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I'm so proud of my lil cousin/sister.

Wasssssssssssss up fam,


I just wanted to post this video of my cousin from the Nate Berkus Show today. She was able to be interviewed by Nate and had a chance to meet Star Jones. I'm so proud of her. This is one black young lady who is doing her thing. She holds a B.S. in Criminal Justice from the University of South Carolina, a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Marist College, a Master of Divinity Degree from New York Theological Seminary, a preacher at my home…


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I wonder......

I wonder just how many people out there are actually listening to the podcasts and NDN radio.....
Just a thought that popped into my head just now at 5:40am.....lol figured I would blog it.......

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My interview with Black Pearls Magazine


Ella: Where are you from? How did you start your writing journey?

I am originally from NYC but have resided in NJ for the past 15 years. I began my writing journey as a child with short stories and poetry but it wasn't until I was in my mid-twenties that I published my first poem. It would be another ten years before my first book was published.

Ella: Ana, introduce us to your new book, LatinTemptress' The… Continue

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Remembering 9/11…..

I just want to pay tribute to the men, women, and children who lost their lives, the brave people who gave their lives, and the Heroes who responded to 9/11. I was in New York City when the World Trade Center was attacked. I will never forget the faces, I will never forget the sound, and I will never forget my friend who lost her life in the Twin Towers.


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My wonderful hood family......

I just finished watching what may have been the most emotionally draining memorial service I've ever endured. The one and only Michael Joseph Jackson has gone home to be with our Father. I sat here and cried as I watched and listened to Stevie bellow "Michael, why didn't u staaaaaaaay". I cried and listened as Lady Bernice spoke with such conviction and authority. I even laughed as I cried when Old Barry said Michael sang the song better than Smokie. His big… Continue

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Will The Real Men PLEASE Stand Up!!!!!!!!

I was listening to Mr. Moody's Neighborhood (shout out to Moody, Cousin Ed, Naturel, and Tracy for an AMAZING show!!) and I was so intrigued by everything the crew had to say. So I'm pretty much just going to be piggy backing off of some of the things they spoke on. Granted there are some extraordinary men in the world and we have a great amount of them right here in the hood. Regardless of that fact there is a significant amount of men (or so called men I should say) who are not stepping up… Continue

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Young, Black, and Fabulous

HOUSE PORN: Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon DITCH Bel-Air Mansion For $10 Million As Unconfirmed Split Rumors Persist

 photo Miminickd.jpg

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have sold their 3-acre Bel-Air mansion for $10 Million.  See pics of their former abode inside.....

 photo mariah-carey-nick-cannon-sold-bel-air-home-09-480w-1.png

In the midst of dodging divorce rumors (which have become persistent) Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon pocketed a cool $3 Million profit for the sale of their Bel-Air mansion recently.

  photo mariah-carey-nick-cannon-sold-bel-air-home-07-480w.png

 photo mariah-carey-nick-cannon-sold-bel-air-home-08-480w.png

The couple purchased the 3-acre mansion for $7 million back in 2009 and were able to unload it for $10 Million this year.  Wonder what's going to happen to that monogrammed pool floor...

 photo mariah-carey-nick-cannon-sold-bel-air-home-03-480w.png

It's too bad Mimi wasn't able to flip that kind of success with her latest album, Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse. Nearly 3 months into its release...the disc hasn't really produced a hit single.

 photo mariah-carey-nick-cannon-sold-bel-air-home-06-480w.png

The massive digs feature a movie theater, a gym, an indoor basketball court and a putting green.   And the rest of the gorgeous home:

 photo mariah-carey-nick-cannon-sold-bel-air-home-02-480w.png

 photo mariah-carey-nick-cannon-sold-bel-air-home-00-480w.png

 photo mariah-carey-nick-cannon-sold-bel-air-home-05-480w.png

On Instagram, we noticed that Mariah has only posted pics of Dem Babies recently and she was escorted down the red carpet at the New York premiere of Hercules by her business associate Kevin Liles.  

 photo mariah-carey-nick-cannon-sold-bel-air-home-01-480w.png

Has the couple hit an alleged rough patch, much like all the uncofirmed rumors swirling about the Carters?



