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MUSICAL ROUNDUP: Mel B FLASHES Howie Mandel During "AGT" Pajama Party + Jay Z & Beyonce At The TIDAL Offices In Norway + Dawn Richard's "Titans x James Dean" Video

  photo bfneme3.jpg

Mel B and her fellow "AGT" judge Howie Mandel had a pajama party to celebrate the upcoming season. See pics inside and check out what happened when Bey and Jay headed to the TIDAL offices in Norway.  Also, watch Dawn Richard's latest video.

 photo agt1.jpg

Singer and international tv personality Mel B headed to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in NYC last night to celebrate the season 10 premiere of 'America's Got Talent.' To celebrate the start of the season, Mel and a few lucky guests attended a 'Pajama Party' to watch the show on tv.

  photo agt2.jpg

Funnyman Howie Mandel, who stars on "AGT" alongside Mel B, didn't waste anytime getting naked and joining in the fun.  Eventually (check the pic atop) Mel also got into her PJs.  And it looks like she flashed her tatas too!

If you're a fan of 'AGT', this should be a very good season.  While discussing the show to E!, Mel B said, "There's just a lot of really fun stuff, from the crazy to the actual really talented to the wacko. It's just a really interesting, fun family show. It's the 10 year anniversary so they really souped it all up and it's good!"

Last night, "AGT" kicked off with a bang as world-renown germaphobe who NEVER touches people with open hands (only fist bumps at most) Howie Mandel actually shook the hands of the other judges and a contestant.  Why?  He was hypnotized and believed that they were all wearing thin latex gloves.  Let's just say, the hypnotist "got talent".  And he looks like Drake too!  Watch it:

America's Got Talent airs Tuesdays, at 8 p.m. on NBC.


In Norway....

 photo CF9boOAWMAAIgIe.jpg

Tuesday morning, Jay Z and Beyonce headed to Tidal headquarters in Oslo for a morning meeting where they pumped up the staff and thanked them for all of their hard work. 

We're sure the team also congratulated Bey on landed on Forbes’ The World’s Most Powerful Women list! Mrs. Carter placed at twenty-one on the list of 100 women, and she was the highest ranking celebrity.

Meanwhile....the other story is what happened outside of the meeting. Once fans learned that Bey and Jay were in town, they swarmed the building and following the couple's SUV down the street. Talk about doing the most....


A video posted by Beyoncé (@beylite) on May 27, 2015 at 4:55am PDT


A video posted by Beyoncé (@beylite) on May 26, 2015 at 10:30am PDT


A video posted by Beyoncé (@beylite) on May 26, 2015 at 9:55am PDT



In new videos...

We've got the latest visual from recording artist Dawn Richard.'s the latest visual from Dawn as she recently dropped her last name after the Danity Kane split. The new clip (her 7th video from Blackheart), directed by Monty Marsh, is a mashup of two singles "Titans" and "James Dean." 

It's all about the dance moves in the sexy featurette which begins with Dawn and two backup dancers who transform into onyx obsidian titans while a diamond encrusted Dawn dances between them. Then....Dawn (who always stays ahead of the curve) moves her body using a new wave of digital art created by Wicked Liquid FX. The second part of the video shows her dancing in her “James Dean,” t-shirt and rocks her own new eyewear line Black Era Shades. 

Dawn's latest album is called Blackheart and it's available now.





Photos via Splash/Twitter/Beylite Instagram

Tracee Ellis Ross Talks SEX Scenes & Racism In Provocative Roundtable Discussion With A-List Actresses For 'The Hollywood Reporter'

 photo trh1.jpg

Tracee Ellis Ross is dishing on life as a black actress in Hollywood for The Hollywood Reporter’s latest cover story. The “black•ish” star got candid on filming sex scenes for network television, racism still being prevalent in the industry and her most humiliating experience on a casting call. More inside….

“black•ish” actress Tracee Ellis Ross joined an uncensored discussion at the Comedy Actress Roundtable for The Hollywood Reporter’s gathering of Emmy-contending comedy actresses. Six of television’s most provocative female comedians, including the “black•ish” mom, Gina Rodriguez ("Jane the Virgin"); Lena Dunham ("Girls"); Ellie Kemper ("Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt"); and Kate McKinnon ("Saturday Night Live") gathered for a no-holds-barred roundtable conversation on a couple of interesting topics, including  sex scenes, racism, colorism and more.

Loving their cover.

 photo trh2.jpg

Tracee held nothing back and was very candid when talking about her experiences as a black woman in Hollywood. She touched on going after roles even if they aren’t written for a woman of color, her most humiliating experience testing for a network show, how calculated sex scenes are for network television and more.

Below are the highlights:

On filming sex scenes:

ROSS: On network shows, there are a lot of instructions: Close the mouth. You can move, make the sounds, but no tongue. I had some incidences on "Girlfriends." This guy’s tongue jammed in like a lizard out of nowhere.

On the most overtly sexist thing that's happened to you working in Hollywood:
ROSS: I think racism trumps everything. [It all] happens behind the scenes.
DUNHAM: So many shows wouldn't exist if you and Mara [Brock Akil] hadn't made Girlfriends and pushed it as far as you did.
ROSS: We did 176 episodes.
ROSS: Being on a show run by a woman with four women leads gives you a template that when you walk out into the world, you don't see it. It changed my expectations.

