Testosterone, Pheromones and Estrogen: Is There Such A Thing As Sexual Attraction Really??

I was reading a blog from a good friend on mine on another site in ladydi66xx and thought to myself what an interesting topic that she chose to talk about? I wonder what some of you on this site think about it so here is her blog post entitled...."Testosterone, Pheromones and

Testosterone, Pheromones and Estrogen

Funny title for something commonly known to us human beings as being "horny".

Well, testosterone is more prominent in men, 10 times more but women have a certain level of it also. We are more sensitive to it, which is probably one reason our bodies react to virile, masculine men.

Pheromones,.... some would say that there are no definitive answers if in fact pheromones play a role between men and women. I say they do, it's simply that we have diminished our olfactory sensory neurons throughout time. Some men think I'm bizarre when I want to smell their armpits after having sex, just nuzzling and cuddling after sex.Well, to me, there is a scent that emanates and it can create an attraction of a sexual nature between men and women.

Estrogen levels in females... ahhh ! yes, the estrogen, the female sexual hormones, the one that tells you that we are ready to procreate (don't you like that word) lol...

So, when I think of all these terms, words that we use, basically in laymen's terms, there is definitely a thing called sexual attraction between men and women. It's not always based on looks or personality but can also be the way we smell, at different times of the month.

Women  have a stronger scent during ovulation or when they're on their period. Men have moments in the month where their libidos are very high and I've concluded, according to my personal experiences that when there is a full moon, men and women also crave sex more (that is, if you're
already in tune with your sexuality or enjoy it on a regular basis).

All of those things are great, but what about the mind???

what about that connection you make with someone, that person who can excite your
mind and your p***y at the same time? Why do we vibe better with some and not with others?

Is it really about the "d**k" or the person?

you tell me

So my thought is this folks....

What do you think folks..is there really a difference between the sexes to
the point where we are all kind of superficial in some way where we tend
to care more about a man's cock size or a female's large breast or how
good her p***y is...instead of what that individual has on the inner
being of themselves?

Just curious to see what kind of responses some of you will have to this topic?

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Pheremones. I believe in their power. I believe we humans smell each other all day everyday. Some of us are drawn to folk and some of us are repelled by folk. We smell same as well as opposite sex. Not to get too deep- I'm simply saying that yes, i believe that pheremones exist and oh yeah, some of them turn me on-not to take away from the physical- but beyond that. Ever met that person that wasn't that hot but you were attracted to them? Men, aren't you all always breathing in your woman? Pheremones right? Hows about that person that you are so into that you literally sniff the hairs off thier body while you are having relations? Pheremones? I'm thinking yeah.
it all depends on how we meet. If I can c her first, I will kno if I am attracted to her body. If I talk 2 her first(phone, text,email.......) then I check out her mind, her style her conversation, & I can b attracted that way as well. Either way when we r close, I can b turned off by her smell or extreemly turn on(depending on the smell). If we go as far as sex, u'd best believe Im taking n a nose full of her with every breath. & if Im really feeling her flavor, imma give it a few days b4 I wash my sheets(like3/4)just 2 get that lingering blessing of her essence. Yea, im with u FemB.......Pheremones?.....me tinks,, yes!!!




Young, Black, and Fabulous

Tiffany Evans Gives Birth Again, Posts First Photo Of Her 1-Month-old + Lauryn Hill Performs With Her Daughter Sarah In Nigeria

 photo Screenshot 2015-08-31 16.14.55.png

Singer Tiffany Evans is a mom again.  See her latest photo inside and see pics of Lauryn Hill performing in Nigeria with her daughter Sarah.

