Testosterone, Pheromones and Estrogen: Is There Such A Thing As Sexual Attraction Really??

I was reading a blog from a good friend on mine on another site in ladydi66xx and thought to myself what an interesting topic that she chose to talk about? I wonder what some of you on this site think about it so here is her blog post entitled...."Testosterone, Pheromones and

Testosterone, Pheromones and Estrogen

Funny title for something commonly known to us human beings as being "horny".

Well, testosterone is more prominent in men, 10 times more but women have a certain level of it also. We are more sensitive to it, which is probably one reason our bodies react to virile, masculine men.

Pheromones,.... some would say that there are no definitive answers if in fact pheromones play a role between men and women. I say they do, it's simply that we have diminished our olfactory sensory neurons throughout time. Some men think I'm bizarre when I want to smell their armpits after having sex, just nuzzling and cuddling after sex.Well, to me, there is a scent that emanates and it can create an attraction of a sexual nature between men and women.

Estrogen levels in females... ahhh ! yes, the estrogen, the female sexual hormones, the one that tells you that we are ready to procreate (don't you like that word) lol...

So, when I think of all these terms, words that we use, basically in laymen's terms, there is definitely a thing called sexual attraction between men and women. It's not always based on looks or personality but can also be the way we smell, at different times of the month.

Women  have a stronger scent during ovulation or when they're on their period. Men have moments in the month where their libidos are very high and I've concluded, according to my personal experiences that when there is a full moon, men and women also crave sex more (that is, if you're
already in tune with your sexuality or enjoy it on a regular basis).

All of those things are great, but what about the mind???

what about that connection you make with someone, that person who can excite your
mind and your p***y at the same time? Why do we vibe better with some and not with others?

Is it really about the "d**k" or the person?

you tell me

So my thought is this folks....

What do you think folks..is there really a difference between the sexes to
the point where we are all kind of superficial in some way where we tend
to care more about a man's cock size or a female's large breast or how
good her p***y is...instead of what that individual has on the inner
being of themselves?

Just curious to see what kind of responses some of you will have to this topic?

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Pheremones. I believe in their power. I believe we humans smell each other all day everyday. Some of us are drawn to folk and some of us are repelled by folk. We smell same as well as opposite sex. Not to get too deep- I'm simply saying that yes, i believe that pheremones exist and oh yeah, some of them turn me on-not to take away from the physical- but beyond that. Ever met that person that wasn't that hot but you were attracted to them? Men, aren't you all always breathing in your woman? Pheremones right? Hows about that person that you are so into that you literally sniff the hairs off thier body while you are having relations? Pheremones? I'm thinking yeah.
it all depends on how we meet. If I can c her first, I will kno if I am attracted to her body. If I talk 2 her first(phone, text,email.......) then I check out her mind, her style her conversation, & I can b attracted that way as well. Either way when we r close, I can b turned off by her smell or extreemly turn on(depending on the smell). If we go as far as sex, u'd best believe Im taking n a nose full of her with every breath. & if Im really feeling her flavor, imma give it a few days b4 I wash my sheets(like3/4)just 2 get that lingering blessing of her essence. Yea, im with u FemB.......Pheremones?.....me tinks,, yes!!!




Young, Black, and Fabulous

LADIES' NIGHT: Angela Simmons, Naomi Campbell, Mel B. & Jourdan Dunn

 photo ladiesnightnov14_zpsc4c51094.jpg

Angela Simmons kept it fab at this week's Millennial Ball, Naomi Campbell caught up with fellow Brit Idris Elba, Jourdan Dunn is modelicious in Tokyo and more!

The Millennial Ball is hosted annually by the Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation Millennial Committee to help fund research to improve the efficacy of cancer treatments, and this year (in its seventh year), stylish philanthropist Angela Simmons served as the host.

 photo AngelaSimmonsMillenialBall30Benefit4xBUq9OwRYkl_zps675109a4.jpg

Ange kept it sexy at NYC's TAO Downtown in a Virgos Lounge "Tina" dress and a pair of black pumps with a pouty red lip.


 photo AngelaSimmonsMillenialBall30BenefitJsuzpmn4gXJl_zps81eb432f.jpg


 photo 238B0A5100000578-2851309-image-69_1417066808425_zps95b7e2ed.jpg

 photo AngelaSimmonsMillenialBall30BenefitsaivjKmCE90l_zpsddb51e32.jpg

Loves the look.

Over in Japan:

 photo JourdanDunnBurberryArtTrenchTokyoQDy4wFV3wrbl_zps6f4e10d4.jpg

 photo JourdanDunnBurberryArtTrenchTokyoKTNqoV8HkrNl_zps2b625f8c.jpg

Model Jourdan Dunn hit up the Burberry Art of the Trench party at Tokyo's Omotesando.  Not sure how she pulled off a blue sequin disc skirt paired with a navy peplum top, but she did it.

 photo redbottomwenn2_zps01d11e3a.jpg

Earlier on, she stopped while out and about to snap a pic with the Tokyo imagery.  Nice.

