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MOTHER-DAUGHTER VACAY: Jada Pinkett Smith & Willow Smith Ride Bikes & Jump Off Cliffs In Hawaii

 photo hawj2.jpg

Jada Pinkett Smith and her daughter Willow Smith are enjoying an all-girls getaway in Hawaii. Peep their family fun flicks inside….

While Will Smith films Suicide Squad and Jaden Smith shoots scenes for “The Get Down,” Jada Pinkett Smith and daughter Willow Smith are enjoying some mommy-daughter time together.

The 43-year-old baddie and her 14-year-old daughter planned a handful of activities while they explored the tropical island. Yesterday, the twosome was spotted on a retail run rocking laid-back looks.


 photo hawj1.jpg

The Magic Mike XXL star went for a relaxing bike ride. Gotta keep it right and tight even on vacation.

While Jada was busy bike riding...Willow quenched her thirst for an adrenaline rush in a major way:

 photo jw1.png

 photo jw2.png

 photo jw3.png

The daredevil went cliff jumping into the ocean. What an adventure.

After all of their activities...

 photo jjjd.jpg

The mother-daughter duo lounged around enjoying each other’s company. Jada happily captioned,

That beautiful moment when you realize your teenage daughter actually still likes you and really enjoys hanging with you:)


Happy Tuesday:)



Photos: Splash/Jada’s FB/Willow’s IG

ON THE SCENE: Mary J. Blige In Beverly Hills + T.I. & Jay Z Have A Meeting + Mike Epps Hugs His Momma + Karrueche Tran Hosts A Food & Clothing Drive

 photo candistessdddsfd.png

On the scene....we've spotted YBF favs Mary J. Blige, Mike Epps, T.I., Jay Z and Karrueche Tran out and about. See their candids inside...

 photo MaryJBligeKimberlyWoodruffOutBeverly6-JfJmgDTr4l.jpg

International recording superstar Mary J. Blige was spotted out on a leisurely stroll through Beverly Hills yesterday.

 photo MaryJBligeKimberlyWoodruffOutBeverlyYti24qgmACRl.jpg

MJB was out and about with one of her close friends, Simone Smith, the wife of rapper LL Cool J.  We're sure Simone congratulated Mary on her latest gig.  Earlier this week, we learned that Mary and Queen Latifah have been added to the cast of NBC’s upcoming holiday musical production of “The Wiz Live!,” set for Thursday, Dec. 3.  Queen Latifah will star as the Wiz, while Mary will play Evillene.


Up in Canada...

 photo ktrane1.jpg

Contrary to popular belief, Karrueche Tran does a lot more than just host parties.  Did you know she's an active philanthropist?

 photo ktrane2.jpg

Yesterday, she hosted her very own Food and Clothing Drive in Toronto, Canada at St. James Park. In addition to posing with some of her biggest (and littlest fans) she helped collect canned food, water, clothing, toiletries, and then distributed it to the homeless.


On the east coast...

 photo hustle2.jpg

We love it when a man respects and values his momma!  Yesterday, we spotted funny man Mike Epps hugging his mom while outside of their NYC hotel. We're sure she's very proud of him.

 photo hustle3.jpg

In addition to his critically acclaimed role in Bessie, Mike will be starring in the upcoming ABC series Uncle Buck this fall.  It's enough to make any momma smile!

Also in NYC.....

 photo hustle5.jpg

We spotted TIDAL/ROc Nation exec Jay Z leaving his Midtown office after a business meeting. But wait until you see whom he met with........

 photo hustle1.jpg

Moments later, we spotted rapper Tip 'T.I.' Harris leaving the building as well. Hmmm......we're wondering if these two are cooking up some type of collab for TIDAL. In recent weeks, Jay and TIDAL have been know to throw a concert or two, perhaps TIDAL is about to place its stamp on the ATL?????








