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Comment by Lac on March 10, 2009 at 7:47pm
Helloooo, *echo* "hellloo, helloooo, helloooo. Anybody homeee, hommeee, hommmeee. Damn, it's lonely being single. LMAO!
Comment by Bigg-Byrd on May 29, 2009 at 5:40am
The life i live now, most definately single, not much time for anything else except my son and my music! Although i think i enjoy being in a relationship more b/c of the security among other thingz, i think ama be a batchelor 4 a lil longer lmao!
Comment by jacqueline phillips on May 29, 2009 at 4:59pm
well i would love 2 b n a relationship but now day hard 2 find a gud man dat u can trust 2 b faithful understanding.its gud 2 have sum one other then ur kids 2 love u.4 me i have been bye myself 4 many years cuz i had 2 get myself 2 gether now that i have its hard 2 find mr.right.i knw that i am a DAM GUD WOMEN!!!! gettin da one that wants a gud women is da near impossiable 2 find him but i knw all the gud men aint gone.they dnt knw which women 2 trust.......................................
Comment by Bigg-Byrd on May 29, 2009 at 6:47pm
touche lol
Comment by SweetErykah on May 30, 2009 at 12:51am
I have been single for soooooo long, I don't think I would know how to act if i ever come across a good decent trustworthy man. I'm with Ms. Phillips... Who can you trust? Hard to find a good one. Some women can be very hard to read and understand. Vic versa... It shouldn't be so difficult. I dont even try. Never have... If it happenes it happens. Gotta stay focused on the hear and now. I see some women so focused on looking they overlook the good ones... Men do the same. To busy making a list of what you want and what you NEED has just passed you by...
Comment by Michigan's Finest on November 17, 2009 at 12:36am
Stepping onto the scene to see what's going on in the Single Hood here peace and 1 love always!
Comment by Michigan's Finest on July 19, 2010 at 10:39am
Anything new happening to anyone of us Single folks here in the Hood? I'm still single and I guess being content with being single right now? Is anyone else content with being single right now in their life?
Comment by Candy Ice on April 22, 2012 at 7:38pm

It's hard being single.....I can say from watching other women....the mistake is on them for not putting themselves first so that they can be the best for their kids.....I hear over and over how women took care of their kids and in the end they end up alone and forgotten..... Women remember, yes your kids are important but you are somebody too and you need to be loved as well.....after they grow up and have their families...you end up alone,...just because you tried to save them from that heartbreak of a mommy's boyfriend....Ladies, its time for you to focus on you (definitly not forgetting about your kids) but really letting them know how much you love them and if he is a good man...they will respect him as long as you both are teaching them the right way...God first, then him as man, then yourself, then your kids...... Without God, none of this will happen....they have to see the respect from him to you and them and he has to be 1 with God to even begin to provide any respect to his family.....accept and be loved....don't throw your life away because of what others (men or women have done to you) Grow and be blessed with your father!!! He will give you your hearts desire....he promised this......

Comment by Candy Ice on April 22, 2012 at 7:47pm

I just wanted to add....I came out of a 5 year relationship thinking everything was great while I was in it......I didn't attend church, I didn't pray often, I gave so much into him all the while he gave so much to everyone else...He didn't do those things either, BIG MISTAKE!!! .I am Glad God showed me the truth even though it hurts so bad...but blessing are coming my way...He keeps telling me and I am making my way through my pain.....It is sad to love someone so much and they can't even say Hi to you.....I do not and wll not put myself down for no one so don't ever think you are not good enough or worthy of anything....If you were not then why would did he get crucified for you....never let anyone tell you your are nothing.....Just only trust in 1the father, because his promise never fails, you might hurt, you might cry, and you will fall on bending knee....but always know that he is the only one you can trust.....in reality, sometimes you can't even trust in your kids so be sure to look to the one who gives you what you have and promises you life....seek and you will find......

Comment by sunnydelyte21 on May 1, 2012 at 10:03am

New to the group...and to the hood.


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BREAK UP: Karrueche Announces She's SINGLE, Chris Brown's Alleged "Cheating Footage" Surfaces

  photo chris-brown-and-karrueche-tran-instagram-1372671364-custom-0_zpse58e4aca.jpg

Karrueche's single again y'all!  So says her latest Tweet.  Find out what may be behind her umpteenth breakup with Chris Brown inside...

Karrueche Tran said tonight on Twitter, "Looks like I'm a singe lady again".  Oh?!  And right before the Holidays?  Seems like she and her inconsistent boyfriend Chris Brown are on the outs...again.  And she's putting the world on notice.

By the way, Charlamagne the God chimed in with this shade:



And Lil Duval said what we're all thinking:



 photo Brown-and-Karrueche-Feature-_zps8fe9c7d5.png

As for what may have sparked this particular breakup, interesting stories and pics of Chris cheating with a side chick have surfaced:

So THIS might explain why #Karrueche is saying she's single. There's an alleged video of #ChrisBrown captured by the groupie he allegedly slept with after hitting up Supperclub on Sunday. Screenshots of the alleged video have surfaced. And if you take notice, the pants hanging up in the top right pic is the same pants he wore last week at the "Lost Warhols Collaboration" art exhibit at Lurie Gallery.



Photos: @ChrisBrown.Updates/Karrueche/TheYBF Daily

Nick Cannon Will REUNITE With Mariah & Dem Babies For The Holidays + Rick Ross OPENS Up About Rumored Girlfriend Ming Lee + Luke James & Jessie J Head To London


 photo MariahCareyFamilyStepOutAspenMhzH4AXq8QZl.jpg


In couples news, Nick Cannon is set to reunite with estranged wife Mariah Carey for the holidays, Rick Ross opened up about rumored girlfriend Ming Lee and Luke James and Jessie J traveled to London.  Get the deets inside...