Singer Tiffany Evans gave birth to a healthy baby a little over a month ago.  We learned about her new addition via a posting on Instagram.  In addition to the pic above, Tiffany wrote,

"I'm at work shooting for my project, but I had to take a break and post a revelation I had of myself today. One thing I know is that I am a soldier! I work hard to do what I love. But most of all, my most important role is being a Mother. I'm the example of how you can be a hard working ass woman and be a Mother, Wife at the same time! You can do it ladies! Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it! I prove people wrong everyday. God is on my side and what He wants for me will come to me! I'm still knocking down doors and I don't have to do anything outside of my character to succeed. I'm so happy and grateful for this time in my life. At first I wasn't going to say anything, but then again I said this is my life and my truth. I'm living it! With that being said, I'm blessed tremendously! Happy 1Month baby. #StillFineAsWINE "

This isn't the first time we've heard big news from Tiffany via Instagram.....

 photo Screenshot 2015-08-31 16.17.22.png

A few years ago we learned about her first pregnancy via an Instagram post.  Now little dalia Sarai Henderson (above) is two years old!  And before that......Tiffany revealed her "secret" marriage via Instagram too.  Whew.....we guess she's trying to save money on hiring a publicist.



In Lagos, Nigeria...

 photo hill_1.jpg

Following a few hiccups, singer Lauryn Hill finally made it Lagos, Nigeria for a concert. The singer performed at the Eko Hotel and Suites on Sunday night and her 8-year-old daughter Sarah joined her onstage.

 photo hill3.jpg

Witnesses say Sarah had her own space on the stage where she supported Lauryn during most of the show. At some point, Ms. Hill gave her daughter the spotlight and she performed on her own.

The Nigeria concert has been in the works for months. You'll recall that Lauryn was supposed to perform earlier, but was forced to cancel at the last minute when promoters couldn't come up with the money.


Check out a clip below: 





Photos via Tiffany Evans Instagram/Express NG

MTV Claims Nicki Minaj vs. Miley Cyrus Beef Is REAL + Show Ratings Take A DIVE!

 photo nimt.jpg

After all of the drama that went down at the 2015 MTV VMAs, it left everyone wondering…was the feud between Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus real? MTV claims it was. But despite an alleged REAL shade match, ratings still dropped from last year. More inside…

 photo nicki2-1441031732.gif

“Anaconda” rapstar Nicki Minaj shocked us all with her acceptance after winning the VMA for Best Hip-Hop Video. Chick sent a shoutout to her pastor then proceeded to pop off at VMA host Miley Cyrus for trash talking her in the media. It was many things.

As it went down, the social media world caught fire, reposting the clips and giving their opinions on the authenticity of the on-screen feud. If you missed, here's what happened:


A video posted by TheYBF.com (@theybfdaily) on Aug 30, 2015 at 6:48pm PDT




A video posted by TheYBF.com (@theybfdaily) on Aug 30, 2015 at 6:53pm PDT


While neither the Young Money raptress nor the outspoken Pop star has said anything on their social media handles since the run-in, MTV is clearing ish up. And they claim it was 100% REAL. Unscripted.

A MTV press spokesmen confirmed to MTV News that the network had nothing to do with what transpired between Nicki and Miley during the heated moment. Hmph. We hear security was on high-alert to make sure the ladies never crossed paths afterwards.

 photo nicki3-1441031958.gif

Do we believe them?

Speaking of the awards....

Unfortunately for MTV, not even an alleged unscripted catfight could help with ratings. According to Deadline, a total 9.8 million viewers watched the antics of this year’s VMAs go down across 10 Viacom networks last night, down from 10.3 million viewers from last year.

Rather than focus on the decline in ratings, MTV did note the impressive amount of tweets that were fired off during the show. The 2015 VMAs became the most tweeted non-sports program since Nielsen Social began tracking Twitter TV activity. A total 21.4 million tweets about the VMAs were filling up our timelines, reaching a total 11.8 million people.

Well, that’s certainly one way to look on the brighter side of things.

Photos: Getty

2015 VMAs: The Kardashian Family Dines Out, A$AP Rocky On the Dance Floor + Quincy Brown, Garcelle Beauvais & More At The After Parties

 photo inuununununnuunu.png

The Kardashians, Tyga, A$AP Rocky, John Legend & Garcelle Beauvais were all spotted at 2015 VMA after parties.  Find out where they went inside....

