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Porsha Williams Calls Out Cynthia Bailey—Says She's A “Mean Girl” & She’ll Do ANYTHING For A Check!

 photo porshacynthia.jpg

Porsha Williams is reading Cynthia Bailey on her messy ways, calling her a mean girl. She also believes due to her financial troubles, she’s doing anything she can to keeps the “RHOA” checks rolling in. Get the deets inside…




Demoted “RHOA” star Porsha Williams returned to season 7 as a “B” list character. But she still has plenty to say about her castmates.

If you’re a fan of the show, you saw a little friction between Porsha Williams and Cynthia Bailey start when Cynthia threw a party to celebrate her feature in EBONY magazine’s 'Sexy At Any Age' issue. She decided to invite all of the girls…except NeNe Leakes (for obvious reasons) and Porsha.

Porsha was puzzled she didn’t get an invite and resulted to venting to Cynthia’s nemesis NeNe. Y’all know what that turned into.

After watching the first two episodes, Porsha has formed an opinion on Cynthia’s wishy-washy behavior, calling her a “flip-flopper” and a “mean girl”! Not only that, she said she believes Cynthia will do anything she can (even if it means stooping to Kenya Moore’s level) to keep the “RHOA” checks coming in because she needs the money! Oh?!

Now Porsha is answering fans Twitter questions (via OK! Magazine) after the first two episodes and her answers are many things. She talked about her dissolving relationship with Cynthia, how she could never be friends with Kenya Moore (after that epic reunion brawl) and if she would ever marry again.

Below are the highlights:

What do you think of Cynthia from the first and second episode?
Flip-flopper and mean girl! The reason I chose those words to describe her character will become clear as you watch season 7. You will see for yourself the new and unimproved Cynthia.

She’s still cool at times and I still care for her, but mainly from afar! I feel like this season she has decided to “do whatever it takes” for her to make it. It’s sad that you don’t see the true person or see who is real around you until money is involved. I believe that because of her financial misfortune she has chosen to act like Kenya, doing anything for a check. At the end of the day, we are only left with our self-worth & integrity. Instead, she has sold both to have a storyline and check. I pray that she realizes that even though she didn’t have a voice before, mimicking evil around you & being mean spirited is not being strong at all. Instead, one would think she’d been setting a positive example as a role model for women of all ages, verses displaying negative behavior.

If Kenya apologized, do you think you two could be friends in the future?
Unfortunately, I’m exhausted from going around in circles with a person who doesn’t mean well. Last week as I watched the show, I was in complete shock to see this woman play “The Victim” after she blatantly used props, pointing them in my face and shouting obscenities through a bullhorn in my ears. This weekend when I saw her make fun of how she violated my personal space, it made me sorry for a woman of her age with such behavior! She needs help in a real way. I find it pathetic that she would try to toy with the hearts of our fans and cry wolf by making claims of being attacked, then in a blink of an eye sing a song about dragging me by my hair.

Porsha continued: She can never give a sincere apology because those come from the heart. At this point, I’m not sure she has one or a conscience. She represents a woman who is lost in “Fake Reality” and will most likely realize it isn’t real and have nothing because instead of using her gifts and being a blessing, she will have spent her life being envious and tearing down others who are actually living in the real world. However, if Kenya takes responsibility for the use of props at the reunion, yes, there might be a chance for a new start between the two of us.

Will you marry again if you found the perfect guy?
PW: Yes of course, I’m not looking though. I know that God is sending him and he’ll find me. Now, I’m so busy working. I do need to find that right balance that can escort the right man into my life. All that I can say is that I’m ready! I’m a hopeless romantic and I have to admit, I miss cuddling and watching some good ol’ Netflix.



Bloop! Guess we will see Cynthia's "evolution" as the season goes on....


