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ONE DAY & A WAKE UP: Remy Ma Is READY To Hit The Streets!

 photo remyma.png

After 6 ½ years behind bars, Bronx raptress Remy Ma is on her way to becoming a free woman. Hmm...are Nicki Minaj & Iggy Azalea ready? More inside…

Remy Ma is counting down the hours till she is released from the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women. She captioned the above pic, "One more day and a wake up"—jail slang for how much longer she has until she's a free woman.

In the past weeks, celebs such as Bow Wow, Jadakiss and Busta Rhymes (along with anxious fans) have been making videos announcing the "Conceited" rapper's return, posting them to her Instagram account. Rem was originally sentenced to eight years back in 2008 for shooting her former friend Makeda Barnes-Joseph in the stomach after she accused her of stealing money from her purse.

Last week, the 34-year-old raptress spoke with Angie Martinez on Power 105 from behind bars and she dished on her life inside the big house, how she can’t wait to make her grand return on the rap scene and even talked about the competition…Nicki Minaj. She also talked about hashing it out with her former labelmate Fat Joe, marrying rapper Papoose in prison, getting her associates degree in Sociology while locked up and starring in her own reality show when gets out.

After so many years, is Rem ready to take over the rap game?  She said, "Stand back. It’s not gonna be fair. My pen game is crazy.”

Hopefully SOMEBODY can save us from the current female rap game...

Here are the highlights:

On her marriage to Papoose: “After six-and-a-half [years], it’s kinda serious. You gotta respect that. That’s official. … He’s an official dude. Nobody can ever front on that.”

On Fat Joe: “That was one of my epiphanies that I had. I was like, ‘OK, now I see why he wanted to kill me.’ I understand that. … I can never hate him. I’m the type of person that if I ever loved you, even if you make me mad, I’ma love you to death. I’d never be able to stand there and watch somebody do harm to him.”

On signing a new deal: “I didn’t want to sign anything as major as a deal from [prison]. A lot of things have changed since I’ve been gone, so I wanted to come home.”

On female rap: “I’ve always repped for the chicks or whatever, but I can stand next to the best of the dudes that’s out there. That’s what I intend to do again.”

On Nicki Minaj: “Nick has always been a supporter and vice versa. I like what she does. She’s done wonderful things for females, but I just wish there was more of them. I don’t know what they’re doing letting these guys take over.”

On her reality show: “They’re making me do it. I keep telling them no. It’s too real.”

Check out the full interview below:

Tomorrow morning, she will be a free woman. Welcome Home Remy!

Photos: Remy's IG

Momma Dee Implies Andrea Kelly's Ex-Husband Is Her New Boo....Brian McKee Calls Her A "Really Good Friend"

 photo ScreenShot2014-07-30at74147AM_zps6cb40002.png

Remember the crazy drama with Andrea Kelly and the man she divorced just as quickly as she married him? Well, her suspicious ex Brian McKee has moved on....with Momma Dee!  Allegedly.  But, is it all a publicity stunt?


Deets inside...

Just a couple months ago, all was revealed when Andrea Kelly's husband she surprised her "Hollywood Exes" co-stars with....became her ex. Andrea married Brian McKee within just two months of getting engaged to him.  And it doesn't seem they knew each other long before the engagement, because NONE of Andrea's co-stars/friends had even met the guy until the season premiere when she introduced Brian as her fiance.

Well, just two months after their split, Brian the "barber" seems to have already moved on with another VH1 chick....Momma Dee!  Yes, really.

Dude is really not helping his case when it comes to folks thinking he's a straight up opportunist...and a few other things.

Momma Dee posted the above pic and the below sentiments last night:

Really though? And yes, the "Queen" of the imaginary castle is well aware of his history. She also tweeted:

Chile...good luck with ALL of that.  Especially because this seems to be a desperate attempt at publicity stunting.

Brian posted the following, making it seem like he and Momma Dee are just "good friends" and she posted their pics to "get people's attention".


"Reality celebs" and their "please look at me....wait, why are you looking at me?" tactics. The thirst....


Photos: Momma Dee's Twitter & Instagram

Vivica Fox Celebrates The Big 5-0...With GQ & "Sharknado 2"!

 photo sharknado-gq-magazine-august-2014-01_zps215375e0.jpg

Looky Looky...Vivica Fox is 50!  And she's showing off what that looks like in the new issue of GQ magazine (with Kanye West on the cover).  Peep the Sharknado 2 star inside...

Before tonight's big debut of the Sy-Fy channel cult classic Sharknado 2, Vivica A. Fox will be celebrating her 50th birthday!

Not only will she be celebrating her new pic with her co-stars in the brand new issue of GQ magazine, but we hear she and her hair company, VIVICA A. FOX HAIR Collection, have a huge celeb-filled bash planned in Beverly Hills this weekend.  And she's also gearing up for the the upcoming season of "Celebrity Apprentice" she recently wrapped.

So...who else is catching the Sharknado 2 craziness that we just must watch?!


Photo: GQ mag

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