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LAWSUITS: PEOPLE's ONLY Black Senior Editor SUES, ALLEGES Discrimination & Biased Treatment - Says Magazine Only TARGETS "White, Middle-Class Suburbia"

 photo people21n-4-web.jpg

PEOPLE Magazine has been hit with a lawsuit from a former top ranking editor who says she was stifled in her position, discriminated against and told that she didn't talk "White" enough.  More inside....

 photo people21n-1-web.jpg

Tatsha Robertson, a former Senior Editor at PEOPLE has hit the magazine with a shocking lawsuit filled with accusations of discrimination and racial bias.

As the ONLY Black editor at PEOPLE, and only one of five Black employees (at a company of 110), a few eyebrows were raised when now-former executive editor Betsy Gleick (who had a reputation for mishandling her Black employees) fired Tatsha a few months ago.

In her lawsuit, Tatsha claims PEOPLE is "a discriminatory organization run entirely by white people who intentionally focus the magazine on stories involving white people and white celebrities."  In fact, Tasha revealed the mag's mantra "You know the rule — white suburban women in distress," adding, the magazine was only interested in stories involving "white, middle-class suburbia."

Specifically, Tatsha say she was treated her like a second class-citizen when she came to the magazine from her high-ranking position at ESSENCE, in 2010, and was told by Betsy, "You need to talk like everyone else here. You're not at Essence anymore."

And to make matters worse, Tatsha says she pitched a story about an African-American model who'd been killed, and Betsy told her the victim looked like a “slut” and the magazine wasn't interested.

Her lawyer, David Gottlieb of Wigdor LLP, told the NY Daily News,

"The media has a responsibility to report and act with integrity. People Magazine has betrayed that responsibility by engaging in discrimination, both in its pages and through its employment practices...One can only imagine that it will be 'business as usual' at People Magazine going forward — more white people on covers, more stories about white people, and a completely dismissive attitude towards African-American employees."

Sigh....mind you, since 2010, only 14 out of the 265 covers have been focused on African-American individuals.  READ THE LEGAL DOCS HERE



Photo via Handout/AP

DO WE BELIEVE IT? Mel B PUT Hubby Stephen Belafonte IN CHECK For Flaunting OTHER Chicks In Their Open Marriage? + Mariah Carey Put a GAG Order On Nick Cannon?

 photo melbsefeffe.png

Although Mel B and Stephen Belafonte have an open marriage, she's rumored to have put her foot down because he's TOO open.  Get the deets inside and find out what folks are saying about Mariah Carey's gag order on Nick Cannon.

In case you didn't know, "AGT" judge Mel B is famously fluid with her sexuality. is love.  And it's widely rumored that her "European" views on love extend to her open marriage with hubby Stephen Belafonte.  But even the most sexually liberal women have limits!  And Stephen reached his (allegedly).

According to a Dish Nation insider, Mel B snapped at Stephen because he "is taking things too far.” This month alone, Stephen was spotted with two other women and it's starting to look sloppy.

The source continued, “She and Stephen have a pretty open marriage, but she wants him to be more careful about who he’s photographed with. Mel doesn’t like to keep tabs on Stephen, but when friends start calling her and asking if they’re still together, then it’s a problem. Even though there are photos of her out there kissing women, she doesn’t want her kids seeing pics of daddy with other women.

Mel is trying have to her cake and eat it too. She plays by her rules and Stephen knows he has to follow them. He told Mel the women in the photos were just friends, but she doesn’t care. You probably won’t be seeing Stephen out at clubs with random women anytime soon — unless of course Mel’s there too.”

Hmmm.....How's that for a role reversal? The source added that because Mel is the family's breadwinner she feels entitled to her double standard.  Hmph.

A few days ago, she posted on Instagram, "I married my best friend,love of my life, @stephenthinks11,it's been over 7years and we still have the best fun times together,date nights and memories keep coming,every woman deserves true unconditional love and support,feel soooooo lucky I found mine already,hahaha and THEY said it wouldn't last paaallleeeezzzzzz"

Whatever kind of arrangement they have going's working for them.  We can't hate....


In other couples (or should we say ex-couples):

 photo mcnc10.jpg


Don't expect to get any dirt on Mariah Carey during Nick Cannon's next comedy special.   According to TMZ (via a source close to the couple) Mariah put a gag order on Nick that's so tight it will cost him major coins if he speaks about her. They said the confidentiality agreement is completely one-sided.  While Nick can't speak about their divorce at all, Mariah has the right to announce the split on her terms. 

All we know (via Nick) is that they are living separately. We guess that one was free....



Photo via Mel B's IG/Splash/Getty

RAPPERS RESPOND: Future REACTS To Rumors Of Him Cheating On Ciara With Wardrobe Stylist + Joe Budden CLAIMS He Did NOT Assault His "Girlfriend"

 photo fuu.jpg

Future is responding to cheating rumors with his wardrobe stylist in his own way, while Joe Budden makes it known he did NOT assault his girlfriend. Get the deets inside…

Looks like Future is ready to be “Honest”…kinda.

Since we found out that Future and Ciara called it quits just three months after the birth of their son Future Jr., the “Honest rapper has remained mum on the situation…until now.

There were reports that the “Honest” rapper cheated on CiCi and once she got wind of his alleged affairs, she decided to chuck the deuces. Now, the woman who he supposedly cheated on her with has been revealed. And it has caused Future to speak out in his own way.

 photo ft2.png

Meet Tyrina Lee (above). According to Us Weekly, she’s the woman Future cheated on Ciara with. She is a wardrobe stylist to the ATL rapper and traveled on tour with him as he trekked along his 45-date tour, which wrapped up last month.

We did a little digging and found a few photos of Future’s alleged side piece:

 photo ft3.png

Here’s a photo of her backstage at the Starland Ballroom for his “Honest” tour stop in New Jersey. She posed it up with EPIC Records digital marketing consultant JD.

 photo ft4.jpg

And here she is before heading out for a night out on the town with her girls.

So what does Future has to say about allegedly sleeping with his stylist? Not much...he simply posted a pitcure of himself going through his phone (atop) with the caption, "I Dnt respond to rumors I respond to money #MONSTER"

Still didn't deny it though. Hmph.

You’ll recall the "Promise" singer lashed out at Us Weekly for using her words in another interview to sensationalize another story. But she, like Future, still didn’t deny that they have officially called it quits.

And another rapper clapping back at rumors...

 photo joey.png

We told you the police are investigating Slaughterhouse rapper Joe Budden after a woman claiming to be his girlfriend accused the rapper of allegedly brutally attacking her in his car. But he says he didn't do it!

According to the unidentified woman, he ran up on her at an NYC restaurant, snatched her up and that’s when he supposedly went ape sh*t on her as he drove away. He allegedly bashed her head onto the dashboard and she also claims he took her back to his New Jersey home where the battery continued.

But Joey is singing a different tune. When a fan suggested he beat up his girlfriend, he tweeted:

 photo jb11.png

THIS is allegedly Joey’s girlfriend, according to many sites around the net. It is unclear as to whether she is the current girlfriend in question who filed the charges.

Guess we will see this play out in court...unless she decides to forgive and forget and does not follow through with charges. We know how that goes...



Photos: Joe's Twitter/@mstisch/@jd_dapper /@lilromediddy

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