Testosterone, Pheromones and Estrogen: Is There Such A Thing As Sexual Attraction Really??

I was reading a blog from a good friend on mine on another site in ladydi66xx and thought to myself what an interesting topic that she chose to talk about? I wonder what some of you on this site think about it so here is her blog post entitled...."Testosterone, Pheromones and

Testosterone, Pheromones and Estrogen

Funny title for something commonly known to us human beings as being "horny".

Well, testosterone is more prominent in men, 10 times more but women have a certain level of it also. We are more sensitive to it, which is probably one reason our bodies react to virile, masculine men.

Pheromones,.... some would say that there are no definitive answers if in fact pheromones play a role between men and women. I say they do, it's simply that we have diminished our olfactory sensory neurons throughout time. Some men think I'm bizarre when I want to smell their armpits after having sex, just nuzzling and cuddling after sex.Well, to me, there is a scent that emanates and it can create an attraction of a sexual nature between men and women.

Estrogen levels in females... ahhh ! yes, the estrogen, the female sexual hormones, the one that tells you that we are ready to procreate (don't you like that word) lol...

So, when I think of all these terms, words that we use, basically in laymen's terms, there is definitely a thing called sexual attraction between men and women. It's not always based on looks or personality but can also be the way we smell, at different times of the month.

Women  have a stronger scent during ovulation or when they're on their period. Men have moments in the month where their libidos are very high and I've concluded, according to my personal experiences that when there is a full moon, men and women also crave sex more (that is, if you're
already in tune with your sexuality or enjoy it on a regular basis).

All of those things are great, but what about the mind???

what about that connection you make with someone, that person who can excite your
mind and your p***y at the same time? Why do we vibe better with some and not with others?

Is it really about the "d**k" or the person?

you tell me

So my thought is this folks....

What do you think folks..is there really a difference between the sexes to
the point where we are all kind of superficial in some way where we tend
to care more about a man's cock size or a female's large breast or how
good her p***y is...instead of what that individual has on the inner
being of themselves?

Just curious to see what kind of responses some of you will have to this topic?

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Pheremones. I believe in their power. I believe we humans smell each other all day everyday. Some of us are drawn to folk and some of us are repelled by folk. We smell same as well as opposite sex. Not to get too deep- I'm simply saying that yes, i believe that pheremones exist and oh yeah, some of them turn me on-not to take away from the physical- but beyond that. Ever met that person that wasn't that hot but you were attracted to them? Men, aren't you all always breathing in your woman? Pheremones right? Hows about that person that you are so into that you literally sniff the hairs off thier body while you are having relations? Pheremones? I'm thinking yeah.
it all depends on how we meet. If I can c her first, I will kno if I am attracted to her body. If I talk 2 her first(phone, text,email.......) then I check out her mind, her style her conversation, & I can b attracted that way as well. Either way when we r close, I can b turned off by her smell or extreemly turn on(depending on the smell). If we go as far as sex, u'd best believe Im taking n a nose full of her with every breath. & if Im really feeling her flavor, imma give it a few days b4 I wash my sheets(like3/4)just 2 get that lingering blessing of her essence. Yea, im with u FemB.......Pheremones?.....me tinks,, yes!!!




Young, Black, and Fabulous

Christina Milian SPOTTED All Smiles In Hollywood + Karrueche Tran Recounts The Moment She Found Out Chris Brown Was Still Talking To Rihanna

 photo loveb11.jpg

Christina Milian was all smiles trekking around L.A. yesterday. Meanwhile, in a new clip from her interview with Iyanla Vanzant, Karrueche Tran recalls the time she found out Chris Brown was still talking to Rihanna. Check it inside…

Christina Milian is seemingly living the good life. Chick has her own reality show, her love life seems to be in tact (Lil Wayne) and she recently dropped a new video for her track “We Ain’t Worried.” So, it was no surprise seeing her all smiles showing off her toned abs strolling down Melrose yesterday.

 photo loveb14.jpg

The “Christina Turned Up” reality star came straight from the pool to make her way to a set for a photo shoot. She threw a plaid shirt over her bikini top, slipped into some distressed jeans and sneakers before being escorted to the secret location with her security in tow.

Before she trekked down Melrose....

 photo cmm1.png

 photo cmm2.png



#TGIF and guess what?!... #WeAintWorried nope! Download #Rebel and We Ain't Worried on iTunes and Amazon! @lizmilian_

A video posted by Christina Milian (@christinamilian) on Mar 27, 2015 at 1:43pm PDT


C-Mili, her sister and friends kicked off their weekend poolside for fun in the sun.

 photo ccm3.png

After getting glammed up, C-Milli hit the streets to pose it up in a new photo shoot with Sprayground. Looks like Christina and her We Are Pop Culture clothing line is teaming up with the backpack company for a new project.


Christina’s bestie Karrueche Tran is telling her side of everything that went down in the roller coaster relationship with her now ex-boyfriend Chris Brown in a new special with life coach Iyanla Vanzant.

