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Young, Black, and Fabulous

"Law & Order: SVU" Episode Set To MIMIC Ray Rice, Solange And Jay Z Elevator Scandals (AND Donald Sterling Drama!) + Nicki Minaj HOSTING The 2014 MTV Europe Awards

 photo SVUteaserss.png

This week's episode of "Law & Order: SVU" pulls a triple, tackling the Ray Rice, Donald Sterling and Jay Z/Solange elevator scandals. Watch the trailer inside and get the deets on Nicki Minaj's 2014 MTV Europe Awards hosting gig.


The writers at "Law & Order: SVU" are so messy!  And we love it.  Last year, they ripped the Chris Brown/Rihanna saga from the headlines and turned it into a trashy episode and now Ray Rice, Donald Sterling, Jay Z and Solange all get their turn at bat, in ONE episode!

Airing Wednesday (on NBC, 8pmCT), the "American Disgrace" episode stars fictional NBA player Shakir “The Shark” Wilkins--plyed by Henry Simmons-- who is accused of rape by a PR employee from his clothing line. The ish jumps off after a shocking elevator scene, captured via security cam, and goes public via the "LMZ" gossip site.  There's no audio and only raw camera footage. Sound familiar?


Here's the trailer:


We saw how that Chris Brown/Rihanna episode went so....


In music news...

 photo nicki-mtv-ema.jpg

Nicki Minaj will host the 2014 MTV Europe Music Awards. Nicki made the announcement on Instagram also revealed that she'll be performing.

“So excited to announce that I will not only perform, but I have the honorable task of HOSTING this year’s MTV European Music Awards!!!!!!! AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!”

Nicki is nominated in four categories including Best Female, Best Hip-Hop, Best Look, and Biggest Fans at the 20th annual show.  The show will air live from Glasgow, Scotland on November 9.  Her their album, The PinkPrint will hit stores on November 24th.

Photos via Nicki's Instagram



EJ Johnson Shows Off His Weight Loss Progress After Getting Gastric Sleeve Surgery

 photo ScreenShot2014-09-30at103919AM_zps21d3ffd2.png

22-year-old reality star EJ Johnson is on his way to slim and trim fabulousness.  Find out what he said about his weight loss surgery inside...

"#RichKidsOfBeverlyHills" star and NYU student EJ Johnson, the son of Magic Johnson, revealed on the recent season finale of the show that he was ready to undergo surgery to jumpstart a new lifestyle.  He told his fellow rich kids that he would be getting gastric sleeve surgery.  And this past August, he went through with it.

 photo ScreenShot2014-09-30at104040AM_zps4c355824.png

We're already seeing a bit of a difference just one month later, compared to the above promo pic from several months ago.  Here's a few more pics of Chanel lover EJ making appearances since his surgery:

 photo ScreenShot2014-09-30at91718AM_zps42e39680.png  

 photo ScreenShot2014-09-30at95056AM_zps234dae7c.png

 photo ScreenShot2014-09-30at104151AM_zps2175fa2f.png  photo ScreenShot2014-09-30at91749AM_zps4009358e.png    

EJ told his crew he's ready to take the challenge head on...after he throws one last party of the summer: A Soul Food Dinner Night!

He was seen telling his little sister (above), Elisa, that he's thinking about doing a weight loss surgery similar to what co-star Jonny Drubel did with his lap band. And it wasn't really known Jonny had a lap band surgery.  Slight shade.

EJ said he met up with Star Jones and chatted about it all.  She told him, "A lot of people think it's the easy way out, but it's not. It's a step in the right direction, just a big push."

He told his friends, "I feel very mature and in the right placeI'm ready to be cute."

Daily Mail reports that he received the surgery in August right after the final episode was taped.  And the diva is well on his way to a new lifestyle.



Photos: EJ's IG/Getty

OOPS! Tyler Perry Accidentally REVEALS The Sex Of His Baby, Talks New Movie Role In ‘Gone Girl’ On “TODAY”

 photo tperry.jpg

Tyler Perry slipped up and revealed the gender of his baby on the way with girlfriend Gelila Bekele. Plus, he hit up the “TODAY” show to dish on his upcoming role in the drama thriller Gone Girl. More inside…

Tyler Perry is on the promo circuit to promote his new film Gone Girl, where he plays a powerful defense attorney. And during a recent interview with “EXTRA”, Tyler (above at the film’s NYC premiere) accidently confirmed the sex of his baby on the way with his on-again off-again girlfriend Gelila Bekele.

Since confirming he’s about to become a new dad, the director/screenwriter sat down with “EXTRA” correspondent Jerry Panacoli, alongside his co-stars Neil Patrick Harris and Kim Dickens, to talk about his new role in life…becoming a father. And while talking about his bundle of joy, he revealed that he’s having a boy!

When asked what type of dad he plans to be to his unborn, Tyler responded,

“The greatest gift I’m being given right now is the opportunity to give the little boy in me everything I never had, so that’s what I’m excited about. This beautiful human being that God has allowed to come into my life for me to get to know, because they come with their own personalities, who they are, to shepherd and usher him…”

Oops! He then said, “I said 'him.” And continued, “into whatever the child is supposed to be is what I’m going to do.”

Peep his slip-up below: 

And this morning...


Tyler Perry appeared on NBC News’ “TODAY” show with Tamron Hall to dish on his role in the film adaptation of the novel Gone Girl. He chatted about taking the role as defense attorney Tanner Booker, continuing acting even after success as a director and anxiety about being in the delivery room.

Here are the highlights:

Tyler Perry on if he took on the role of Tanner Booker based on the popularity of the book, “Gone Girl”:
“No, not at all, and had I been I probably would have passed on it. I didn’t want to step into this huge expectation of, ‘You’ve got to do it this way and the book says to do it this way’…I think everybody who read the book is going to be very, very happy.”

Perry on what tempts him to keep acting even though he is hugely successful as a director:
“It’s a part of me expressing all sides of the artist of myself. Every part of me has a bit that wants to work and do some of those things.”

Perry, an expectant father, on if he’ll be going to Lamaze classes:
“Lamaze is okay but delivery room, I don’t know. Pray for me on that.”

Ha! Check the interview above.

Gone Girl hits theaters October 3rd.  We are SO here for it.


Photos: Getty

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