Photos via MLS

DO WE LOVE IT?!: Ashanti Gets BRAIDED Up

 photo shanti1.png

Ashanti just copped a new ‘do. And it looks like it’s for a new movie role. Decide if you love it inside…

 photo shanti3.png

Ashanti just switched up her look for some long medium sized box braids. The Braveheart singer flossed her Poetic Justice braids on Instagram today with the caption, “Fresh face & braids #nextchapter #newbeginnings #grateful #braveheart”

 photo shanti3.png

The babe in braids has plenty to be grateful for. She’s gearing up to begin filming for her new role as “Eve” in the new movie “Stuck.”





Photos: Ashanti's IG

Keyshia Cole CLAIMS “SHE” Is NOT A Lesbian, Dishes On Leaving Daniel “Boobie” Gibson & Admits Her Family Needs Help!

 photo kc1.png

Keyshia Cole is clearing the air about her “SHE” track being about a lesbian love affair, says she's having a hard time trusting men again and she chimes in about her family’s rumored reality TV show. Check it inside…

As she treks along her “Point of No Return” tour (which kicked off this week), Keyshia Cole made a stop in Chicago before taking the stage at the House of Blues. She hit up the WGCI radio station to chop it up with radio host Loni Swain and some of her fans about her upcoming sixth studio album Point of No Return, what the “SHE” record is really about, difficulty trusting a man again, her family getting a reality show and more.

After the release of Keyshia's “SHE” record, it was no denying the lyrics seemed to refer to a lesbian love affair, in which many believed Keyshia was singing about a personal experience. Well, according to her the song is NOT about girl-on-girl action, but rather about exploring your own body. She said after being married for 4 years and then not having anyone by her side, she learned how to get familiar with...herself.

She said,

“I had to get familiar with myself so I think that song is really, in essence of what that song “She” is about. It’s getting to know yourself. I know people think it’s about girl-on-girl action, which it was at first, and then I kinda switched the lyrics around a lil bit.”

As you may know by now, Keyshia and her estranged husband Daniel “Boobie” Gibson have been in talks about getting a divorce, although neither of them have officially filed in court. Most recently, Keyshia was hit with fake divorce papers by someone claiming to be Boobie, but he says it wasn’t him...it was an imposter. Hey, crazier ish has happened. During the interview, Keyshia was asked how has her perspective on love changed since separating from her husband. She responded,

“It’s no way of getting around not knowing if somebody is ready or not. That’s the whole thing about friendship. Whoever I end up with, I’ve been praying that he’s my friend first. If you think about being friends, you’re not going to go and get them hit up. You not gone put them in a situation where you gone get them shot. You ain’t gone put me in a situation where you make another woman think she got something over me. If we friends and you really love me like you say you do, it’s certain things you’re not going to do out of respect.”

Here are a few more highlights:

On her blocking her family’s reality show:

“Nah, not true at all. I definitely do think they do need help…as a family we need help. My whole main objective from that reality show from jump was to make sure that we grow.”

On her new reality show:

“We went over to Africa and did some filming. Filming DJ had his birthday. Just things I’ve been going through everyday. We shot for a minute. BET said they wanted to pick it up so…you know what I mean. It is what it is. The fans always ask me can I do it so I don’t mind long as they’re not intrusive.”

On if there are any positive songs on Point of No Return:
“Nah [laughs]. I have some sexy songs though. Once you leave a dude you be like ‘aight I’m cool.’ Especially if you’ve been heart broken before. I’m just at the point where I don’t want to go through it again but I mean I’m only human. And I have feelings. At the same time being sexy now…that’s a whole nother thing.”

On what she has been doing to get over her break up:
“Gym…yea. Just trying to eat better. I did a fast for about 4-5 days…just juicing. I actually loved it. I go in the steam room before I work out for about 10-15 minutes then go work out for about 2 -3hours then go pick up my son from school and get back to my motherly duties. Right now, working. Trying to stay focus.”

The "SHE" singer also talked about the backlash she received for posting a picture with Justin Bieber, her fave reality show on TV now and more.

Check it:

Keyshia’s next stop on her “Point of No Return” tour is the Paul Brown stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio on Saturday.

And speaking of her new album….

 photo keyshiaponr.png

Keyshia just dropped off the official cover art for her sixth studio album, Point of No Return. Looks like we're getting closer to hearing the full album. 




He's back!  Bobby Brown is returning to the New Edition tour (after a brief departure for medical reasons). He'll be hitting the stage tonight. The venue "Chene Park" tweeted "DETROIT STAND UP! Bobby Brown is back TONIGHT at @cheneparkdetroit! It's going down. #chenepark #detroit #newedition #bobbybrown" Welcome back.....


Photo: Keyshia's IG/CheneParkDetroit

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