Check this video out folks very true stuff both men and women go through in their thinking!

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funny shit

That dude is CRAZY! LOL!

They had me laughing!! Thanks for the humor in my day!! Seems like counseling is needed.




Young, Black, and Fabulous

LeBron James SENDS Cupcakes TO Neighbors + LeBron & Savannah CHEER On LeBron Jr. During His 4th Grade Basketball Tournament

 photo lebronsjdjddd.png

Lebron James apologized for causing a neighborhood traffic jam buy sending neighbors a box of cupcakes!  Get the story behind his good deed inside and watch he and Savannah cheer on LeBron Jr. at a tournament.   

 photo 1107.png

Since announcing his decision to leave Miami and return to Cleveland, reporters and news crews have been camped out LeBron's ritzy neighborhood.  The ensuing interest has created so much traffic that LBJ apologized...with a box of cupcakes.  The card sent to neighbors was posted on DJ Envy's site, reading:

Dear Friend,

We know things have been hectic in the neighborhood these past few weeks & we are sorry for the chaos. We are so thankful to live in this wonderful community and we are so blessed to have understanding neighbors like you.

As a gesture of our gratitude and appreciation, our family wants to give you something that is very meaningful to us, our foundation’s cupcakes. We hope you enjoy the treat!

Savannah * Lebron * Bronny * Bryce

Inside the box, six of the cupcakes were labeled “Just A Kid From Akron Cherry Cola Cupcake” while the other six were labeled “Home Court Chocolate Chunk Cupcake”.



In other LBJ news....


We came across a cute video of LeBron and Savannah cheering on LeBron Jr as he played for the Miami City Ballers in the AAU Fourth Grade Division I national championship tournament. The game was held this past weekend at Kentucky Basketball Academy in Lexington, Ky.

FYI - "Bronny" score 11 points, helping his squad top the Mississippi club DMG, 51-46. We guess he's a chip off the old block.

Watch their adorable victory hug above.....


Photos via LeBron James' Instagram/DJ Envy

So...Tiny Is Doing Music Again: New Track & Video -- "What The F*** You Gon Do?"

 photo 10561086_339673526184001_937301469_n_zps1de5e603.jpg

Tameka "Tiny" Harris is back y'all.  After getting her Pretty Girl Hustle company and her daughter's singing group the OMG Girlz up and running, she getting back to her own singing roots. Check out her new song and video inside...and how she seems to have a message for her husband.

Tiny surprised her fans last night with a brand new song on iTunes and a video.  Her new single is called "What The F*** You Gn Do?"....and this is what she had to say about it:

Everyone's been asking me to do music again.....well be careful what you ask for!! Im so excited to present to you my first solo single available right now on iTunes. Search Tameka Tiny Harris and get yours now! Thank you all for continuous prayers and support! This is for y'all!! #PrettyHustle #WTFYGD

The song and video are giving us a 90's Xscape feel, and since that's what made her famous, it makes perfect sense.

T.I.P. isn't the only one who can write music about his relationship drama.  This song is clearly a peek into her and T.I.'s marital troubles.  At the beginning of the vid, T.I. (or his look alike) is turned away from her in bed...then disappears.  Then Tiny, in her satin robe and bra, starts singing in the mirror:

Really you aint thinkin'/Boy tell me how you sleep at night

Cuz I been lonely/And you know that/and if you knew what's good you would do right

I was on some shit like/I would be his ride or die

Show you what it feels like to be on the other side

Don't keep trippin' on me/You now you want it anyway

Don't be sleepin' on me

Sounds like she's telling T.I. to shape up or ship out.  Or whatever.  Check it below.  You feelin' it?


GOOD NEWS: Sherri Shepherd VICTORIOUS In Court, Retains Physical Custody Of Nine-Year-Old Son Jeffrey

 photo sherrison.png

Finally, some good news for Sherri Shepherd. In one of the TWO court battles she’s currently involved in, a judge has rejected her ex-husband Jeffrey Tarpley's petition for custody of their nine-year-old son. Deets inside…

They say when it rains, it pours. BUT…after the rain comes the rainbow.

“The View” co-host Sherri Shepherd can cross one major thing off of her significantly important to-do list. And that’s to keep custody of her nine-year-old son, Jeffrey (above).

On Monday, Sherri and her ex-husband Jeffrey Tarpley appeared in Los Angeles Superior Court for a hearing to establish who would be awarded physical custody of their son. Luckily for the talk show host, her ex-husband’s petition for temporary custody was denied and their son will remain with his mother.

According to court documents obtained by PEOPLE, Judge Michelle Williams ruled against Tarpley's request, citing that "there has not been a material change in circumstances.”

Sherri’s ex-husband filed the petition after making claims that she is a “horrible mother” and her hectic work schedule was causing her to neglect their son's needs. Nice Try.

After court, Sherri thanked all her supporters for their continued support and prayers tweeting:



Now Sherri can fully focus on all of the bizarre circumstances surrounding her messy divorce to Lamar Sally and unborn surrogate baby daddy drama.  

Photos: Sherri's IG


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