My beautiful parents back in the early days

My beautiful parents back in the early days

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Comment by Cousin Ed on May 26, 2012 at 9:29pm

Your dad looks like MJ


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Young, Black, and Fabulous

BIG REVEALS: LaLa Anthony Dishes On Her Upcoming Topless Sex Scene On "Power" + Quitting Reality TV For Acting Career

 photo Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 12.14.13 PM_zpslcoxquxq.png

LaLa Anthony trekked it -- in her Tom Ford heels -- over to The Breakfast Club to dish about her new book The Power Playbook (out today), the new season of "Power," quitting reality tv, and why she and Carmelo Anthony decided not to go to the Fight in Vegas.


We've got the interesting reveals inside....

LaLa's Power 105.1 interview with Angela, Charlamagne and DJ Envy aired this morning, and the foursome of friends chopped it up about everything going o in her career.  And what's not going on.

The makeup guru, author and actress revealed she's not doing her reality tv show ("LaLa's Full Court Life") anymore because it's hurting her acting career.

And about that Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Fight party she hosted at her house Saturday night, she said she had it catered but it was still laid back.  Still, having The Wades and The Wests there definitely caused her home to be surrounded by paparazzi all night. 

 photo Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 1.31.15 PM_zpsytftjwqc.png

Here are the highlights:

On why she and Carmelo didn't go to the fight in Vegas:

"The truth is, Melo said he wasn't paying that much for those tickets. They gave him a great deal, but still, he was like, I'm not paying that much.  And Melo is not a Vegas person.  I love Vegas.  I can stay there for a long time, but he's not into it.  He wanted to fly in for the fight and as soon as it was over, fly right back.  I was like, we're not going to go all that way and party and's not point.

So he said he'd rather just stay here  Melo would rater work out.  Literally, all day long.  After watching the fight, it was great and I was so happy Floyd won, but I was also happy we didn't come out out pockets for all that money for those tickets.  Of course we could have [hosted a party and made it right back], we got some good offers, but we just chilled out.  It was nice."

On a role she auditioned for but didn't get

"I went up for Barbershop 3.  I really wanted that one because it felt like it could have been a great movie.  I love Malcolm Lee and always wanted to work with him.  I got really close and when I didn't get that one,  you get disappointed.  You have to believe what's for you is for you and what for somebody else....

I was like, doing weaves and stuff.  But I liked the role."

On constantly dieting to look good, despite others thinking she always looks great

"I just want to feel good about myself.  I fell off the bandwagon.  I'm starting a new program today to get back on. I'm a chocolate fanatic.  And I like cheap chocolate.  I like Kit Kat and Nestle Crunch."

On how she met husband Carmelo Anthony

"He did tell me that once [that he grew up watching me].  DJ Clue introduced us.  He was like, "Yo, My man been watching you on tv" and this and that.  I was like, I'm not going to mess around with a basketball player.  I just feel like they come with such a stigma.  I didn't want that."

On showing nipple in an upcoming sex scene on "Power"

"On "Power" this upcoming season (episode 4 to be exact), I have my first sex scene!  Carmelo said he understands it, it's my job, but he doesn't want to watch it.  Yeah [I'll be topless]. And yeah [nipples will be out].

To be on "Power", you have to sign a nudity clause off the bat.  At some point, everybody has to show something.  It was tasteful and respectful so I felt good about it.  I'm acting, I'm taking it serious, it comes with a territory.  What, are you never going to do a sex scene and you're an actress?  That's unreasonable."

On quitting reality tv

"Im not doing reality tv anymore.  But I'm producing now.  I'm working on a show with Dice, I'm working on a show with Po, and I want them to continue to grow and do great things.  But reality tv, it's not for me.  I mean, I loved it and had a great run.  I just decided I didn't want to expose so much of my personal life constantly.  And I found that the reality show was hurting me in acting, which is what I'm really trying to do now. 

They look at you as a reality girl like, 'Oh that's the reality girl'.  And they don't take  you seriously.  And your audition has to be 100 times better than anyone else.  So I kinda had to let that go to really now dive in and be taken seriously."


She spoke about her book being about helping people find their own power to succeed, why being a woman is so powerful, and working her way up and making her own money.  Check out the full interview below:


Photos: Power 105's IG/LaLa's IG

The 2015 MET GALA AFTERPARTIES: Kerry & Nnamdi, Gabrielle & Dwyane, Diddy & Cassie & MORE....

 photo flushy60.jpg

After the 2015 MET GALA ended, YBF celebs changed clothes and headed out to several after parties around the city and we've got a roundup of pics (in and outside) of the club.  More inside...

After the 2015 MET GALA end, YBF celebs headed out to several after parties.  We've got flicks from Rihanna's party at Up & Down on 14th street, a ritzy party at the Boom Boom Room on the top of the Standard Hotel and Lady Gaga threw her own bash at the Paramount Hotel.

"Scandal" star Kerry Washington was seen walking into an after party at the Standard Hotel with her husband Nnamdi Asomugha.

 photo flushy102.jpg

We're quite excited to see Nnamdi since he's rarely photographed in public....with his wife. In fact, you're more likely to spot Janet Jackson or a unicorn than see Nnamdi in the spotlight. 


A photo posted by (@theybfdaily) on May 5, 2015 at 7:31am PDT

Hey Nnamdi!

 photo flushy1.jpg

Diddy & Cassie, who recently shot a scandalous ad campaign for his latest fragrance, were seen walking into the Standard Hotel with stylist June Ambrose.

 photo flushy2.jpg

Oscar-winner John Legend and his wife, future host of "The F.A.B." Chrissy Teigen (who also attended Rihanna's UP & DOWN party) were at the Standard Hotel too where spies say they danced all night.

 photo flushy100.jpg

They posed with Common before heading upstairs.


