Check this video out folks very true stuff both men and women go through in their thinking!

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funny shit

That dude is CRAZY! LOL!

They had me laughing!! Thanks for the humor in my day!! Seems like counseling is needed.




Young, Black, and Fabulous

SOCIAL MEDIA SHENANIGANS: 50 Cent BLASTS A$AP Rocky For DM'n Tatted Up Holly, A$AP Responds + Trey Songz Throws Subliminal SHOT At 50!

 photo 50as.jpg

50 Cent, A$AP Rocky & Trey Songz seem to be throwing jabs at one another on social media. Find out what they’re “IG BEEFIN’” about inside…

As the Instagram turns!

50 Cent is back to doing what he does best…throwing shots at people on social media. And this time he turns his attention to rapper A$AP Rocky after he slid into Tatted Up Holly’s direct messages recently.

Apparently, 50 spends his time checking Tatted Up Holly’s direct messages on Instagram. And if he finds something he doesn’t like, you know he’s going to speak on it. The “Power” producer took to his Instagram to post a screenshot of A$AP pursuing Holly, in which he said:

 photo 50start1.jpg

"Boy of boy, last time I seen this punk he had a dress on. You can't afford holly I gave her habits, get your weight up first boy. Bentley and better over here, n!gga can you buy that? f*ck you think I'm Kanye and you Wiz lol"


Oh Fif...he belittles A$AP (calling him "boy" and saying he's BROKE) and name drops Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa. A$AP decided he wasn't going to take the jabs lying down, so he took to his Twitter account to pop back at 50 (read from the bottom up):

 photo 50start2.png

It’s interesting to note, a few days ago 50 BLASTED Holly (who is supposedly his main chick) on his IG, calling her “community p*ssy”, alluding she has slept with Trey Songz and a few other high-profile celebs. 50 calling her "community p*ssy" was his response after Holly took to Instagram to blast him for allegedly assaulting her. So if he's checking her direct messages now, have they kissed and made up? Sighs....

Now, Trigga is clapping back (joining A$AP), throwing subliminal shade towards 50. He tweeted:

 photo 50start3.png


These guys and their social media shenanigans...


Photos: 50's IG/A$AP's IG

Eva Marcille & Kevin McCall’s Daughter Marley Rae CELEBRATES Turning 1 With A Birthday Bash, Kevin Does NOT Attend

 photo mr1.png

Cute little Marley Rae celebrated her first birthday yesterday with her mom Eva Marcille, Omarion and Apryl Jones’ son Megaa, family and friends. But one person was notably missing, her father Kevin McCall. And he had plenty to say about it. Deets inside….

 photo mr3.png

Eva Marcille and Kevin McCall’s daughter Marley Rae is already 1! Can you believe it? Time sure flies.

The little bundle of cuteness, who they affectionately call "Beans", was the baby of the hour as she celebrated her first birthday with family and friends of her own. The birthday festivities came complete with inflatables, balloons and of course, cake.

 photo marley4.jpg

Omarion and Apryl Jones' adorable son Megaa was on the scene to party it up with the birthday girl. Aww...cuteness overload.

 photo mr2.png

 photo mr4.png

Little Marley Rae was all smiles as she jumped around in the bouncy house and trotted around on the shoulders of her mother's cousin/make-up artist Terrell Mullins.

 photo marley1.jpg

 photo marley11.jpg

While the kids were playing, mama Eva snapped it up and got silly with her homies who came out to celebrate her baby girl's first birthday.

 photo marley10.jpg

And little Marley was super cute in her "Little Mermaid" birthday hat. She looks ready for some cake.

 photo marley7.jpg

Before heading to the party, Apryl and Megaa snapped a darling "us"ie.


 photo marley9.jpg

While his daughter had a ball at her birthday party, Kevin McCall appeared to be an outsider looking in via social media. We're not sure if he was invited and just decided not to come OR if he wasn't invited at all. What we do know is he wasn't there. And he made sure to let everyone know he wasn't there with his latest Instagram postings. He sadly captiopned,

Well these pictures will do it's jus a day...I'm full of Joy and thankful you spent your 1st bday with those who love you...don't trip I got next one #AngelsAllAround #marleyxoxo @TerrellMullin

 photo marley5.jpg

While preparing to step during the Black College Expo at the LA Convention Center, he posted another shot of his baby girl saying, "Ooh look at #jenesis143 lil twin lol happy bday #marleyxoxo bet it was Perfect!!!! many more to come my Twin".

He also posted the picture of Marley and Megaa to his IG with the caption, "awe man it's happening already but I'm rest assure your POPS #omarion raised you to be true King. And the way Kings treat Queens goes without saying so u Good with O.G papa Mac #marleyxoxo"

Sucks he wasn't there, but maybe he should lay off the social media antics (remember when he posted a phone convo between him and Eva about seeing Marley?) so he and Eva can sit down and figure this all out for Marley's sake.


Photos: @kevinmccalljr/@TerrellMullin/@aprylsjones/@ejking21


UPDATE: Bobbi Kristina Reportedly Put On A Ventilator With Her Father Bobby Brown At Her Bedside, Drug Overdose Suspected

 photo bk1.png

Updates are pouring in on Bobbi Kristina’s condition after she was found unresponsive in a bathtub inside of her home. Reports now say she has been placed on ventilator to help her breath and her father Bobby Brown is now by her side. Get the latest inside….

Shocking news of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s daughter Bobbi Kristina (Brown) Houston Gordon swept the Interwebs after she was found unresponsive facedown in a bathtub in the home she shares with her husband Nick Gordon Saturday morning (Jan. 31st). Nick and a friend reportedly performed CPR on the 21-year-old until an ambulance whisked her off to a hospital in Roswell, GA. She is still alive, but she's not out of the woods yet.

Sources previously revealed Bobbi was put into a medically induced coma due to brain swelling. And now new reports state she has placed on a ventilator to help regulate her breathing.

Police are now investigating whether or not drugs played a part in her ordeal, although sources close to the family say this was NOT a suicide attempt.

According to TMZ, her father Bobby Brown has made his way to his daughter’s bedside. It’s said Tyler Perry was in L.A. on his way to Atlanta for business when he offered to take Bobby Brown with him once he heard of the sad news.

This whole situation is so eerie being that her mother Whitney Houston was found unresponsive in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton Hotel and eventually was pronounced dead on February 11th three years ago. Her death was eventually ruled as an accidential drowning after the combination of cocaine found in her system with the effects of atherosclerotic heart disease being the cause.

We're keeping Bobbi Kris in our prayers and we'll keep you updated on her condition.

Photo: Bobbi's IG

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