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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Wale Says Ex-Girlfriend's Miscarriage & Career Drove Him To Depression & Drugs, Talks Not Getting Respect & That Chip On His Shoulder

 photo Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 3.57.41 PM_zpsd1ehu4gr.png

Wale is far from a stranger to fights both on social media and off.  The rapper always seems to be involved in some smack talking...one way or another.  And now he may have an explanation as to why his off wax drama sometimes trumps his albums themselves.


Find out the issues he revealed inside...

His new album, The Album About Nothing dropped this week. And Wale wants you to know he's got issues.  He wants respect...from his peers and from the masses.  Oh, and he had an ex-girlfriend who had a miscarriage and it drove him to a depression and drugs.

Check out what the D.C. rapper tells Billboard below:

 photo Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 3.57.00 PM_zpsllvd9aky.png

On him and an ex-girlfriend suffering a miscarriage

“The girl I was with, we tried for a long time to have a child. And when she finally did [get pregnant], she miscarried at 10 or 11 weeks. I was visualizing my child’s face. We gave it a name and everything. All of that went away. And a couple of months before that, one of my closest friends died in a car accident, a cousin that was there for me through blood, sweat and tears. So I go through all that and I go online and some white kid is saying, “You dumb ni—r, you’ll never be as good as J. Cole.” You put all that together…”

On why he's impatient about getting respect

“I gave this my all. I’m not trying to whine about being critically acclaimed or getting in the door, but it breaks my heart. Everyone says, “Be patient. It’ll happen.” But all signs are showing, “No, it won’t happen.” I’m okay with people not liking my music but provide an intelligent reason for why you like or don’t like something or you’re a hater or a dick-rider. This is my fourth album. I want some respect. I want to go to a party and not have Katy Perry tell her security to move me out of the fuckin’ way. We do the same thing. I know there’s no union in the music industry, but have some respect. I want people to be like, “Your album’s just as good as Kendrick [Lamar]‘s or Esperanza Spalding or Beck.” I work just as hard as them.”

On why he cares so much about social media drama

The music industry. You can say I'm sensitive, but music is why I live. Other people have kids or a strong woman in their lives; all I have is my music. I constantly work my ass off and I'm not in these magazines -- all I can go by is the people and what they say. People ask, "Why do you check social-media comments?" But what else do I have, bro? I don't get no major articles. Nobody talks about Wale like that. So what do you do when you're busting your ass and taking pills to stay up and be able to provide the right energy, and you're not seeing the proper response?

On lack of confidence

My confidence was shot, so I'd be taking whatever to keep me in a good mood, to get me in the right mood for an interview. I'm not going into the details as to what I was taking, but there's definitely something for that. Just like there's a fuckin' app for everything, there's a damn pill for everything. Or something you can pour in your glass. I was depressed not being where I wanna be in my career when I've put the work in. I wasn't sleeping. I was drinking all day and I didn't have anyone to go to. I couldn't fight it. Those are some of the demons I talk about on the album.

On not getting support from his mother

I'm Nigerian -- my mother didn't encourage me to do this. Even when [my first album] Attention Deficit came out and I had kind of made it, most parents would have been like, "My baby did it!" but I don't have that. My mom didn't come to my [youth football league] games. I posted a football picture on Instagram the other day. That was my fuckin' rec' coach on my [high school] senior night. My mom didn't come to that. I can't even explain to my mom what my job entails. She just knows that all of her bills are going to be paid. I didn't have one-on-ones with my mom or dad. I was in juvenile facilities a lot. My point is that I grew up with the outside world meaning the most to me. This is in hindsight -- I'm trying to figure out why I'm this way. I rely on the people's opinions, because I don't have much outside of that.

On frustrations in the business

I'm already on the side of Meek [Mill] and [Rick] Ross trying to squeeze in the picture. And I'm trying to keep a smile on my face. Imagine how you'd feel if someone who put in less work than you blew up? People say, "You're such a bitch online." That's all I have -- my opportunity to connect with you. I didn't want to be the guy that everyone was like, "He's got such a bad attitude." But I've been through shit.

On what he learned working with Kanye West

How organized his shit is. He's very organized and people listen. He has a staff that will listen to him. I have a staff whose mind tends to wander or they'll act like I'm working for them. Even when Kim [Kardashian] is in there, things are centered around the breadwinner and creator. And he has the same thing as me, where he tries to make sure he's not offending anybody. That's something I recognized.

So is Wale giving valid points...or is he just a complainer?

