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CO-PARENTING 101: Christina Milian Drops Advice On Putting Kids FIRST After Divorce...And How To Move On With A New Man

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On a recent GMA appearance and new Mommy blog, Christina Milian offered advice to ex-couples on co-parenting.  And seeing that she blasted The Dream for being a deadbeat (with his time, not money) at one point, she would definitely know all about navigating the co-parenting life.


See what the singer/actress recommends inside....

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Christina Milian (who divorced The Dream after he cheated on her) has a few tips for ex-couples with children....put the kids first!  She appeared on GMA this morning where she explained why she's opening up about her own struggles with co-parenting.

"I feel like I'm in a good place, then all the better to just put it out there and hope that it can help someone else. She added, "We all figure it out," she said. "Sometimes, you just got to take it, take the lesson, and learn, and know that this happened for a reason."

For parents, she says, 'Take a second and breathe. You know, have the best intentions. Pray on it. I think that communication will save you half the drama. You know, it makes things so much easier. And I think I learned that."

Christina (who's now engaged to Jas Prince) also offered advice on introducing kids to new significant others.

"I think it's very important to take your time when introducing a new person into your child's life. You want to make sure this is going to work out so you're not introducing them to a new person over and over again because you never know who is going to be the one."

She adds,

"My motivation at the end of the day was making sure that my daughter had two parents that were in her life consistently, She's a really smart girl and I think she has a healthy understanding of knowing that mommy and daddy are no longer together but we both love her."

Check out the video of Ms. Dip It Low on "GMA" this morning HERE.

Christina also did a Mommy Blog for "MommyPie" where she laid out her tips for co-parenting:


1. Communication is key. Truly work on trying to figure out a schedule that works for the two of you. Try to stick with it and if changes need to be made then talk to your partner. You can’t read each other’s mind. This will save you from a huge headache. Being combative or always on the defense is not going to help at all. So, try to chill out and be neutral and understanding of each other’s time. Your kids are not objects. Don’t use them to hurt one another or complicate each other’s lives. If you can make the change then great! If not, then be clear and communicate that and if anything find a way to be helpful in making the adjustment easier for the both of you. I know too many people in this situation who use their kids as a tool to get back at or frustrate their ex. And for what? Only to dislike each other more.

2. You don’t have to be estranged in order to prove you’re now divorced. It’s healthy for your kids to see their parents in the same setting. Granted you’re not technically together but you don’t have to pretend you hate each other. Kids are smart and they also have a beautiful heart. These moments can be very much what they need to fill that void of the ideal family. I think they will cherish these moments in the long run and will be helpful in their growth mentally.

3. If you don’t get along, don’t express your frustrations in front of your kids. No matter what age your child/children are they understand EVERYTHING!! LOL! I swear they do! LOL.. So don’t stress them out with your issues. Not only do they understand what’s going on, they remember everything. So if you’ve got a problem save the drama or catty gossip with your friends for another time when your kids are not around. It’s not healthy for them to hear it.

4. Try to communicate the good things about your ex to your child. My divorce was early into my daughter Violet’s life, so my family and I choose to share certain pictures, stories, and memories of the good times we shared and how she was made from love. My parents divorced when I was about 15 and to this day I reminisce about all the great memories made between my parents and how all that makes me the woman I am today.

5. If your ex has moved on to new beginnings then try your best to mind your business and not get caught up in your feelings. Allow yourself to be open cause after all hopefully you’ll be finding your own special someone soon! There’s nothing worse than being the miserable one trying to make life more difficult all the while the world is stiiiilll moving. As parents, it is our job to have good judgment on who we choose to bring around our kids. So pray that the new girl or guy IS that person. And trust that your ex is making a good decision for your child and for themselves. Your ex’s new partner can’t and never will replace you, however, they may become your best ally in raising your kids!!! Don’t get me wrong. Do whatever proper investigation you need to make yourself comfortable to know your kids are in good hands..! LOL. And if you are the one in a new relationship then take your time and get to know the person you’re inviting into your and your child’s life before even doing an introduction. You want to be safe — and remember that this is a sensitive time in your child’s life. You wanna make sure your new relationship is worthwhile before adding someone new into your child’s life…. And give your children the time to adjust to the situation as well.

Read more here.



Photos via Christina Milian's Instagram

MUGSHOT MANIA: Porsha Williams' MUGSHOT Surfaces + Chris Brown's Newest Mugshot Raises Eyebrows

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Now that Porsha Williams has turned herself in to the Fulton County Sheriff's Office after being charged with assault, her mugshot has surfaced.  Check out her glammed up mugshot inside....

"RHOA" star Porsha Williams told media that she would be turning herself in on Thursday, but she ended up going in earlier than planned (likely to avoid the media and paparazzi outside waiting). 

The divorceé who literally dragged co-star Kenya Moore at the recent reunion show taping had a warrant out for her arrest, so she sent to Fulton County Jail on Wednesday evening and turned herself in.  And clearly had time to get her hair and makeup done.

While reports yesterday said the 5'7 reality star had a warrant due to an assault charge, her booking sheet -- according to DM -- listed her charge as simple battery. 

Kenya reportedly filed the charges right after the physical reunion show.

Porsha is now out on $2,000 bail (that we're almost positive her ex Kordell Stewart didn't post).  And her rep said about the situation:

'Cast member Kenya Moore sought out the warrant and, although the claim is unfounded, Ms. Williams is fully cooperating with investigators and looks forward to clearing her name.'

Porsha reportedly plans to press felony aggravated assault charges on Kenya for allegedly attacking her first...with that damn princess wand. And probably just because of her provoking presence in general.  We shall see....

  photo 27x2nm0_zps33cc50ec.jpg  photo 25kotom_zps4a3a156d.jpg

Meanwhile, Chris Brown's mugshots from his recent DC arrest have surfaced.  And folks around the net are raising concerns about how he looks these days.  Some are making drug accusations, while others say he simply "looks like a criminal which is unfortunate because he's an A List celebrity".

Chris is headed to trial soon in D.C. over that fight that took place outside of a D.C. nightclub.


Photos: Fulton County Sheriff's Office/WUSA9

SERVIN' BODY: Serena Williams Is A BIKINI CHAMP In Miami

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Serena Williams took a break from slaying tennis courts to hit the beaches of Miami.  Check out her serving up major body in her bikini inside...


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Tennis champ Serena William tied down her hair scarf and had some fun int he ocean with a friend today in Miami.  She rocked a green and floral bikini showing off her super athletic bod and booty:

 photo 116791PCN_Serena24_zps2d8a9a26.jpg  photo 116791PCN_Serena30_zpsa2b65d9e.jpg  photo 116791PCN_Serena38_zpsacdd6234.jpg

And yes, she loves her curves just as much as most folks love to look.  The FITNESS magazine cover girl revealed in the new issue:

When I was young I thought I should be built more like an athlete -- long and lean -- not with a womanly figure. But then people my age started coming up to me, saying, 'I love you because of the way you look.' They could relate to me. That was really motivating. So I learned to be proud of my curves and to embrace my large boobs and my butt. It's all about loving who you are and realizing that you're beautiful.



Photos: PCN

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