Testosterone, Pheromones and Estrogen: Is There Such A Thing As Sexual Attraction Really??

I was reading a blog from a good friend on mine on another site in ladydi66xx and thought to myself what an interesting topic that she chose to talk about? I wonder what some of you on this site think about it so here is her blog post entitled...."Testosterone, Pheromones and

Testosterone, Pheromones and Estrogen

Funny title for something commonly known to us human beings as being "horny".

Well, testosterone is more prominent in men, 10 times more but women have a certain level of it also. We are more sensitive to it, which is probably one reason our bodies react to virile, masculine men.

Pheromones,.... some would say that there are no definitive answers if in fact pheromones play a role between men and women. I say they do, it's simply that we have diminished our olfactory sensory neurons throughout time. Some men think I'm bizarre when I want to smell their armpits after having sex, just nuzzling and cuddling after sex.Well, to me, there is a scent that emanates and it can create an attraction of a sexual nature between men and women.

Estrogen levels in females... ahhh ! yes, the estrogen, the female sexual hormones, the one that tells you that we are ready to procreate (don't you like that word) lol...

So, when I think of all these terms, words that we use, basically in laymen's terms, there is definitely a thing called sexual attraction between men and women. It's not always based on looks or personality but can also be the way we smell, at different times of the month.

Women  have a stronger scent during ovulation or when they're on their period. Men have moments in the month where their libidos are very high and I've concluded, according to my personal experiences that when there is a full moon, men and women also crave sex more (that is, if you're
already in tune with your sexuality or enjoy it on a regular basis).

All of those things are great, but what about the mind???

what about that connection you make with someone, that person who can excite your
mind and your p***y at the same time? Why do we vibe better with some and not with others?

Is it really about the "d**k" or the person?

you tell me

So my thought is this folks....

What do you think folks..is there really a difference between the sexes to
the point where we are all kind of superficial in some way where we tend
to care more about a man's cock size or a female's large breast or how
good her p***y is...instead of what that individual has on the inner
being of themselves?

Just curious to see what kind of responses some of you will have to this topic?

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Pheremones. I believe in their power. I believe we humans smell each other all day everyday. Some of us are drawn to folk and some of us are repelled by folk. We smell same as well as opposite sex. Not to get too deep- I'm simply saying that yes, i believe that pheremones exist and oh yeah, some of them turn me on-not to take away from the physical- but beyond that. Ever met that person that wasn't that hot but you were attracted to them? Men, aren't you all always breathing in your woman? Pheremones right? Hows about that person that you are so into that you literally sniff the hairs off thier body while you are having relations? Pheremones? I'm thinking yeah.
it all depends on how we meet. If I can c her first, I will kno if I am attracted to her body. If I talk 2 her first(phone, text,email.......) then I check out her mind, her style her conversation, & I can b attracted that way as well. Either way when we r close, I can b turned off by her smell or extreemly turn on(depending on the smell). If we go as far as sex, u'd best believe Im taking n a nose full of her with every breath. & if Im really feeling her flavor, imma give it a few days b4 I wash my sheets(like3/4)just 2 get that lingering blessing of her essence. Yea, im with u FemB.......Pheremones?.....me tinks,, yes!!!




Young, Black, and Fabulous

RUMOR CONTROL: Tyga FURIOUS Over False Claims That He's Seeking Custody Of His Son King Cairo From Blac Chyna!

 photo tyga.png

Tyga wants you to know he is NOT seeking custody of his son King Cairo. Although recent reports say he is gunning for custody because Blac Chyna is a bad mother, he says its not so! Get the real inside….

Tyga is clapping back at reports that he’s seeking primary custody of his 2-year-old son King Cairo from his baby's mother Blac Chyna.  

 photo kingblac.png

The Last Kings rapper took a moment to hop on Twitter to blast TMZ over a story that said he filed custody papers for primary custody of his son because Blac Chyna is a bad mother.

Remember when Blac Chyna and Amber Rose posted up those “twerk” videos on Instagram? Well, TMZ reported that was what set him off. They also said he was fed up with his child's mother partying so much, but according to him, this is all false!

He tweeted:

 photo tygatweet.png


Lately, the "Rack City" rapper has been spending much of his free time with his 17-year-old "friend" Kylie Jenner. Just last week the twosome hit up the Pediatric Cancer Ward at Children's Hospital Los Angeles together to donate gifts for the holidays. They also spent Thanksgiving Day together and spent the day before together serving food to the less fortunate.

In music news...



#TheGoldAlbum cover created by Kanye & Donda. made out of real gold. #Kingin #LastKings

A photo posted by Tyga / T-Raww (@kinggoldchains) on Dec 12, 2014 at 10:47am PST


Tyga released his new album art for his upcoming LP, The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty. The cover was designed by Kanye West and DONDA, made out of real gold. Looks like we might hear his Gold Album after all...but it likely won't be released through Young Money/Cash Money.