Shortly after John and Chrissy's arrival, Tyga was seen walking in...with girlfriend Kylie Jenner:

 photo flushy22.jpg

 photo flushy23.jpg

These two...

 photo flushy20.jpg

He actually partied with both Kylie and Kendall last night.  In the background, Creed star Michael B. Jordan arrived at the same time at Tyga and the Jenners. 

Don't get caught up Michael...


 photo flushy4.jpg

After she rocked the mic at the 2015 MET GALA with a performance of her single "BBHMM", Rihanna headed down to 14th street where she threw an after party at Up & Down, a club owned by her good firend Richie Akiva.

 photo MichaelKorsiTunesAfterPartyMarkHotelm2lPS-jUnCNl.jpg

Model Joan Smalls continued the party with Robert Cavalli Creative Director Peter Dundas.

 photo MichaelKorsiTunesAfterPartyMarkHotelb_rHorg0o5bl_1.jpg

Andre Leon Talley was spotted posed with Will.I.Am outside of Up & Down. 

 photo MichaelKorsiTunesAfterPartyMarkHotelkDQIz_VKxfPl.jpg

 photo MichaelKorsiTunesAfterPartyMarkHotel5k1zM0_7_eMl.jpg

Naomi Campbell (wearing Burberry) joined Lee Daniels to party with Rihanna at Up & Down.  And she looked STUNNING.

 photo MichaelKorsiTunesAfterPartyMarkHotel1zv3xa9Y0Mpl.jpg

 photo MichaelKorsiTunesAfterPartyMarkHotelVNBTe-qOYSTl.jpg

 photo MichaelKorsiTunesAfterPartyMarkHotelcvBqxyFXjiPl.jpg

You'll recall that at last year's Met Ball, Solange (shown above with Michael Kors and Liya Kebede) attacked Jay-Z in the elevator at the Standard Hotel.  This year, she went to The Mark hotel with her hubby Alan.  As far as we know, she kept her hands to herself.

 photo MichaelKorsiTunesAfterPartyMarkHotelRXSBQ4iuZnjl.jpg

 photo MichaelKorsiTunesAfterPartyMarkHotelCNmG1frH8Xrl.jpg

Zendaya and Miguel (who obviously switched up his attire) were at the Up & Down party. 


 photo flushy67.jpg  photo flushy79.jpg

Gabriele Union and her hubby Dwyane Wade were spotted playing around like two lovestruck teenagers.

 photo flushy3.jpg

Later, Dwyane was spotted heading into an after party with Usher.  

 photo flushy6.jpg

Rira Ora slipped into a corset for an after party hosted by the Diamond Horseshoe.

 photo flushy109.jpg

Zoe Kravitz and Miley Cyrus hopped onto Lady Gaga's party bus and headed to her party at the Paramount....all while holding hands.  New besties, perhaps?




Photos via Splash/Getty

Ciara PERFORMS “I Bet (Remix)” On “TODAY” Show + Talks Date Night With Russell Wilson & Newly Found Confidence

 photo ewtr.jpg

Ciara’s sixth studio album dropped yesterday. So this morning, the R&B chick hit up the “TODAY” show to perform the remix to her single “I Bet” and dish on her White House date with Super Bowl Champ Russell Wilson. Check it inside….

Ciara has officially kicked off her return to the music scene, dropping her sixth studio album JACKIE yesterday and kicking off her first tour in six years in Chicago a few days ago. Not only is she making waves on the music scene, she’s also starring in a new NBC television series “I Can Do That,” premiering May 26th at 10/9c.

And apparently, she's living in the gym.  Work!


A photo posted by @ciaraslayz on May 5, 2015 at 6:27am PDT


This morning, CiCi had plenty to chat about with the “TODAY” show co-hosts. Before she hit the stage to perform the remix to her hit single “I Bet” at Rockefeller Plaza, she talked about her White House date with Super Bowl champ Russell Wilson. When asked to dish the dirt on her evening with the Seattle Seahawks QB she spilled,

“Life is amazing and I had such an amazing experience at the White House. We had a great time. It was just so amazing. Life is pretty sweet, I can say that.”

The mother of Baby Future then hopped on stage to break out her dance moves for the Toyota concert series. Check it:

After rocking the stage, CiCi came back to chop it up about her newly found confidence after entering motherhood. She said having her son has changed her life in such a great way and that it has given her a whole new level of confidence. The "Body Party" songstress said her baby boy is featured on one of her tracks that written by Diane Warren and co-produced by CiCi with Harmony Samuels. She said,

“He has a cute little laughing moment. He’s really my good luck charm and just a ball of energy and a ray of light. He’s truly the best thing that has happened to me.”

Ciara also talked about naming her new album after her mother and shared how her mother jokes about being her executive producer and will be signing autographs. Ha!

The “Dance Like We’re Making Love” singer also touched on that extra sexy lap dance she performed on a male fan during her opening night in Chicago. She said she wanted to try something she has never done before.

“It is fun to bring up a fan up on stage and have that cool interaction and give that special experience. That’s what my tour is about, making a special time with my friends.”

Her beauty tips for the ladies: Tons of water and have fun!

One tip for the guys: “Just keep it cool and don’t try to hard.”

Peep her interview below:

Last night....

 photo turh2.jpg

 photo housew1.jpg

CiCi celebrated the release of her newest musical offering with her mom Jackie Harris and her dad Carlton Harris at stylish restaurant Chalk Point Kitchen in NYC.

 photo turn3.jpg

Loves it. We're sure they'll be rocking out to Ciara's JACKIE album on Mother's Day.

Photos: Splash/WENN

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