. You don’t know the people that want to see you do bad just because they’re not doing good. Or people that already have preconceived notions of what rappers are like or think you should be what they hear from your music. Those people impose these negative feelings and thoughts onto you, which leads to negative actions.

On the day she got convicted:

I actually didn’t think that I was going to be convicted. You know how some days are just so traumatizing that you don’t even think about it? I really made myself numb to certain things. I don’t talk about it. I feel like there was some things that were handled crazily on several different people’s parts. But I was sentenced to a certain amount of time in the end, so I don’t want to keep revisiting that. I don’t want anybody feeling any type of way, because there’s a bunch of people that feel like, “Oh, she should’ve went to prison for her whole life,” or, “She should’ve done this, she should’ve done that.  I felt that, whatever was given to me, I took it and I went through it. And I went through it not just by myself, but with my loved ones that I really care about. They suffered as well. At this point in my life, I don’t want to prolong the suffering by dwelling on what happened that night. I don’t have ill feelings towards anybody or anything. I’m on such a different page and a different chapter in my life that that book is gone. That book is read and it’s over.

On Papoose and his loyalty:

That’s right. In a marriage you get a visit 8:30 in the morning until 3:30, Monday through Friday. Then your weekends alternate. And he was there. If you saw my first year, every single day, Monday thru Friday—canceling whatever he had to do for shows and interviews—he was staying in that prison with me from 8:30 in the morning to 3:30. Then we’d stay on the phone until 5 or 5:30 until lock-in. It was crazy looking back at it now because I just had to tell him one time, like, “Yo, you can’t stay here every day with me.” I think he kinda felt, “Well, as long as you’re here, we’re both here."

Most of the time they split. Initially, I was surprised. But really, if I thought about the type of person that he is, I shouldn’t have ever questioned it. He proved me and everybody else wrong. After that first year or two I was like, “Alright, it’s no need for me to worry anymore; he’s definitely in it for the long run.” And it’s obvious how much he loves me. I never have to question that.


This issue of "S2S" hits stands soon.



Photo via Sister 2 Sister


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