Tracee, Chris Rock wrote an essay for The Hollywood Reporter in which he talked about how you can go to the movies once a week for months and never see a black woman in a substantial role.
RODRIGUEZ: I think that also goes for Latinos as well.
ROSS: There aren’t many [roles in film]. That’s why I say no to all the offers! (Laughs.) Working on a film is one job where you look at a casting breakdown and I’ll think, “That’s me!” But she’s not supposed to be black.
RODRIGUEZ: One hundred percent.
ROSS: But I go for them anyway....

On how much self-deprecation figures into how you connect with your audience:

ROSS: I tested once for a network show to play a lawyer. A Harvard-educated motherf—in' lawyer, OK? I wore a skirt suit and heels. Seemed appropriate. Then there were many discussions about my hair. They'd printed up all these pictures of me from 15 f—in' years ago and had me in and out of the bathroom trying on clothes. They finally pick a skirt — the shortest I brought. Then got a T-shirt from one of the people in the office. The woman says, "Hmmm, your boobs." I was like, "I didn't bring a bra for this T-shirt." She screams down the hall, "Who wears a 34B?" I put on someone else's bra, a size too small, and somehow auditioned. I remember wondering, "What did I just allow myself to do?" The other actress [who auditioned] was dressed like she was going to a club and got the role. It was one of those moments where you're so confused and humiliated. But that's part of the biz.

On asking for what you think you deserve:
ROSS: I was raised by a woman [singer Diana Ross] who has high standards for what she's worth, which has been called "diva behavior." I have witnessed flagrant, disgusting behavior, and that is not my mother. There is a way to be a woman, ask for what we deserve and be able to negotiate.


Peep a clip from their discussion where Tracee recalls her wretched Harvard lawyer audition:


Check out the full interview here.

Photos: THR

NO MORE DRAMA: Karrueche Says She’s 100% Single & Has NO Beef With Rihanna + Chris Brown Apologizes To Tyson Beckford’s Child's Mother

 photo ke1.png

After all of the drama and foolish activities that went down over Memorial Day Weekend between Chris Brown and Tyson Beckford, Karrueche is now speaking out. She says she's 100% single (so why was Chris mad?) and there’s no beef between her and Rihanna. Meanwhile, her ex-boyfriend Breezy is busy issuing apologies for his antics on social media. Get the latest inside….

This Memorial Day Weekend was very drama-filled after Chris Brown popped off, issuing threats to Chocolate City star Tyson Beckford. Breezy was all up in his feelings after he spotted his ex-girlfriend Karrueche hanging out with the sexy model. And things went totally left on social media. Chris called up his goons, Tyson pulled out his rifles and it appeared to be the makings of an epic showdown between the two had they crossed paths. But, all seems to be back to normal…at least for now.

Now that the dust has settled, so to speak, Kae is speaking out on her current situation with her ex-beau. She stopped by Big Boy’s radio show on Real 92.3 in L.A. to address a few rumors that have been circulating. First things first, she made it crystal clear that she is 100% single! She said she tries her best to keep her distance from Chris so they don’t have to cross paths and she revealed they do not communicate…at all.

The celeb stylist turned actress, who’s starring in the new web series “Vanity,” confirmed how she learned about her ex-boyfriend's new baby. Breezy didn’t have the balls to tell Kae about his daughter Royalty, so she found out just like the rest of us! She said once found out about his infidelity online, she called him up, cursed him out and told him she was DONE...for good this time. Kae said she and Chris were working on repairing their relationship after the love triangle drama with Rihanna, but once she found out he had a baby with someone else in the meantime, she wiped her hands with the situation.

When asked if there was any drama between her and Rihanna, she said, “No, we just dated the same guy. It’s always like a competition thing and they compare us. She is Rihanna, she’s a pop star, she’s beautiful, she makes great music. And I’m just me. I’m growing and working into myself. You can’t really compare us because we’re two completely different girls.”

Well, there you have it. Peep her interview below:

On Instagram recently...

 photo ke2.png

Yesterday, Kae had folks on Instagram up-in-arms after she posted up a pic of her lip busted with blood coming down the side of her mouth. She captioned, “Rough day in Chicago.”

Some people took it as a joke towards domestic violence and started ranting and raving in the comments. But, she’s likely filming for an upcoming movie. TMZ reports she’s on a set filming a "street fighter" type movie.

Kae is steadily getting work on the movie scene as she will also star in the straight to DVD film 3-Headed Shark Attack (July 2015).


 photo cbbb1.png

Chris Brown took to his Twitter yesterday to issue an apology to Tyson Beckford’s son’s mother April Roomet (a stylist/make-up artist) after he came at her sideways during his nasty feud with the sexy model over the weekend.

You’ll recall, Breezy fired off a disturbing tweet that said, “I'm done all this Internet talking blood. Be in Vegas soon. Keep playing ima f*ck ya baby momma and then whoop yo child like he mine." Sighs…

Now, Breezy is “manning up” and apologizing for saying such things in the heat of the moment. He tweeted (read from the bottom up):

 photo cbz1.png

 photo cbz2.png

Oh Chris....

In other news...

 photo cbbb2.png

Breezy's baby girl Royalty turns 1 today! He sent her a shoutout on IG saying, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LIL LADY ROYALTY!!!! I Love u" Aww...

Although it seemed like Breezy was turning a new leaf after it was revealed he was a father, it's apparent he still has his moments. Let's hope he'll start thinking more like a father when issues arise and not just react without thinking....

Photos: Kae's IG/Chris' IG

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