Check out the full story HERE.


Photos: Wale's IG


COMING ATTRACTIONS: "STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON" Character Posters Revealed + "The Preachers Of Atlanta" & "Crazy Talk" With Tanisha Thomas

 photo ICE CUBE.jpg

We've got a roundup of coming attractions to the silver screen and cable tv.  Get deets on the NWA biopic and two new tv shows inside...

The NWA biopic STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON heads to theaters on August 14th and we've got a first look at the character posters. The cast breakdown is as follows:

Eazy-E played by Jason Mitchell
Ice Cube played by O’Shea Jackson Jr.
Dr. Dre played by Corey Hawkins.
MC Ren played by Aldis Hodge.
DJ Yella played by Neil Brown Jr.

Ice Cube's son is shaping up to be the PERFECT casting decision.

 photo MC REN.jpg  photo EAZY-E.jpg  photo DJ YELLA.jpg  photo DR. DRE.jpg  

Watch the trailer here: 



Coming to the small screen this fall....


 photo 10553509_10154422958950537_5982086255899176304_n.jpg


Tanisha Thomas, the breakout star of the "Bad Girls Club" franchise has landed a daily talkshow on Oxygen. Here's the OXYGEN synopsis:

“Crazy Talk” is on the way.

Hosted by Tanisha Thomas (“Bad Girls Club”) and Ben Aaron (WNBC’s “New York Live”), the fast-paced, laugh-out-loud first-run comedic syndicated daily program raises an eyebrow on the most outlandish and sometimes bizarre moments on reality television. Taped in front of a live studio audience, this half-hour series filled with raw and hilarious banter also invites reality stars to rehash their “15 minutes of fame” and provide insight behind their most-watched clips.

And here's another show headed to OXYGEN:

“Preachers of Atlanta”  is about to try to live up to its "Preachers of LA" and "Preachers of Detroit" counterparts.

Atlanta is not only the home to fast cars, sprawling mansions and the southern elite, but a new generation of up-and-coming preachers who are superstars of the pulpit. The third installation from the popular franchise, “Preachers of Atlanta” documents the lives of the city’s young elite mega-pastors as they focus on the daily struggles and triumphs as husbands, wives, fathers, mothers and friends, while also maintaining their duties as men and women of God.

What will you be watching?


Photos via Tanisha's Facebook/Straight Outta Compton PR

Nicki Minaj Shows Her ASSets....With The Irish Flag + Drake Goes Hard At The Clippers Vs. Golden State Warriors

 photo dffdfbtrt545ht4h4h.png

Nicki Minaj took her assets to Dublin, Ireland where she paid tribute to their flag!  Meanwhile, her "Truffle Butter" partner Drake hit the LA Clippers game in Los Angeles.  See pics inside...

 photo milw3.png

"Throw Some Mo" rapper Nicki Minaj rocked a barely there sequined fishnet bodysuit during her "The Pinkprint" tour stop in Dublin, Ireland.  Now you see it....

 photo milw1.png

Now you don't...

The show was held at the 3 Arena and at some point in Nicki's performance, fans threw multiple Irish flags on the stage for her. Spies say Nicki picked up the flags and kept rapping her new track, "The Night Is Still Young".

While this "flag" throwing is acceptable in Ireland, we can't imagine folks would be excited that big booty Nicki was parading around stage with the American flag.  You won't be seeing that go down here in the States.  But if they like it...we love it.

 photo milw2.png

SIDEBAR - Nicki's been racking up the frequent flier miles.  In the past week, she went from touring in Paris to a party with Meek Mill in Miami and now she's in Dublin.  Carry on with the sheer-back jumpsuits and throw some mo.....


In LA....

 photo pake1.jpg

Last night, Drake was out watching the Clippers get defeated by The Golden State Warriors (110-106) at Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles CA. And as you'll see from the pics, he took the loss badly.  Very emotional. Oh Drake...

 photo pake5.jpg

He felt it.

 photo pake7.jpg

Deep down in his spirit.

 photo pake3.jpg   

In other Drake news, earlier today, he revealed plans to open an OVO pop-up store in LA.  Beginning Apr. 4, at 112 1/2 S. La Brea Ave in L.A., the store will be open from 11-7 on Monday through Saturday, and from 12-6 on Sundays, until it closes up on Apr. 30.

 photo pake2.jpg

We hope they sell a wall of t-shirts full of his facial expressions.


Watch Drake photobomb the broadcasters... 


Photos via Splash News

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