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LEGAL-ISH: Nene Leakes HITS Claudia Jordan With A CEASE & DESIST + Safaree BACKTRACKS, Says He Never Helped Nicki Write Rhymes + Brittish Williams Buys "Mint Swim" Trademark To Teach Draya A Lesson

 photo claudia-jordan-resolve-kenya-porsha-feud-455x360.png

Nene Leakes hit "RHOA" co-star Claudia Jordan with a Cease and Desist letter too!  Get the deets inside and read about drama between "BBW LA" stars Brittish Williams and Draya Michele and check out Safaree backtracking about helping Nicki Minaj with her rhymes.


Yesterday we reported on Nene Leakes sending a Cease And Desist to "RHOA" star Kenya Moore and now we can confirm that Claudia Jordan received a similar letter as well.  While Claudia didn't post her letter (see Kenya's C&D above) she did confirm to the AJC that she's on Nene's #GirlBye list.  She told the publication ia text, “I thought it was fake it was so ridiculous!”

Nene and her legal eagles can't be serious.  Don't they realize we ONLY watch the show for the slander?  It's the best part.


In other legal issues...

 photo dtyaassdsd.png

Chile....the chicks from "BBW LA" are fighting.  Yes....apparently these women are still relevant and still filming. 

So for those of you interested, here's the backstory:  During a 2014 fight between Brittish Williams and "Mint Swim" designer Draya Michele, Brittish found out that Draya didn't own her she bought it.  This was all exposed when Draya responded about the rumor in someone's Instagram comments section.

Was that petty?  Yes.  But Brittish told her fans it was a "teaching moment."  She did it to help Draya be "great".  Read her explanation (from the bottom to the top) here:

 photo b1.png

 photo b2.png


In music news....

 photo ergrtbtrtr.png

Remember when Safaree hinted that he had a hand in crafting Nicki Minaj's rhymes during an interview with The Breakfast Club?  Well....the Barbz went off on him, so now he's backtracking on Twitter.  During a long rant, he apologized to Nicki and praised her for her quick wit and ability to write a good punchline.  And he says she does it all by herself.  Check it:

 photo sb1.png  photo sb2.png  photo sb3.png





Photos via Kenya's IG/Bravo/Draya'a IG/Getty

Rihanna & Her Braids Rock I-D Magazine + Alexis Fields & Brandy Catch Up Over Comedy

 photo rihanna-is-the-cover-star-of-the-music-issue-body-image-1422374585_zps7242b69b.jpg

Rihanna is i-D magazine's cover girl once again.  Check out her interesting cover shot inside, plus her oversized denim coat fashion statement....

RiRi and her braids are the cover stars of the new Music Issue of i-D magazine.  And it's stirring up talk all over the interwebs.  That's what RIRi does best.

A photo posted by Rihanna Daily (@rihannadaily) on Jan 29, 2015 at 4:31pm PST


i-D's Fashion Director Alastair McKimm talks about the Paris shoot with Rihanna:

"She really is one of the most creative, talented and inspiring women I've ever had the pleasure of working with.  The energy and enthusiasm she brings is intense. She's the ultimate icon of our time."

The issue will be out in the UK February 5th and February 9th worldwide.

Meanwhile, Rih hit up her fave eatery Giorgio Baldi for the second night in a row yesterday, wearing that oversized denim statement jacket aso for a second night in a row:

 photo denim1_zps03214f7b.jpg  photo denim2_zps1c668771.jpg  photo denim4_zpsb8876994.jpg  photo denim5_zps379449ef.jpg  

Well, chick knows how to make anything work.


Elsewhere in L.A. last night:

 photo img-0_zpsa491bd6e.jpg

Remember Alexis FieldsKim Fields' real life little sister and everybody's bestie on TV?  Well, she's a mom who's doing her own thing now.  And she's looking fabulous.

 photo img-1_zps84d8309c.jpg

Brandy caught up with her actress friend at All Def Digital comedy jam.  Looking cute ladies!


Photo Cred: Ken/Kass of The Brand Group/Pacific Coast News/i-D



YOU ARE THE MOTHER?: Sherri Shepherd's SURROGATE Speaks Out, "She Acts Like This Baby Is Nonexistent..It Just Blows My Mind”

 photo sherrsdfd.png

Sherri Shepherd's surrogate is speaking out about the cold shoulder she and "the baby" are getting from the famed actress and the toll it's taking on her financially.  Find out what she said inside...

In a new interview with Inside Edition, which airs tonight, Jessica Bartholomew (Sherri Shepherd's surrogate) slams the former “View” host for walking out on her child. You'll recall that Sherri and her estranged husband Lamar Sally enlisted Jessica as their surrogate and she birthed a baby boy, Lamar Jr.

Unfortunately, Sherri cut out on the marriage, according to Jessica and Sal, before the baby's due date.  Now, Jessica says Sherri doesn't want anything to do with the child (Lamar Jr. does not carry her DNA).

Jessica has decided to share her story, revealing that she is listed on the child’s birth certificate as a “noncustodial parent” and is being pursued for child support by the state of California!

On her life since the birth of Lamar Jr.

“It’s affected me a lot. I am now listed as a noncustodial parent in California. I have a child support case coming against me now.”

On life since Sherri left the picture:

“Because [Shepherd] doesn’t want to be a part of the baby’s life, I have to pick up all the slack with my name being on the birth certificate, a noncustodial parent, medical bills. I’m still considered the mother of a child that’s not mine.”

On being angry with Sherri:

“I am angry with Sherri because she never once contacted me to tell me what was happening. It was kind of like I was left out in the cold.”

On how Sherri changed:

“She would call up and check on me during the pregnancy in the beginning. At the 20 week appointment, she seemed very excited. She was going to see the baby for the first time…I didn’t see any warning signs right away.”

What se's like to ask Sherri:

“I would ask Sherri why she did what she did – if she thought it was okay to do something like that…I just don’t understand how she can act like this baby is nonexistent. It just blows my mind.”



So messy.


Meanwhile, Sherri is busy taping scenes for TV LAND's series "The Soul Man" starring Niecy Nash and Cedric The Entertainer.  



Photo via Sherri's Instagram

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