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Future's Child Support Payments INCREASE + Chris Brown Takes A Puff While On A Jet Ski In St. Tropez + Kanye Performs At Riccardo Tisci's Ibiza B-Day Bash

 photo futuecs.png

Future has to dig a little deeper for child support payments to the mother of his 11-year-old son. Meanwhile, Chris Brown is living it up on a jet ski in Saint Tropez. Deets & pics inside….

Rapper Future just struck a new custody deal with one of his baby mamas. And no it’s not Ciara.

Future and the mother of his 11-year-old son Jessica Smith have come to an agreement on visitation and child support payments. Since he’s making a little more cash nowadays, the “Honest” rapper is now paying an extra $1,200 per month in child support for his son totaling $2.800 a month. According to TMZ, Future is bringing in $50K a month. Hmm…50K seems a little low to support the lifestyle he portrays to have. #noshade

They also worked out a visitation schedule on what major holidays he will spend with Future and which ones he will spend with his mother. Jessica is also moving her son to a nicer neighborhood in Atlanta so their son can attend a better school.

Glad they could work that out.

And in other news….

 photo freshc3.jpg

Chris Brown is still living it up in Saint Tropez…without his on-again/off-again girlfriend Karrueche.

In fact, he’s partying with a group of friends, including Miami bred video vixen Jessica Aedo.

 photo freshc2.jpg

Seems Breezy can’t leave those cigarettes alone. He was spotted puffing on one while riding a jet ski.

 photo freshc1.jpg

Oh, hey...

And again while relaxing on a yacht with some of his homies.

 photo freshc4.jpg

The good life. 


The Kardashian-West clan is in Ibiza. And they are celebrating Riccardo Tisci’s birthday.  That family, Ciara, Justin Bieber and more all came out to celebrate with the Givenchy designer. And guess who performed? Kanye West. Biebz caught video of the “Black Skinhead” rapper’s performance above.

Photos/Video: FameFlyNet/Future’s IG/ Justin's IG

IT'S OVER! Michael Strahan & Nicole Murphy End Their 5-Year-Engagement

 photo NicoleMurphyStarsVanityFairOscarPartybjEe296EgAHl_zps10cdee02.jpg

After a five year engagement, the busiest person in the morning show world has called it quits with fiancee Nicole Murphy!  Deets inside..

It's over! "Live with Kelly & Michael" host and "GMA"'s newest addition, Michael Strahan, is now a single man again.  Both his and Nicole Murphy's reps confirmed the split to People magazine today:

The model and VH1 star ended her five-year engagement to the morning television host and retired NFL player, Murphy's rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

"They love each other very much, but with the distance and work schedule it has been hard to maintain the relationship," his rep tells PEOPLE.

And the timing isn't te best eiter.  Michael's huge Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony goes down tomorrow night.

Michael, 42, was previously married to Jean Muggli, and they share custody of their twin daughters Sophia and Isabella.  And that split was quite messy.

46-year-old Nicole, who stars on VH1's "Hollywood Exes", has five kids with Eddie Murphy and lives full time in L.A.

We can only wonder if the huge blended family and bi-coastal relationship payed a factor in the break-up.  Not to mention it seems Michael doesn't even have a minute of free time on his hands.

The twosome went through their share of rocky times.  In 2009, a source claimed that Nicole accused Michael of putting a tracking device in her car when he suspected her of cheating on her.  And in 2012, they allegedly broke up for a bit.

Did they stay together to keep up appearances?  Or were they legit trying to make it work...and life got in the way?  We'll never know...


Photo: Getty

The Sexy Omari Hardwick Talks “Power”, How He Stays In Shape & INTERESTING Things You DIDN'T Know About Him

 photo omari1.jpg

Ghost, we mean the sexy Omari Hardwick, is revealing secrets. And we can’t wait to share. Find out how Omari keeps his toned physique, what it’s like collaborating with 50 Cent on “Power” AND reveals something we never knew about his musical side. Get it all and more inside….

If you haven’t been keeping up with 50 Cent’s STARZ drama series “Power,” you need to get your life.

