Check this video out folks very true stuff both men and women go through in their thinking!

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funny shit

That dude is CRAZY! LOL!

They had me laughing!! Thanks for the humor in my day!! Seems like counseling is needed.




Young, Black, and Fabulous

First SNEAK PEEK At Yandy Smith & Mendeecees Harris' Baby Girl + Kevin McCall REVEALS Eva Marcille Is Keeping Their Daughter AWAY From Him!

 photo my3.png

We have the first sneak peek at Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris’ newborn baby girl. Also, Kevin McCall claims his daughter’s mother Eva Marcille has been keeping their daughter Marley Rae away from him and says he has not seen her in over a month! Get the deets inside….

 photo my1.png

“Love & Hip Hop New York” stars Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris welcomed their precious baby girl hours ago. We already showed you the behind-the-scenes hospital pics of the two gearing up for their preciousness’ arrival. And now they have shared the first sneak peek at their new bundle of joy.

Proud dad Mendeecees, clearly head over heels in love with little one shared the first shot of their little one. He captioned, “This Hand Will Always Be There For You Until The Day I Die.. Love You & Happy Birthday My princess”.

Aww! Glad Yandy and baby are doing well. Congrats again to the couple!

In other baby news....


 photo kew1.jpg

Singer-songwriter Kevin McCall is going through it with his daughter's mother/"Top Model" star Eva Marcille. And it isn't the first time these two have come to social media blows.

Kevin claims Eva will not let him see his daughter Marley Rae because she fears for her life. Say what? Well, she did file a restraining order on him last April after he allegedly went ape sh*t on her during an argument as she held their daughter. Yikes.

Now they're back at it again...on social media. The former couple's latest "drama" started when Eva posted a "kissy lips" emoji under a pic of Wale on Instagram. We assume Kevin got into his feelings and posted a message in Wale's comments, alluding the rapper had herpes. He later apologized to Wale. Then Kevin posted a few videos to his Instagram about a conversation he had with Eva about visiting his daughter. The convo went something like this:

Sighs...He did delete them from his account, but of course, it was reposted for all to see.

Soon after, he posted the pic atop holding his daughter with the caption:

 photo kew2.jpg

"See you 2019 my Princess. God got it. I surrender it ALL to him it is out of my hands. Father in the name of Jesus I relingquish it all yo YOU. Bless my children. Life's not fair."


This morning, Kevin called into Power 105's The Breakfast Club to clear the air a bit on his recent social media antics. During his chat with the radio hosts, he said he never said Wale had herpes. He explained, "All I said was, ‘I’d never be jealous of a man with herpes. Drops the mic.’ But whoever got offended by it, that’s up to them". Ummmm same difference.

He added, "I insinuated it. So think about it, if the shoe fits, wear it Cinderella". Alrighty...

He also said after having a dispute with Eva, she threatened him by saying he would not see his daughter until 2019 and that's why he posted that Instagram post about not seeing his daughter. He revealed the last time he saw his daughter was about a month ago and, in so many words, he hopes that they can work on their co-parenting skills for Marley's sake.


Check it:

This guy is doing the MOST....

Photos: Instagram

Behind The Scenes Of Kanye & Kim's Balmain Shoot, Kanye Claims Kim Has Dated "Broke Black Guys"

 photo bakk2_zps02dc4c28.png

The behind the scenes shots of Kanye & Kim Kardashian West's Balmain shoot give us a peek at how a photoshoot with the fashion loving couple goes.  Check 'em inside, plus Kanye telling folks Kim has dated "broke black guys" before....

 photo bakk7_zps4b14432e.png

That sexy recent Balmain shoot featuring The Wests also had some sweet moments behind the scenes.  And sweet for Kim and Kanye means lots of oohs and ahhs at each other's outfits....and staring at each other in adoration.

The couple let us in on what it's like to get fitted and taped and tucked and pulled to get the perfect shots.  And Kanye didn't mind watching his wife squeeze into the skin tight looks. (You can splurge on Kim's Balmain stretch sheer caged viscose top HERE.)

 photo bakk12_zpsaafa0f3c.png

 photo bakk1_zps60461358.png

 photo bakk4_zps4da6d7b9.png  photo bakk9_zps794a00b5.png    photo bakk10_zps49db3b3d.png    photo bakk3_zps5e472f1c.png

Meanwhile, over at the BET Honors show where Kanye picked up the Visionary Award this weekend, he gave an interesting acceptance speech that definitely had tongues wagging.

After his wife (and others) appeared in a video speaking about him, Kanye took the stage to accept his award and challenged those who have an issue with their marriage.  Particularly those who believe she has a knack for choosing men who elevate her fame status in one way or another.  Even more particularly, rich and famous black men.

He said:

"At the barbershop... I used to hear people always talking about, 'Man you know when an entertainer get on, of course you know he gon' go and get a white girl and blah blah blah and a white girl gon' get a rich black dude.'

But I wanna say that my wife has dated broke black dudes. It got nothing to do with the money."

Oh?  He further went on to reveal that Kim's late father Robert Kardashian, even told her she would have a black child one day.

Yes, this was said.  The BET Honors air February 23rd.


Photos: Kim's Twitter/Instagram





1.  Evan Ross is selling his bachelor pad for $1.5 million.  STORY

NEW GIGS: Idris Elba Directing New UK Drama 'King For A Term' + Shonda Rhimes Gets New ABC Drama "The Catch"

 photo idris-elba-directing.jpg

In new gigs, British sensation Idris Elba is directing a new UK series "King For A Term" while Shonda Rhimes sold another project to ABC Studios.  More inside...


Idris Elba is going to be really busy in 2015.  In addition to raising his newborn son Winston Elba and his pre-teen daughter Isan, dodging phone calls from K. Michelle and serving as the executive producer of FOX's American version of "Luther", he's directing a new show in the UK!

We've learned that Idris is currently directing a SKY Arts Channel production called "King for a Term."  Shadows and Act reveals that the show "King for a Term" is a low budget, one-off drama for SKY "Playhouse" that follows Akuna, a 9-year-old boy and his experience starting at a school for disabled children.

This is Idris' second time directing for SKY "Playhouse." He made his debut in 2013 with "The Pavement Psychologist," (which he also wrote the screenplay for)!

While we doubt "King for a Term" will make it to American television (outside of NetFlix) if/when it does...we'll keep you posted.



In other television news....

 photo ShondaRhimesELLEWomenTelevisionCelebrationSyCjpHSKYfJl.jpg


Thanks to the success of "Grey's Anatomy", "Scandal" and "HTGAWM", the execs at ABC are putting their faith (and millions) behind another Shondaland project.  The new show, titled "The Catch", will follow a female forensic accountant whose career specialty is exposing fraud for a living. While the title character is successful at work, she leads a tumultuous love life. One plot line involves her con-artist fiance who's been pulling a con on her; however, her "lies" will end up thwarting his cons.  Gotta love Shonda for always having strong female leads with relatable personal lives.

The pilot will be exec produced by Shonda, Betsy Beers, Julie Anne Robinson and Jennifer Schuur, and co-produced by Helen Gregory and Kate Atkinson.

Photo via Shadows And Act/Getty Images

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