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CROSS COUNTRY ANTICS: VH1 ANNOUNCES “Tiny & Shekinah’s Weave Trip” Spinoff Reality Show Release Date & Trailer

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We told you it was coming. And now, it's here. Tiny & her bestie/hair stylist Shekinah Jo just got the greenlight for their new reality TV spinoff “Tiny & Shekinah’s Weave Trip.”  WEAVE TRIP?!  Find out when it premieres and peep the trailer inside…

Get your closed-captioned subtitles ready! “Family Hustle” stars Tiny & Shekinah Jo are coming to a television screen near you very soon with their new spinoff show. And they will be taking us along with them as they embark on a cross-country road trip to promote their new mobile hair salon business. Please Lordt let there be subtitles!

The duo will be bringing their hilarious antics and down south drawl in an eight-episode, half hour weekly series titled “Tiny & Shekinah’s Weave Trip.” Yep…that’s the real title. And it premieres Monday, October 13th at 9:30PM ET on VH1.

In a press release about the upcoming show, the show is described as the following:

With a true passion for flawless hair that just couldn’t be restricted to the Atlanta city limits, these ladies are taking their talents and philosophy that “everyone deserves fabulous hair” on the road. From The Voodoo Shop in New Orleans to the Navajo Nation in Arizona, no place is safe when Tiny and Shekinah hit the road. The dynamic duo is ready to leave their comfort zone and experience new cultures, all while being out of their element, starting their new business venture and adjusting to life on the road. Along the way expect an adventure no one will ever forget, a good dose of laughs, some mishaps, a bit of drama and a healthy amount of shenanigans as the ladies work to get their mobile salon off the ground.


If it's anything like THIS deleted scene from the "Family Hustle" or their recent attempt to film a commercial for Shekinah's edge-control gel, we're sure it will be MANY things. 


Check out the trailer below:


Will you be tuned in?


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THE PLOT THICKENS...Iggy Azalea's EX-Boyfriend Claims To Have Her Signature That Allows Him To Release Sex Tape?!

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There's a good chance that the Iggy Azalea sex tape could legally hit the least that's what her ex-boyfriend in Houston claims.  Find out what he plans to tell the judge inside...

Could Iggy Azalea (shown above with boyfriend Nick Young) be the next celebrity sex tape star? Her former boyfriend/manager Hefe Wine sure thinks so....and he's cleverly attempting to prove it legally.

A little backstory....when rumors of the sextape first came out, Iggy's team denied it was her in the video. Then they pulled the kiddie porn tactic - saying that IF it was her...she was under 18. Now...they're saying IF there is a tape, she's not going to sign off on it AND you can't use the name "Iggy".

Hefe Wine's response? BRING IT!

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In 2009, when things were good between Hefe and Iggy...she signed over her music rights to him. Of course....Hefe never got rid of that little piece of paper. He's now claiming that the sex tape should fall into the narrowly defined category of items specified in the contract.

For example....Iggy's contract gives Hefe permission to create and market music vides for her. Well....if you throw a track she did while working with him in the background....looks like you've just made yourself a sex tape AND music video!  We doubt T.I.'s sophisticated lawyers will lose this one...but Hefe is pretty clever! 

In the meantime, VIVID Entertainment head Steve Hirsch approached Iggy's team with a multi-million dollar offer to buy the footage and release it; however, Iggy's lawyers claim "Iggy" is trademarked and VIVID cannot used her name.

Hmmm....if the sex tape is anything like Iggy's new "Booty" video with Jennifer Lopez, she should just embrace the release and watch her career take off ala the women who made it big without an actual talent, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and the like.

Over on social media....Iggy IS NOT happy....

 photo ddkverr4b4b.png

Looks like everybody's definition of "sex tape" is a bit different.

Time will tell how this plays out...


 Photos via Splash/TMZ

CLAP BACK QUEEN: Rihanna Says 'F*** YOU' To CBS After Pulling Her "Thursday Night Football" Intro, CBS PULLS Intro AGAIN!

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Rihanna is pissed at CBS! And she held nothing back, telling the network “F*ck You!” for pulling her Thursday Night Football intro last week and then deciding to run it for this week’s game. CBS heard her protest and took action. More inside…

Rihanna (shown above heading to NYC restaurant Nobu last week) is known for not biting her tongue. And this morning, she sent a special message to CBS after the network yanked her (and Jay Z's) “Run This Town” Thursday Night Football intro last week.

The reason they pulled it? Well…it was the opening night for the NFL and the Baltimore Ravens were going head-to-head with the Pittsburgh Steelers (they won by the way, 26-6). With all of the controversy surrounding Ray Rice and his domestic violence scandal still being fresh, they didn’t want to run the track being that Rihanna was a victim of a highly publicized domestic violence situation (a la Chris Brown).

However, CBS decided to greenlight her track for this Thursday Night Football game, where the Atlanta Falcons face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  And it definitely didn’t sit well with the Pop princess.

She took to her Twitter this morning and sent a big “F*ck You” to CBS tweeting:




Well, CBS heard RiRi loud and clear and have now decided NOT to play the intro. New York Times reporter Bill Carter announced the network’s new move tweeting:



They scrapped Rihanna, but will still go along with “House of Lies” star Don Cheadle narrating.


The “Run This Town” singer is spending her free time with with friends Melissa Forde and Jennifer Rosales, snorkeling in her hometown of Barbados. She trekked it back to the island to see her favorite infant cousin (who she calls her niece) Majesty get christened. Cute.


Photos: FameFlyNet

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