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VIBE Calls Sam Smith The Ruler Of Soul Music + Keyshia Cole Pops Back At Piano-Dance Haters

 photo Sam-Smith-cover_zps13705b7a.png

VIBE may have ruffled a few feathers with their new cover story about "Stay" singer Sam Smith.  Check out the title they gave him inside, plus Keyshia Cole is mad again...

Between "Stay" and "Latch" (and the plenty of other songs we bump on the daily), Sam Smith has taken over America with his soulful voice and refreshingly honest vibe.  So when Vibe splashed the UK star on their cover and crowned him (and his album The Lonely Hour) the ruler of soul, they got exactly what they wanted: Heavy debate about what this means exactly.

The mag wrote:

Sam Smith will own the Grammys. Quote us. The blue-eyed singer is 2014’s soul controller. Deal with it. While resting in his Cambridge hometown, UK’s latest import gets real on the annoying fame monster, being gay and those constant Adele comparisons.

Here's a few highights from the Sam's cover story--

On Adele and Ed Sheeran comparisons

I think if we’re going to talk about the percentage of people who are ripped, and skinny and beautiful-looking, we’re not all like that. I will take a page out of Adele’s book. She said ‘I make music for the ears not the eyes.’ I will say that too. I make my music for people to listen to—for people to hear my voice and hear what I’m saying. I’m not bothered about what I’m wearing or my weight.

Ed is at a completely different stage in his career and so is Adele. The similarities between me and Adele, I think they’re quite lazy, actually. What I do take from it is that it must be about songwriting, the fact that we don’t twerk on stage and we stand and actually sing.

On whether he was scared that coming out would affect album sales

Of course! I thought about doing it after the album was released. But that’s not true to me and I wanted people to know where I’m coming from on the record. But my fear was that some stupid people in the world weren’t going to pick up a piece of work that I was very proud of just because of their views. I listen to Beyonce albums, Stevie Wonder albums, John Legend albums. They’re straight people talking about love yet I can still relate to their music and they can still relate to mine.

On being a gay man in the UK vs. the U.S.

Truthfully, it’s completely the same, which is surprising to me actually. It doesn’t seem to be an issue. I make music for everyone. Music is limitless, that’s what I like to think. Whether I’m in America or Japan, it’s all love and I hope it continues.

On working with Mary J. Blige

Unbelievable. I find it hard to be myself sometimes on a record. Working with Mary was one of the first times I was just myself. Mary J. Blige shows who she is, flaws and all, and that is so inspiring. I call Mary a friend and I call her up and I’ll text her and she’ll text me just to see how I’m doing and to have support from someone like that is truly unbelievable. I am so privileged to be part of her record.

Peep the behind the scenes action below:

Check out VIBE for the full digital cover story.

Speaking of things that have social media up in arms, Keyshia Cole is mad again y'all.  After her "piano dance" for Birdman, or whatever you wan to call it, Twitter and IG had PLENTY to say.  As the dragging continued--including people asking if she was on drugs--Keyshia has had enough. 

She posted:

 photo ScreenShot2014-10-30at82214AM_zps4c68f69d.png

 photo ScreenShot2014-10-30at82219AM_zps72a7a662.png




Photos: Alberto Oviedo for VIBE, Keyshia's IG

“LAHH ATL” Stars Benzino & Althea Allegedly AXED From The Show! + Cassie INJURED After ATV ACCIDENT In Dubai

 photo zinoalthea1.png

“LAHH ATL” has lost two of its stars…Benzino and Althea were given their walkings papers. Meanwhile, Cassie suffered a few injuries after being involved in an accident while riding an ATV. Deets inside….

Looks like the next season of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” will be minus two familiar faces. Hip Hop Weekly’s creator Benzino and his fiancée (possibly wife) Althea have allegedly been fired from the hit VH1 reality series. Why? Well…it seems producers of the show sided with Joseline Hernandez when it came to who had to go after their infamous showdown during the reunion taping.