And over in London:

 photo NaomiCampbellNaomiCampbellFashionReliefelpW0SvAsPDl_zps813782bf.jpg

 photo NaomiCampbellNaomiCampbellFashionRelief-Raea1Qx9Pxl_zps0ed10668.jpg   

Naomi Campbell opened a Fashion For Relief Pop-Up Shop at Westfield shopping center last night.  The exclusive designer items she has in the pop up store will be available for 1 week, and the money will be donated to the DEC Ebola Crisis Appeal.


 photo NaomiCampbellNaomiCampbellFashionReliefO4hGNr8DI4Pl_zpse2f3f7c4.jpg

Even hottie Idris Elba came out to support.  Nice!


Also in London:

 photo redbottomwenn10_zps99fb62ab.jpg

 photo redbottomwenn1_zpse449b20e.jpg

Mel B. and her cute new short hair rocked a black snakeskin print strapless dress and her Louboutins to hit the Katie Piper Charity Ball.  She and husband Stephen Belafonte looked hot as a couple.  We're loving her look.



Photo Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images, Splash, WENN

#STOLENLIVES - Michael Brown's Family & Others Posts Photos Of EMPTY SEATS At Thanksgiving Dinner, Honoring Lives Lost To Police Violence

 photo FERGUSON1.jpg

Loved ones mourned the lives of those lost to police violence during at Thanksgiving Dinner, as photos of empty seats were posted onlineyesterday.  See the families of Michael Brown, Oscar Grant and more show support for the #StolenLives campaign inside.

 photo FERGUSON5.png

On November 27, 2014, during Thanksgiving Dinner, many people around the country mourned the lives of Blacks youth and others whose time was cut short due to police brutality and unjustified polce actions.

 photo FERGUSON3.jpg

#Stolenlives went viral yesterday as the families of Michael Brown (atop) and Oscar Grant (shown above, his murder was the basis of Ryan Coogler's film Fruitvale Station) uploaded photos of empty seats at their dinner tables. 

Other families soon followed suit...

 photo stlonelivesdfd.png

 photo FERGUSON12.jpg     photo 2390788000000578-2852661-image-108_1417151454556.jpg  

 photo newefecdccdd.png  photo newef4.png



1.  Ryan Coogler, the director of Fruitvale Station (about the life of Oscar Grant) and the group he founded, Blackout for Human Rights, is calling on the American public to boycott Black Friday to show solidarity with victims of police brutality. Story.



Photos via #StolenLives/@FergusonAction's Twitter

FUN WITH A CAUSE: Kandi Burruss, Todd Tucker, T.I., Tiny, Keri Hilson, Toya Wright & MORE BOWL For Charity On Thanksgiving

 photo bowl0.png

Thanksgiving was yesterday. And after filling up on delicious eats, Kandi Burruss Tucker, Todd Tucker, T.I., Tiny, Toya Wright MempHitz, Keri Hilson and a slew of other celebs came out to bowl for charity. Peep their bowl-tastic pics inside….

Last night was all about fun for a cause! The Atlanta YBF celebs flocked to a bowling alley in Stone Mountain, Georgia for the Ryan Cameron Foundation’s 23rd Annual Family Fun Night at Stars and Strikes Family Entertainment Center.

The Atlanta power couples were ready for a night of strikes, knocking them down one pin at a time without a moment to spare (See what we did there?). “RHOA” star Kandi Burruss Tucker and her husband Todd Tucker posed it up with "Family Hustle" stars T.I. and his wife Tiny and Toya Wright and her husband Memphitz.

 photo bowl1.png

Keshia Knight Pulliam and her boyfriend Big Tigger came out to strike it up with the crew.

 photo bowl4.png

Bowling besties Kandi, Tiny and Toya were all smiles throughout the night.

 photo bowl2.png

Keri Hilson (and her braids) and "LAHH ATL" star Erica Dixon came out to bowl it up with the homies. There are rumors circulating that Erica has a new beau and it's supposedly Buffalo Bills baller Duke Williams.

 photo bowl9.png

"Braxton Family Values" star Trina Braxton was in the mix for some bowling fun.

 photo bowl6.png

"Married to Medicine" star Dr. Simone Whitmore came out to support.

 photo bowl10.png

And her "Married to Medicine" co-stars Quad Webb-Lunceford and Dr. Jackie Walters.

Looks like Quad has recovered from her alleged glass-throwing brawl with co-star Lisa Nicole Cloud earlier this month.

 photo bowl5.png

During the night, Kandi stopped to pose it up with her childhood friend Tamara Wynn and Jagged Edge member Richard Wingo. Kandi captioned, "I had to get a #TriCitiesClassOf94 pic with @tamera_wynn & @wingoatl! We go way back!"

 photo bowl3.png

Other bowlers included V-103 radio host Ryan Cameron, "Braxton Family Values" Towanda Braxton, "Atlanta Exes" stars Christina Johnson and Sheree Buchanan and Ronnie DeVoe from R&B group Bell Biv DeVoe.

 photo bowl7.png

And look who came home with the win! The YBF ladies Tiny, Toya, Erica, Keri and Towanda posed with the winning trophy. Congrats!

 photo bowl8.png

Fun times!


Kandi’s IG/Trina’s IG/Quad’s IG

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