Nick and Mariah are back together! Well....maybe not back together in the  traditional sense, but they will be physically in the same place for the holidays.

The "AGT" host exclusively confirmed to In Touch that he and Mariah will spend Christmas together with their 3-year-old twins, Monroe and Moroccan.  Where will they spend it? Nick says, “Somewhere cold and snowy, like Aspen [Colorado]."


We're sure as co-parents, they didn't want to upset Dem Babies holiday schedule. He said,

“Gotta keep that going. I want to make sure we have a wonderful holiday together...My children are my No. 1 priority. Everything I do is for them. I just want to be the best father I can possibly be.”

Asked about his relationship with Mimi, he said they take it one day at a time and, “We talk and text every day."  


In other entertainment news...

Rick Ross appeared on The Breakfast Club this morning to discuss his Hood Billionaire disc and surprsingly, he opened up about rumored girlfriend Ming Lee...sorta. Angela Yee asked Rick about Ming Lee, saying she'd seen them out together at a couple of events.  While Rick wouldn't go into detail, he did say, "She real sexy. I like her.  She's a Hood Billionaire.  She's most definitely a boss." 

When pressed further, Rick wouldn't give up any other deets, telling the hosts that a "Boss" doesn't discuss a woman's personal business.  Alrighty then...

During the interview , Rick also shared his thoughts on the Ferguson unrest and the murder of Michael Brown,  He said,

"It affected me. It affected my spirit. Condolesces go out to the Brown.  When you a black male and you're sitting in your hotel by yourself...you just feel like its been open season on black males for a long time. How long before this comes to a head?  I don't want to spew negativity the way I feel but it's a problem and we ain't gonna stand for that."

In other couples... 

 photo lukej1.jpg  

One of the newest couple in Hollywood, Jessie J & Luke James, were spotted arriving at London's Heathrow Airport yesterday.

 photo lukej4.jpg

But we suspect it will be a quick turnaround for Luke....

 photo lukej2.jpg

He's already earned a ton of frequent flyer miles this week. On Sunday, he was in LA for the AMAs with Jessie, yesterday he arrived in London and on Saturday, he'll hit the stage in New Orleans for the Bayou Classic Fan Fest.  Work.






Photos via FameFlynet/WENN/Mariah Carey's Instagram

INSTAGRAM FOOLERY: Wiz Khalifa POSES In The Shower…NAKED + South Korean Fan Breaks Into TEARS After Meeting KHIA + Lil Fizz Claps BACK At Ex-Girlfriend Amanda About Having ROACHES

 photo wizna.png

We have some Instagram foolery for today! Find out what Wiz Khalifa, Khia and Lil Fizz are up to on IG when you go inside…


So with all the extra time Wiz Khalifa has on his hands since his spilt with estranged wife Amber Rose, it seems the Pittsburgh rapper doesn’t quite know what to do with it. Or maybe he does…

Wiz is an avid social media user, sharing shots of himself as he travels the world and shares plenty of pics participating in his favorite pastime with his “main chick” Mary Jane. But today, he took it to another level. Wiz got someone from his crew to snap a pic of him while in the shower…naked! Nothing much to see though, since he made sure to cup his “men parts” in one hand while pouring a bottle of water over his head with the other.

He shared the shot above with the caption, “No shower til 4pm. shot by: @danfolger"

Oh Wiz...

In other Instagram foolery....

 photo khia1.png

Surprisingly, raptress Khia has international fans. And they go hard for the “My Neck, My Back” rap star. Someone booked a few shows for Khia to perform over the Thanksgiving holiday in South Korea. Chick has international fame!

When the "Thug Misses" met up with one of her South Korean fans, the young lady could hardly contain herself, breaking down to tears as she posed alongside her “idol”. Chile…

Khia posted the picture above captioning, “Awwwwww my family. She was so excited had me in tears #TeamKhiaSouthKorea”

Get money then chick.

 photo khia2.png

The MotorMouf rapper is making her rounds after releasing her fifth studio album Love Locs on her independent label Thug Misses Entertainment this summer.

The Thug Misses also posed it up with other fans:

 photo khia3.png

 photo khia4.png

She even caught up with some U.S. soliders while on her run. 

And for another dose of foolishnesss....

 photo fizzamandatogether.jpg

Fans of “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” saw Lil Fizz and his girlfriend Amanda Secor break up after cheating allegations and after Fizz caught her riding around town with an ex-boyfriend. Now their on-screen fallout is spilling over on social media.

Fizz did an interview with Power 106 in L.A. recently, where he dished on his current relationship status with his ex Amanda. When asked if they would ever get back together he said, “I am not with a thot. Can't do it."

Being called a THOT must have really got under Amanda’s skin because she hopped on Instagram to bash Fizz! She said the reason she never moved in with Fizz is because he has ants and roaches…on top of living with his mother! She also made mention about Fizz’s current fling/co-star Nikki Murdarris (who we saw Fizz go out on a date with on the last episode). Here’s what she had to say:

 photo fizzamanda.jpg

So to shut the haters up, Fizz recorded a video of his home, complete with a waterfall and amazing view:


#Lifestyle #365 #AirFizzo #IfItAintAboutTheMoney #BitchFeelingsHurt #IMovedOn #iLoveMyLife

Um vídeo publicado por Lil Fizz (@airfizzo) em Nov 11, 2014 at 12:03 PST



Fizz's baby mama Moniece Slaughter also clapped back at Amanda, defending her son's father saying:




This is just TOO much...

Photos/Video: Wiz's IG/Khia's IG/Fizz's IG/@loveandhiphophollywoodfans

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