We told you she’s sitting down with Iyanla to try and “get her life” after a long on-again off-again relationship with the R&B superstar, which eventually threw her in a love triangle involving Rihanna. And in a recently released clip, Kae touches on the moment she found out Breezy was still talking to Rihanna.

The crazy thing is Chris didn’t hide or deny the fact he was talking to Rih again. In the clip, Kae reveals she knew he was back talking to Rih again, but she thought it was just a “friend type of thing.”

She spilled, “I knew, but I didn't want to believe it. I was under the impression that it was a friend type of... not a friend, but it wasn't what it became to be.” Chile…..Peep the clip above.

Below are two more clips of Kae talking to Iyanla about what she felt Chris needed at the time and what she has learned from oversharing her personal life on social media:

Don't forget! Kae's special with Iyanla airs tonight on OWN at 8pm ET.

Photos: WENN/Christina's IG

Cleveland Cavalier Ballers LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Shawn Marion & Iman Shumpert Spotted In NYC Before Game Against The Brooklyn Nets + Teyana Taylor Tags Along

 photo loveb9.jpg

The Cleveland Cavaliers were in NYC yesterday ahead of their game against the Brooklyn Nets. See LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Shawn Marion and Iman Shumpert leaving their hotel, along with Iman’s girlfriend Teyana Taylor making an exit inside…..

Yesterday, Cleveland Cavalier small forward LeBron James was spotted leaving his hotel in NYC ahead of their game against the Brooklyn Nets at the Barclays Center.

 photo loveb3.jpg

Bron was "in the zone" rocking out with his headphones over his ears before hopping on the bus with his teammates.

 photo loveb7.jpg

Point guard Kyrie Irving had security extra tight as he was escorted out of his SoHo hotel ahead of the game.

 photo loveb1.jpg

Recently recovering from a hip injury, shooting guard Shawn Marion was seen getting in a last minute floss before hopping on the team bus.

 photo loveb5.jpg

After his girlfriend Teyana Taylor laced him up with a sexy lap dance during her show at SOBs, Iman Shumpert was spotted joining his teammates on their bus before the game.

 photo loveb2.jpg

And Tey wasn't far behind her beau.

Unfortunately for the Cavs, their four game winning streak came to an end last night after the Nets took home the win, 106-98. LeBron scored a total 24 points, Kyrie put up 26 points and Iman came in with 9 points. Although they suffered a lost, the Cavaliers are still in first place in the Central Division and hold the No. 2 spot in the Eastern Conference.

The Cavaliers will travel back home to the Quicken Loans Arena to go head-to-head against the Philadelphia 76ers on Sunday evening.



1. Prince is being SUED for allegedly jacking a track from a contestant on “The Voice.” STORY

2. Sources say Rich Homie Quan did not escape on a boat after punching a security guard in the face recently. STORY


Photos: Splash

EXCLUSIVE: Two NEW Bravo Shows Allegedly In The Works – NeNe Leakes & Kim Zolciak-Biermann REUNITE + “Real Housewives of Potomac Mills” Coming Soon

 photo nenekim.jpg

Two brand new BRAVO reality shows are allegedly in the works. And TheYBF.com has the deets! “RHOA” star NeNe Leakes and her former co-star/frenemy Kim Zolciak-Biermann is supposedly starring on a new show together. Also, a new housewives show “Real Housewives of Potomac Mills” will be joining the Housewives franchise. Deets inside….

You’ve seen the "original peach holders" NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak-Biermann go from the best of friends to mortal enemies and back to being friends again over the years. The current and former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars rekindled their friendship during an episode of on Bravo's "Watch What Happens Live" back in December. And now, we hear the two are currently working on a brand new show together.

Here’s what we know….

A production source tells TheYBF.com NeNe and Kim will reunite for a new show that will sort of serve Thelma and Louise realness. They will be two best friends doing absolutely everything together with cameras in tow to capture their antics.

Hmm…we’re wondering if the show will bring them closer together since patching things up, or if it will tear them apart again (we saw what went down on “RHOA”). We will keep you posted on any additional details once they become available.

And on another new show coming to BRAVO….

We hear there is a new show joining the “Real Housewives” franchise. And it appears it will center around a group of hairstylists in Northern VA.

Our production source tells us “Real Housewives of Potomac Mills” is currently in the works and it will supposedly follow black hairstylists working their way to the top. We can confirm at least one of the stylists set to star on the show is a black woman, so it will likely follow multiple black women doing their thing in the hair industry. Hmm…a show about what goes on in a salon sounds pretty interesting. We know how “real” it gets in the salon.

If this show follows the “Housewives” blueprint, we’re sure they’ll bring the weave pulling, cat fighting and shade throwing antics, but we’re hoping they’ll also show the business side of these entrepreneurial women working to build their own empires.

We’ll keep you posted!



Photo: WENN

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