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PRESIDENTIAL FUN: President Obama Dances With Alaskan School Kids, And It's ADORABLE

 photo Screenshot 2015-09-03 15.33.33.png

As President Obama's three-day trip to Alaska comes to an end, we have a fun video of him dancing with a few school children.  Watch it inside...

 photo Screenshot 2015-09-03 15.34.17.png

Earlier in the week, President Obama traveled to Alaska this week to film an appearance for the NBC show "Running Wild with Bear Grylls" and we followed along...via Instagram.

Why Alaska? Well....the President visited the state hoping to use some very real "changes" in the atmosphere prove to naysayers that climate change is real.  The proof is in the pudding....and the pudding is receding.

 photo Screenshot 2015-09-03 15.34.46.png

We told you about his visit to Exit Glacier yesterday, and he recently shared another one. He captioned,

"Markers throughout Exit Glacier show how much it's receded over time. The impacts of climate change are real, and the people of Alaska are living with them every day. It's never been more important for us to work together to address this challenge. -bo"

Can you imagine that years ago that marker was completely submerged?  Well...what happens now?  What does this mean for the environment?  How will this affect our nation?  

These are all questions POTUS wants to raise. 

 photo Screenshot 2015-09-03 15.33.49.png

Mr. President has been speaking quite a bit about "receding waters." How serious is it? Check the photo above. He explained,

"This is Kivalina Island, an Arctic town that's already receding into the ocean because of rising sea levels. For many Alaskans, it’s no longer a question of if they have to relocate – but when. There aren’t many other places in America that have to deal with questions of relocation right now. But there will be. What’s happening here is America’s wake-up call. -bo"

Climate change is real....WAKE UP (in our Spike Lee voice).

Here's some fun stuff: President Obama stopped by Dillingham Middle School in Dillingham, AK where he joined a group of children to perform their traditional dance called the Yup'ik. He told them, "I've been practicing!"

Check it below:


A video posted by TheYBF.com (@theybfdaily) on Sep 3, 2015 at 8:36am PDT


Always America's Dad-In-Chief.  Adorbs!


Photos via @WhiteHouse Instagram

CANDIDS: Wendy Williams In NYC + Karrueche Tran Heads To Washington, DC + EJ Johnson At The Ivy For Lunch

 photo hjhj hiuuu.png

In today's candids, we spotted Wendy Williams in NYC, EJ Johnson in West Hollywood and Karrueche Tran in Washington, DC. Find out what they're up to inside....

 photo popcorn51.jpg

Talkshow host Wendy Williams has been keeping busy since her show went on summer hiatus.

 photo popcorn50.jpg

In addition to promoting her books (her latest novel is Hold Me in Contempt), Wendy's also tried her hand at standup comedy with a series of successful one-woman shows.

 photo popcorn52.jpg

But yesterday, she threw a few jabs at Nicki Minaj.  During her chat with HuffPost, Wendy revealed that she was disappointed in Nicki Minaj's behavior at the VMAs, questioning why she'd argue with a child. She said,

"I didn't watch the VMAs, because again, I was on tour and I was busy sleeping and moisturizing. But I did see the clip and I was very disappointed in Nicki. And I don't have an opinion on either one of the girls—bad, good or indifferent. You know, they're both talented in their own way. I just feel that Nicki is like twice Miley Cyrus' age and it would have been nice if Nicki would have just taken her award, rolled her eyes and looked at the camera—and then kept it moving.
"I don't know, I just...Who fights with kids?"

Miley is 22 and Nicki is 32, but we get her point.

Check out hte full video below:

In West Hollywood...

 photo EJJohnsonOutLunchIvy4UHvby1uULHl.jpg

"#RichKids" star EJ Johnson joined friend and co-star Dorothy Wang at his fave place The Ivy yesterday.

 photo EJJohnsonOutLunchIvycLueBFLJPDpl.jpg

If you're a fan of the his reality show, you know EJ helped close out the season 3 finale by addressing his massive weightloss.

He told his co-stars “I feel like my confidence level has definitely gone up. And I’m, you know, a new b**ch.”

 photo EJJohnsonOutLunchIvyskLzb3LD12Bl.jpg

 photo EJJohnsonOutLunchIvys43xlUsKAP_l.jpg  

Werk EJ!

Get into EJ's walk in the video below...


In our nation's captial...

 photo KarruecheTranArrivingWashingtonDCtUlWr-mAeD4l.jpg

Hollywood starlet Karrueche Tran touched down in DC.

 photo KarruecheTranArrivingWashingtonDCbYLcVAAJfqBl.jpg

She and a few friends were spotted arriving at the airport, dressed in their LA travel gear - sweatpants and flipflops.

 photo KarruecheTranArrivingWashingtonDCNncpkcOdt_Cl.jpg

Karrueche, who currently stars in the Emmy Award-winning web series The Bay and Stylehaul's hit web series, Vanity, is in town to collect a check or two.  We hear she's been booked to make some club appearances.

 photo KarruecheTranArrivingWashingtonDC4UfVgxkamORl.jpg

When she gets back to LA, Karrueche will resume taping the movie The Good Guys with Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe.  Must be nice...





Photos via FameFlynet/Fortunata

SHONDA'S WORLD: Kerry Washington, Viola Davis & The #TGIT Stars Take Over EW Magazine

 photo sent3_zpswlwjpbld.jpg

Because Shonda Rhimes is a TV goddess....she and her Shondaland stars nabbed four -- yes 4! -- covers of the new Entertainment Weekly.  Check 'em out inside, and find out what Kerry Washington, Viola Davis and Shonda herself dished about the magic of black women...

Shonda Rhimes and her three leading ladies, Kerry Washington, Viola Davis and Ellen Pompeo, are gracing one of the four Shondaland covers for Entertainment Weekly.  The level of Girl Power is quite serious in Shondaland, and we love that the creator and writer herself is so unapologetic about it.

In the issue hitting newsstands tomorrow, the ladies (as well as the 30+ stars of "Scandal," "How To Get Away With Murder," and "Grey's Anatomy) candidly discuss racism and sexism in Hollywood...and hold nothing back.  That's one of the beauties of having a black female showrunner as your boss.

Here are a few highlights from their discussion that took place in L.A. over wine and cheese right before Viola's husband whisked her away for her fabulous 50th birthday:

Viola Davis on colorism in the entertainment industry: “You have to come from Detroit or Atlanta to be black. If you have John Denver on your iPod and you come from Central Falls, Rhode Island, then: Eh, you trickle-down black woman.”

Kerry Washington on why it’s different to work for a female showrunner: “I was talking to an actress who’s pregnant and really worried about telling her bosses, and I said, ‘Yeah, when I told my boss I was pregnant, she literally jumped up and down in my trailer.’ I don’t know if there’s a male show­runner who would do that.”

Shonda Rhimes on why her parents were Gladiators: “When I encountered something that felt like racism—like my high school guidance counselor ­saying to me, ‘Honey, I don’t think you were made for Ivy League schools’—I called my mom at work and said, “Mom, this lady says I’m not made for Ivy League schools.” And my mother said, “Hold on, I’ll be there in five minutes.” My mom drove up to the school, walked into the guidance counselor’s office, came out, and said, “Everything’s fine now.”

Ha.  Gotta love it.  Peep the video below:

You can check out two more covers below, featuring the ridiculously sexy cast of "Scandal" and the intelligently risqué students of Professor Analise Keating, plus a multicast shot from PEOPLE magazine:

 photo sent1_zpsbbtulhvo.jpg  photo sent2_zpsdg1nfc05.jpg

Fab!  #TGIT returns September 24th.


Photos: James White for EW

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