The sexiness that is Omari Hardwick plays “Ghost,” a no-nonsense drug-kingpin who opens a high-profile nightclub in NYC to “hide” all of his illegal activity he has going on behind-the-scenes. The problem is, he’s trying to break away from the world of crime but his wife, best friend and drug associates won’t allow him to. Meanwhile, he has rekindled a relationship with a former love and is in a full fledged erotic affair (again)! Tsk…tsk…

 photo power1.jpg

The season finale is on deck.  But before we’re knocked out of our seats tomorrow night, Omari did an interview giving us a better understanding of who he is and revealed a few things we never knew!

During an interview with The New Potato, Omari dished on how he prepared himself to play “Ghost,” what it’s like to collaborate with 50 Cent, how he keeps that beautiful body of his so perfect AND reveals that he writes music. In fact, he’s written a few tracks for Estelle’s new album!

Here are the highlights:

What’s it like collaborating with 50 Cent on Power?
It was an amazing gift. He was so generous and brilliant; I was pleasantly surprised to see how active he was in the process of a major network show. He has remained more present now that they’ve finished the season; that says something. I speak to him twice a week for two to three hours. He’s been a constant. He’s become a really good friend and we’ve learned a lot from each other.

Best advice from him so far…
He never sleeps or eats! He’s constantly telling me that he “whistles while he works.” [He emphasizes] having joy in your work and being able to push through exhaustion because of that joy.

Did you do anything to prepare for your part as Ghost? Was there research? If so, what?
I went outside Queens, NY where he’s from, and I watched loads and loads of documentaries. I watched a lot of The Cosby Show; I wanted to tap into the great father that he is. I’m constantly doing research while playing him.

The greatest discovery you’ve made so far playing Ghost…
How delusional, narcissistic and loving people can be, all at the same time. I never would have guessed you could be all of those things at once.

Is Power an accurate portrayal of the New York club scene? How so?
I think so. It captures the star status of the DJ: the international sound, the techno mixed with rap, and the lavish look (shout out to Anthony Hemingway; he made it look just right). The only thing that is not truthful is the lack of celebrity.

Three things nobody knows about you…
1. I’m a songwriter. I wrote three or four songs for Estelle’s new album.
2. When I’m washing the dishes, if I’m scraping food off the plate, I personify the vegetables. They have to go down the drain at the same time, like a family. I don’t know if that is OCD or I just have a high level of sensitivity about vegetables.
3. I’m secretly a cowboy. I got my first boots from my grandfather when I was five-years-old. Our way of saying “Are you good?” is to say, ”You got your boots?” I wear my cowboy boots a lot.

From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day?
I would say for breakfast, I’m pretty OCD. It’s oatmeal with fresh berries and brown sugar, or toast and egg whites with turkey – and some orange juice and water.

For lunch, I would say pasta to keep the energy going for the day – maybe a bowtie pasta with tomato sauce and meatballs, sometimes with turkey meat. Also some steamed vegetables or a mixed salad with avocado and fruit. I tend to drink water all day, but maybe a ginger ale for lunch. I also like to treat myself to an oatmeal cookie.

For dinner, pecan-crusted salmon if I’m feeling good or had a good workout. If not, just grilled salmon with asparagus and mashed potatoes. If I’m in a rush in Los Angeles, there is a place called Tender Greens that’s really good, fresh and inexpensive.

What are your workout routines?
I switch it up so much to trick my body. I’m doing Bikram yoga this week, but I take a lot of boxing classes. I also do sprints in the pool, a lot of hiking, sprinting up hills, meditation, and isometric work where I’m able to engage my core. I also play basketball when I can. My secret is drinking a lot of water, especially when I’m working.

Check out the full interview here.

What can't this man do...



 photo power2.jpg

Looks like ish is getting real on the "Power" season finale. Above, Ghost and his right hand man Tommy are tied up and blindfolded in the sneak peak. Ms. Pink Sneakers has lost her mind. Find out what happens Saturday, August 2nd at 9pm ET on STARZ.

Photos: Getty

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