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Comment by Lac on March 10, 2009 at 7:47pm
Helloooo, *echo* "hellloo, helloooo, helloooo. Anybody homeee, hommeee, hommmeee. Damn, it's lonely being single. LMAO!
Comment by Bigg-Byrd on May 29, 2009 at 5:40am
The life i live now, most definately single, not much time for anything else except my son and my music! Although i think i enjoy being in a relationship more b/c of the security among other thingz, i think ama be a batchelor 4 a lil longer lmao!
Comment by jacqueline phillips on May 29, 2009 at 4:59pm
well i would love 2 b n a relationship but now day hard 2 find a gud man dat u can trust 2 b faithful understanding.its gud 2 have sum one other then ur kids 2 love u.4 me i have been bye myself 4 many years cuz i had 2 get myself 2 gether now that i have its hard 2 find mr.right.i knw that i am a DAM GUD WOMEN!!!! gettin da one that wants a gud women is da near impossiable 2 find him but i knw all the gud men aint gone.they dnt knw which women 2 trust.......................................
Comment by Bigg-Byrd on May 29, 2009 at 6:47pm
touche lol
Comment by SweetErykah on May 30, 2009 at 12:51am
I have been single for soooooo long, I don't think I would know how to act if i ever come across a good decent trustworthy man. I'm with Ms. Phillips... Who can you trust? Hard to find a good one. Some women can be very hard to read and understand. Vic versa... It shouldn't be so difficult. I dont even try. Never have... If it happenes it happens. Gotta stay focused on the hear and now. I see some women so focused on looking they overlook the good ones... Men do the same. To busy making a list of what you want and what you NEED has just passed you by...
Comment by Michigan's Finest on November 17, 2009 at 12:36am
Stepping onto the scene to see what's going on in the Single Hood here peace and 1 love always!
Comment by Michigan's Finest on July 19, 2010 at 10:39am
Anything new happening to anyone of us Single folks here in the Hood? I'm still single and I guess being content with being single right now? Is anyone else content with being single right now in their life?
Comment by Candy Ice on April 22, 2012 at 7:38pm

It's hard being single.....I can say from watching other women....the mistake is on them for not putting themselves first so that they can be the best for their kids.....I hear over and over how women took care of their kids and in the end they end up alone and forgotten..... Women remember, yes your kids are important but you are somebody too and you need to be loved as well.....after they grow up and have their families...you end up alone,...just because you tried to save them from that heartbreak of a mommy's boyfriend....Ladies, its time for you to focus on you (definitly not forgetting about your kids) but really letting them know how much you love them and if he is a good man...they will respect him as long as you both are teaching them the right way...God first, then him as man, then yourself, then your kids...... Without God, none of this will happen....they have to see the respect from him to you and them and he has to be 1 with God to even begin to provide any respect to his family.....accept and be loved....don't throw your life away because of what others (men or women have done to you) Grow and be blessed with your father!!! He will give you your hearts desire....he promised this......

Comment by Candy Ice on April 22, 2012 at 7:47pm

I just wanted to add....I came out of a 5 year relationship thinking everything was great while I was in it......I didn't attend church, I didn't pray often, I gave so much into him all the while he gave so much to everyone else...He didn't do those things either, BIG MISTAKE!!! .I am Glad God showed me the truth even though it hurts so bad...but blessing are coming my way...He keeps telling me and I am making my way through my pain.....It is sad to love someone so much and they can't even say Hi to you.....I do not and wll not put myself down for no one so don't ever think you are not good enough or worthy of anything....If you were not then why would did he get crucified for you....never let anyone tell you your are nothing.....Just only trust in 1the father, because his promise never fails, you might hurt, you might cry, and you will fall on bending knee....but always know that he is the only one you can trust.....in reality, sometimes you can't even trust in your kids so be sure to look to the one who gives you what you have and promises you life....seek and you will find......

Comment by sunnydelyte21 on May 1, 2012 at 10:03am

New to the group...and to the hood.


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DO WE BELIEVE IT? Model Analica Chaves CLAIMS Rihanna Is Karim Benzema's SIDE CHICK—But Have They Already Called It Quits?

 photo RIHKA.jpg

Model chick Analica Chaves is calling Rihanna out over her rumored relationship with Real Madrid soccer player Karim Benzema. Analica claims SHE is the main chick and RiRi is the side piece! Chile…and guess what? It may not even matter because there are rumors Rih & Karim have already called whatever they had quits. Get all of the crazy deets inside….

In recent months, we have spotted international superstar Rihanna and Real Madrid soccer star Karim Benzema spending some time with one another. They’ve been spotted hitting the club scene numerous times and linking up afterwards. One time, damn near spending the night at her favorite eatery Giorgio Baldi until the wee hours of the morning. Mmhmm…

While neither Rih or Karim ever confirmed or denied their situationship, it was clear something was going on. Fast forward to now, a woman has come forward claiming Karim is HER man and that she has been in a relationship with him for over a year. Oh?

It all started when these rumors started circulating:

1. Karim allegedly “cheated” on Rih with bikini model Analica Chaves (who has also been linked to soccer player Axel Witsel).
2. Karim supposedly DUMPED Rih to get with Analica.


 photo rihka2.jpg

Well, this clearly didn’t sit well with Analica (above kissing Karim), so she’s clearing everything up. The bootylicious bikini model claims SHE is Karim’s main squeeze and that the “BBHMM” songstress is the side chick!