Photos via FameFlnet/Pacific/Splash

Jill Scott Explains WHY She First Supported Bill Cosby, Drops Insightful Relationship Gems & Why She Now Feels Like A ‘WOMAN’

 photo jbc1.png

Jill Scott dropped some gems during an interview with The Breakfast Club where she explains why she first supported Bill Cosby and eventually decided to stop, she serves up some insightful relationship advice and reveals why she now feels like a WOMAN. More inside…

Jill Scott is heavy on the promo trail for her newly released LP WOMAN, celebrating 15 years in the game. The soulful songstress stopped by The Breakfast Club recently to chop it up about her fifth studio album and every else in between.

One hot topic…her support for Bill Cosby. When the co-hosts asked Jill why she decided to support Mr. Cosby after countless women came forward accusing him of sexual assault and drugging them, she said she first spoke up to defend him because this was a man she always looked at as a father. She said just because people were accusing her “dad” of vile doings, she still felt she had to have his back. She explained, “All I know is I’m a human being and my love ain’t watery. And just cause it got hot it didn’t just jump and dissipate and evaporate.”

She now admits she may have spoke too soon, but it’s hard for her to believe what’s being said about someone she loves and respects so much.

The Philly native also dropped some precious gems about life and relationship advice. She revealed what had to happen in her life for her to finally start feeling like a woman and dished on what she needs from a man in a relationship.


Below are the highlights:

On Bill Cosby being an artist and black men who are loved being in one of the most dangerous positions:

“Bring a lot of light and attention to the prospect of a human being simply being a human being coming from a black man is dangerous, in my opinion.”

“Look what happened to Michael Jackson. Look at what happened to Kevin Clash. I’m talking about Elmo. How he was so beloved by everyone. I’m not trying to dismiss that folks have done some terrible foul things. All men have proclivities.”

“I’m from North Philly. Bill Cosby is from North Philly. That man was like a father to me. He showed me everything about life that I did not see in North Philly. Different World made me want to go to college. I appreciate and respect that legacy. Still…that’s a man. And I’ve always been about that with fame and famous people.”

“Phil Spector (music producer), he killed a woman, tried and convicted but he’s still in the Hall of Fame. If I’m not mistaken Elvis liked them young. I’m not saying that this is right. I’m saying that all men have proclivities. And I really feel whatever is done to some, do to all. Don’t disseminate the legacy of the good. You trying to tell me that regardless of how much good I do in the world and when I do something bad everything else gets pushed away? “

On why she first supported Bill Cosby:

“Looking at the big picture is the reason that I could not make any real decisions other than love. If it’s your dad and 100 people say something bad about your’s hard. Bill Cosby has been good to me. North Philly girl, reaching out, making sure I was good.”

On deciding to stop defending Bill Cosby:

“It doesn’t look good. My mind is present. My heart didn’t want to believe anything negative about someone I love, admire and respect so much. But, my mind is present and I was like ‘Damnit!’ it’s no way around this.”


On why she feels like a WOMAN now:
“I’m holding myself to another level of accountability. I think I use to blame whoever use to hurt my feelings and now I hold myself accountable. You chose that person. Accountability is a big position in being a woman and being an adult.”

On relationship advice:
“What happened for me, the kind of relationship I had with the last dude, I wanted with the next dude because that’s the kind of relationship I like. Well, it’s a whole different person. You’re trying to date the same person in different skin or you are dating the same person in different skin so you end up missing out on what you really need because of what you want. It’s about making decisions. You have to look at the bigger picture of what you want right now.”

On what she needs from a man in a relationship:

“I need a partner. I need somebody that can understand what it is that my life is. Someone who can check me…and not in a disrespectful way. And I also need the mutual respect. I need that kind of relationship. I need my ACE.”

On what type of space she was in during the making of this album:
“I was in a couple of places. The album is like a journal. When you look through it, sometimes you’re writing in your journal everyday and sometimes you miss months. So, I’m strolling through my journal and I see this part of myself and this part of myself and that’s kind of like how the album really worked. And it’s not necessarily my life. Like I said I’m a voyeur. I listen to a lot of women and I listen to men too.”

The "Fool's Gold" songstress also talked about breaks down the lyrics to her song “Closure,” how she first went to college to study Psychology but changed her major to become an English teacher, started her Blues Babe Foundation to help college students pay for expensive books and more.

Check the full interview below:



Photos: Angela Yee's IG

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