Sources tell TMZ they were given their pink slips this morning with no explanation.

You’ll recall, “LAHH ATL” stars Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J got into a huge brawl with Benzino and Althea as they taped the last season reunion show. Benzino feels he and Althea are being used as the scapegoats, even though other castmates felt Joseline should be the one fired from the show.

Well…we all knew that wasn’t going to happen. Drama and foolywang=higher ratings. They aren’t getting rid of their cash cow anytime soon.

In other news...

 photo caav4.jpg

Cassie took a huge spill while riding a four-wheeler in Dubai yesterday. The face of Diddy’s Ciroc Pineapple vodka (and rumored girlfriend) was enjoying a wild ride on the back of an ATV, racing through the Dubai desert when her ATV apparently collided with a huge sand dune causing her to crash.

 photo caav3.png

The “Numb” singer suffered a busted lip and a bruise to her forehead (atop), but seems to be doing ok after the mishap. She posted photos on Instagram of her shattered Ray Ban sunglasses with the caption, “#after & never again because I love my mommy”.

Peep her in action below:


#during #ATV #ridin

A video posted by Casandra (@cassie) on Oct 10, 2014 at 2:36pm PDT


Glad she's ok.

Photos: Althea's IG/Cassie's IG/@venturasince1986

THEN & NOW - Al Sharpton Rveals How He LOST 175LBS WITHOUT Surgery, Says "I Never Get Hungry"

 photo allsjddfdfwfee.png

It hard to miss the physical transformation that Al Sharpton's gone through (175lbs to be exact) and now he's revealing how he did it.  And didn't involve surgery.  More inside...

Al Sharpton lost 175lbs without surgery. 

 photo tumblr_nd6yxuGzbE1r5yh4yo1_400.gif


While we agree with "Hollywood Diva" Countess Vaughn, many folks find it fascinating that Al Sharpton dropped such a massive amount of weight without any "surg."

During a new profile with the NY Daily News, the good Reverend opens up about his dramatic weight lost and how he keeps it all off.  Why should you care?  Because the "Al Sharpton Diet" helped him drop from 305 pounds to exactly 129.6 pounds! Here are the highlights:

On the moment he knew he had to make a change:  “I could take all the cartoons in the tabloid newspapers, but I couldn’t take my daughter punching me in the belly and asking why I was so fat. That was my inspiration to lose the weight. And probably the last time anyone hurt my feelings.”

How He did It: 6 years ago, Rev. Al cut out red meat. A year later, he cut out chicken. Now - he gets by on a single lunchtime salad (with one perk: a chopped egg). and green juice, a banana and three slices of plain whole wheat toast for breakfast. “I was absolutely content just doing the salad. As a kid who grew up chubby, I just marveled at the fact that I could be thin.” And....he no longer eats after 6pm.

On his mentor James Brown: “Manhood, discipline, regiment, I learned all that from James Brown. I think a lot about how he would react if he saw my weight now. He would probably say I’ve learned how to master myself. He used to tell me, ’You can’t master situations until you master yourself.’

On keeping off the weight:  “I’m conditioned now so that I never get hungry.  

Further motivation:  Al was stabbed in 1991 before a protest about the death of a black teenager. The knife nearly punctured a lung and might have killed him if he weren't fat. He now says, The irony hasn’t missed me, put it that way...But I’m never going to be fat — never again. I’m going to make it easy on my pallbearers.”


Whole wheat toast, 3 slices = 300 calories (15 g of protein)
Doctor Earth green juice from Juice Press, 2 bottles = 360 calories (4 g of protein)
Salad with egg and balsamic vinaigrette = 240 calories (6g of protein)
Banana = 100 calories (1g of protein)
Total = 1,000 calories and 26g protein. For a man of his age and weight, 2,000 calories and 56g protein are reportedly typical.





Photos via GETTY

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