Photos: Tyga's IG/Chyna's IG

Laura Govan THROWS An 80s Themed Roller Skating Party...Columbus Short BRINGS His New Chick? + Karrueche HOSTS Holiday Dinner In Hollywood

 photo avent28.jpg

Laura Govan celebrated two of her daughters’ birthdays with an 80s themed roller skating party in L.A. Celeb guest included Gloria Govan, Lisa Leslie, Khadijah Haqq, Columbus Short (with a NEW chick on his arm) and more. Also, Karrueche Tran hosted a holiday dinner for friends in Hollywood. Peep the party pics inside….


 photo avent21.jpg

Over the weekend in L.A., former “Basketball Wives: L.A. star” Laura Govan threw an 80s themed roller skating birthday bash for her 9-year-old daughter Izelah Arenas (above) and 5-year-old Hamiley Arenas, whom she shares with former NBA baller Gilbert Arenas.

 photo avent20.jpg

The duel roller skating bash came complete with two separate 3-foot cakes, one Hello Kitty and the other The Grinch for the birthday girls.

 photo avent22.jpg

The girls' auntie/former reality star Gloria Govan was there to celebrate with her nieces.

 photo avent26.jpg

Actress Khadijah Haqq brought her adorable son and daughter out for the roller skating festivities.

 photo avent23.jpg

Diddy's daughters JessieD'Lila Combs (who recently celebrated their 8th birthday) came to party and posed it up with birthday girl Hamiley rocking her tutu.

And look who else was in attendance....

 photo avent30.jpg

Former “Scandal” star Columbus Short showed up at the party with a new chick on his arm. And it might possibly be his new girlfriend.

This is NOT the chick he was rumored to be dating a few months ago. You’ll recall, the still technically married Columbus was rumored to be dating an Instagram "personality" named Rasheeda Russell back in October. Well…it appears the two may have broken up because there is not one sign of her on his Instagram any longer, nor is he on hers.

But there are several pics of his new chick: fitness specialist Agostina Laneri (above & below). The twosome have been spending a lot of quality time together. They have been spotted spreading holiday cheer recently, giving gifts to those less fortunate:

 photo colo2.png

 photo colo3.png

And his new lady has also been posting lovey-dovey pics of her new beau:

 photo colo1.png

She captioned, "Yup, the strongest man I know #MCEF @officialcshort .... because the real power of a man is in the size of the smile of the woman standing next to him."

We guess....

At another party in L.A.....

 photo aventin3.jpg

Chris Brown's ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran got fab to host a holiday dinner with a group of friends at Italian restaurant Aventine Trattoria this weekend.

 photo aventin2.jpg

The newly single chick has plenty to celebrate. Along with her newly released filter app, Kae has signed a contract with Wilhemina Models LA.

Kae announced her new gig on Instagram recently, saying, “So happy to announce that I am officially apart of the @wilhelmina_la family @betsyatwilly I also used my 'Stay Gold' filter for this app via #looksee @be_revealed”

 photo aventin1.jpg

Wilhelmina Models L.A. also expressed their excitement announcing, "The flawless @Karrueche cannot take a bad photo!! Huge welcome to the Wilhelmina LA family!! Edited using @karrueche's own photo filter #staygold on the #looksee filter app!"

 photo khol.png

Congrats Kae!

Photos: The Nottingham Group/Brian Lindensmith / All Access Photo Agency/Kae's IG

SPOTTED: Rihanna And Melissa Forde EN ROUTE To A Photoshoot In NYC, RiRi SHARES Selfies From The Makeup Room

 photo rihdfvfderer.png

Rihanna and her bestie Melissa Forde were spotted in NYC on their way to a photoshoot. See their street candids inside and a few selfies that RiRi snapped...


  photo walkingmelsisa3.jpg

This afternoon, Rihanna was spotted leaving her Soho NYC hotel en route to a photoshoot in Brooklyn.

 photo walkingmelissa2.jpg

She rocked a floor length maroon and silver coat as she and Melissa Forde exchanged laughs on their way to a chauffeured car.

 photo walkingm1.jpg

Speaking of Melissa, Rihanna's dad had some not-so-nice things to say about her hanging onto Rihanna.  A few days ago, he said, "I think Melissa should be old enough to be able to stand on her own two feet, of course come and visit her like the rest of her friends but she doesn’t need to be there all the time."  Ouch.


Over in Brooklyn...

 photo ririeec43.png

Rihanna posted a few selfies from the makeup room while getting ready.

 photo mbrrr334.png

 photo riri543.png

We're not sure where Rihanna's photos will end up but they could be publicity stills from her forthcoming R8 disc.

 photo ririri32.png

While we still don't have a release date for the disc, the streets are buzzing that R8 is fire!



 photo walkinglemissa5.jpg

Rihanna was snapped leaving the Brooklyn studio where she shot her pics.


Photos via  247PapsTV / Splash News

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