Photo: Getty

PARTIES: Trina, Erica Dixon & Ariane Davis At KONTROL Magazine's Fashion Jams Bash

 photo trinateasefdd.png

KONTROL Magazine threw a "Fashion Jams" bash last night that brought out Trina, OMG Girlz, Erica Dixon and more.  See party pics inside...

 photo DSC_1022.jpg

 photo DSC_1010.jpg

LAHH Atlanta stars Erica Dixon and Ariane Davis were among the celebs who came out to party at KONTROL Magazine's Fashion Bash at Social Haven last night.

 photo DSC_0819.jpg

Before the fashion show and party started, Erica hit the red carpet to conduct interviews alongside Brittini Mealy (Future's baby momma).

 photo DSC_0768.jpg

 photo DSC_0749.jpg

Erica also brought her daughter Emani to the show.

 photo DSC_1160.jpg  

The party was hosted by the Diamond Princess Trina.

 photo DSC_1181.jpg

In addition to hosting the bash, Trina also performed some of her biggest hits.  It seems like Trina is in good spirits now that she's moved beyond the embarassing fallout over her friendship with French Montana

 photo DSC_1095.jpg

Before the bash started, she hit the red carpet with Julian Lark, KONTROL Maga's founder and editor. 

 photo DSC_0829.jpg

Julian also posed with Erica and Brittini.

 photo DSC_0980.jpg   

The OMG Girlz were also a part of the event.  They each walked in the fashion show.

 photo DSC_0882.jpg

 photo DSC_0891.jpg

Mr. Shower Rod - Nikko Smith, chatted it up with Brittini and Erica.  We wonder what he had to talk about... photo DSC_0961.jpg  

Brandi Williams of Blaque smiled for the cameras.

 photo DSC_0795.jpg

Rapper Roscoe Dash also hit the stage to perform.


Photos via Paras Griffin/@thephotomanlife Instagram

BLACK GIRLS ROCK: Sevyn Streeter, Yandy Smith, Jeanette Jenkins, Bridget Kelly & More Attend The 4th Annual WEEN Awards

 photo wennv10.jpg

Some fab YBF chicks were honored at the 4th Annual WEEN Awards last night. Peep the pics of Sevyn Streeter, Yandy Smith, Jeanette Jenkins, Bridget Kelly, MC Lyte and more inside….

There’s nothing like a YBF chick making boss moves in her field. And last night, a handful of powerful women were honored at the 4th Annual WEEN Awards held at New York’s Helen Mills event space, sponsored by Carol's Daughter and Ciroc.

Over 300 guests filled the room to celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of a group of YBF women in their respective industries. The seven honorees included: Carol’s Daughter founder/CEO Lisa Price, hip-hop icon MC Lyte, R&B singer Sevyn Streeter, radio personality Angela Yee, fitness mogul Jeanette Jenkins, financial expert Lynn Richardson and filmmaker/artist Vashtie Kola.

 photo wennv7.jpg

“It Won’t Stop” singer Sevyn Streeter kept it cute in a crop-top sweater and high waisted white pants to accept her WEEN Award for her singing and song writing abilities.

 photo wennv3.jpg

A very pregnant Yandy Smith (“LAHH NY) flossed her baby bump on the pink carpet. The reality star and her boyfriend Mandeecees are expecting their 2nd child together and this time they’re having a girl!

 photo wennv2.jpg

The “Love & Hip Hop” franchise mastermind Mona Scott-Young was in the mix last night.

 photo wennv20.jpg

Honorees Lynn Richardson and MC Lyte were all smiles on the carpet posing it up alongside Cheryl James aka Salt from "Salt-N-Pepa".

 photo ScreenShot2014-11-20at10723PM.png

Power 105's The Breakfast Club radio host Angela Yee showed off her award with her homie Sevyn.

 photo wennv13.jpg

WEEN co-founder Valeisha Butterfield-Jones was tapped to host the event. But before she got to her hosting duties, she hit the carpet with her husband/NBA analyst Dahntay Jones.

 photo wennv19.jpg

Singer/songwriter Bridget Kelly posed it up with some Carol's Daughter porducts on the pink carpet. She hit the stage to present Angela Yee her award.

 photo wennv6.jpg

Beyonce stylist Ty Hunter was in attendance. He recently launched his new clothing line (in partnership with Served Fresh) "With Passion by Ty Hunter".

 photo wennv17.jpg

Recording artist Justine Skye showed off her purple tresses with a smile.

 photo wennv4.jpg

Filmmaker/artist Vashtie Kola came out to accept her award.

 photo wennv16.jpg

Singer/model Africa Miranda and her curly coif worked the carpet. 

 photo wennv15.jpg

Carol’s Daughter founder/CEO Lisa Price and “Being Mary Jane” star Gary Dourdan were all smiles.

 photo wennv8.jpg

The honorees looked delighted as they posed with their awards.

 photo wennv9.jpg

Fab times.

Photos: Stephen Knight/Angela's IG

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