She dished to In Touch mag saying,

“Karim and I have been together for over a year. Rihanna is the other woman! After photos surfaced of Karim and Rihanna in NYC [in early June], I confronted him. He denied everything.”

Interesting. She added, “I was crushed when I recently found out what was really going on. I’m sure she knew nothing about me. Karim has probably broken her heart, too.”

We doubt it. Rih doesn’t seem bothered at all with romance at the moment (which she has expressed in recent interviews) and seems to be focused on her music these days.

Speaking of music...there's talk of Rihanna joining forces with her bestie Katy Perry for a diss record aimed at Taylor Swift. Taylor and Katy have "bad blood," so it appears Rih may be wanting in on the cattiness ...allegedly. We don't totally believe it...yet.  We'll keep our eyes peeled.


Photos: Splash/Instagram

LAWSUITS: Terrence Howard's Ex-Wife Sues Over Alleged 2013 Beating + Tyga Sued By Landlord For Missing Two Month's Rent


 photo MichelleGhentBingPresentsLedgeOfficialvbVL_2Fifvql.jpg

"Empire" star Terrence Howard and rapper Tyga about both facing legal troubles.  Find out why inside...


Although they've divorce (and he's remarried) there's still a lot of legal wrangling between "Empire" star Terrence Howard and ex-wife Michelle Ghent. You'll recall that we've already talked about their financial battle where Michelle hoped to get a bigger piece of his "empire" salary...and now there's a new lawsuit.

In recently filed documents, Michelle claims she and Terrence were at a rental house in Costa Rica in 2013 when he allegedly beat her. See the graphic pics here.

In the docs, Michelle claims he grabbed her by the neck, pushed her against the bathroom wall and began strangling her. The pics are pretty disturbing and sidebar, there have always been rumors about Terrence putting hands on the women in his life. SMH....

For his part, Terrence and his legal team claim she was the aggressor and he only "retreated" when attacked by Michelle.  While this will have to play out in court, one thing is for sure, someone beat Michelle up in Costa Rica. That black eye didn't make itself....



More legal woes.....

 photo Screenshot 2015-07-29 16.24.57.png

We've just learned that Tyga is reportedly being sued by his landlord for failing to pay the $25k a month fee for the home for the last two months.

It's the same mansion he once shared with baby momma Blac Chyna before they split and he starting hooking up with Kylie Jenner.  If this story sounds familiar it's because Tyga faced a similar lawsuit last month when he was behind on the rent for his $6.5M, seven-bedroom mansion, also in the Calabasas area.

We're sure Tyga has the money, perhaps he needs to hire better people to manage his accounts and bills. Message to Tyga, you have to be responsible if you want to live life in the "Master Suite."



 Photos via Getty/Tyga's IG

MORE SHENANIGANS: Meek Mill Delays Drake Response, Says He's Busy Cashing Out + Drake Sends Charlamagne Tha God Six Bottles!

 photo Screenshot 2015-07-29 14.39.28.png

In the land of hip hop, we've received word that Meek Mill isn't ready to respond to Drake - he's a little busy.  See what he said inside and check out the expensive champagne bottles Drake sent Charlamagne Tha God.


#Whenmeekwokeup #meekmills #Drake #Drakevsmeek #Backtobackfreestyle

Posted by ATLANTA GREEK PICNIC WEEKEND on Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Are you keeping up with the latest beef in hip hop?  We've been following the social media drama between Meek Mill and Drake for the past couple of days and it shows no signs of slowing down. 

Earlier, we posted "Back To Back" where Drake bodied Meek with a lyrical takedown.  While the world is pressing play and repeat on the diss track you'd think Meek was somewhere in the booth preparing a comeback right?  WRONG!

We went over to Meek's Instagram and all he posted (since the diss) was the pic above and the caption "Right now I'm on the road still cashing out ..... Ima b in the studio soon.... 5hr ride to Montreal ..."


 photo 53583346.jpg


So Meek is too busy to response to Drake's diss track because he's on tour with Nicki Minaj?  Um......Drake just called you out about "opening" up for Nicki.

You love her than you got to get a world tour/Is that a world tour or your girl's tour

I know that you gotta be a thug for her, this aint what she meant when she told you open up more.




 photo Screenshot 2015-07-29 14.56.19.png

The are several quotable lines in Drake's diss, and one of them referred to his radio frenemy Charlamagne Tha God.  While the two have had differences in the past, it looks like the Meek beef may help them mend fences.


A video posted by @cthagod on Jul 29, 2015 at 7:54am PDT


But wait....there's more!

 photo Screenshot 2015-07-29 15.47.36.png


Over on the 'Gram, we were directed to the page of Nicki's ex-Safaree Samuels.  He's about to go on tour ya'll!  Where.....we're not sure.  We'd like to meet the club promoter who thinks folks will buy Safaree tickets....but that's a whole other story.  

He posted, "Gonna feel good to finally be on tour... But this time its my tour ... Sincerely yours Safaree #plsgetoffmydick #stuntgang #ispeakfacts #sometimesthetruthhurts #Lifeline #thisaintHighschool #nobodybullyingme @jayparpworth1 oh yea S/0 the Uk"

We're going very "LOL" at his delusional hashtags. In case you missed it, he wrote a diss track too.

Meanwhile.....Drake is somewhere unbothered by all the shenanigans..... 


 photo 6096fff6_bgmrt.gif



Photos via Meek's IG/Cthagod IG/Safaree's IG

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