In West Hollywood...

 photo vmb59.jpg

Last night, Kanye West received MTV's highest honor, the Video Vanguard award. In case you missed it, watch it here and watch him reveal his presidential aspirations.

 photo vmb51.jpg

After the show, Kanye & Kim joined the rest of the Kardashian family (including Kourtney, mom Kris Jenner and boyfriend Corey Gamble) for a late dinner at Craig's restaurant.

 photo TygaKardashianFamilyDinesOutCraigRestaurantLR_YfRU-6tzl.jpg

 photo vmb5.jpg

Rapper Tyga (who's basically a part of the Kardashian family now) released a video for his single "Stimulated" earlier today, where he raps about banging his 18-year-old girlfriend Kylie Jenner.

 photo vmb50.jpg

And check out Kylie's VMA outfit...

 photo TygaKardashianFamilyDinesOutCraigRestaurantcxoyQGmCRYKl.jpg

Her black bandage dress (with cut-outs) left very little to the imagination.

 photo vmb60.jpg

Oscar-winner John Legend and his wife, tv personality Chrissy Teigen, also joined the Kardashians at Craig's.



At the Republic Records 2015 VMA After Party at Ysabel.....

 photo WeekndRepublicRecordsHosts2015VMAAfterQ8PEjxbn12Cl.jpg

The Weeknd celebrated the release of his album Beauty Behind The Madness and a successful performance of the song "Can't Feel My Face."

 photo vmb3.jpg

Taylor Swift, who won a VMA for Video fo The Year for "Bad Blood," posed with a few of her co-stars including Martha Hunt, Lily Aldridge, Selena Gomez, Hailee and Serayah McNeill.

 photo RepublicRecordsHosts2015VMAAfterParty9sQxU2WPoUOl.jpg

After family dinner, Kylie hooked up with her friend, singer Justine Skye, at the party.

 photo RepublicRecordsHosts2015VMAAfterPartyRZGT2q7OXAxl.jpg

Actress Garcelle Beauvais posed with tv correspondent Maria Menounos.

 photo RepublicRecordsHosts2015VMAAfterPartyjOLkkTR_DQil.jpg

We all agree Garcelle looks amazing.



At Union Station in Los Angeles...

 photo JeremyScottadidasOriginalsVMAAfterPartyXkjDWyU36vhl.jpg

Celebs crowded into the Jeremy Scott and adidas Originals VMA's After Party where the liquor was provided by Svedka Vodka.  Dope actor Quincy Brown was among the well-known faces.

 photo JeremyScottadidasOriginalsVMAAfterPartymSiZXqOmFPKl.jpg

We think rapper A$AP Rocky made a few trips to the Svedka bar.

 photo JeremyScottadidasOriginalsVMAAfterPartyco0LdaFHJrsl.jpg

 photo JeremyScottadidasOriginalsVMAAfterPartyc5lx8qBDiBZl.jpg

He hit the dance floor and got his life!

 photo JeremyScottadidasOriginalsVMAAfterPartyaj_7oSvJwmrl.jpg

Then he posed with VMA designer Jeremy Scott.

 photo JeremyScottadidasOriginalsVMAAfterPartyUc6nCH6mnabl.jpg

Singer Tinashe posed with Jeremy.

 photo RitaOraJeremyScottadidasOriginalsVMA0ajo74XDoKll.jpg

British songbird Rita Ora congratulated Jeremy.

 photo JeremyScottadidasOriginalsVMAAfterPartyuDSbJtCZceql.jpg

Iggy Azalea posed with Demi Lovato.

 photo JeremyScottadidasOriginalsVMAAfterPartyY27g4sP8xuMl.jpg

Rapper Theophilus London was in the building.
















Photos via FameFlynet Pictures/Splash/Getty

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