Whether it was a baby pic, a photo you sent to someone online, a pic your ex took of you one crazy night: HAS A NUDE PHOTO EVER COME BACK TO HAUNT YOU?

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She told me that the pic of me in that thong was just for HER!!! I was drunk and high....then when she asked me to pose like a ballerina...i didnt even think anything of it!! i mean...IM A MAN!!!! IM SECURE WITH MINES!!! Then the pics she took spanking me with a wooden spoon...OH LAWD!!!!!, WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!! LOL!!!!!!
Nahhhh...luckily, i dont have any drunken one nighter pics out there. Thank goodness!!! lol!!!
LMAO! Um...yeah...me too...
None haven't came to surface, but I did run into a dude that I made a flick w/ in '99 and '00. If one surface let me know I need a copy. LOL
What did ur hair look like from the back n 1999/2000, & do u have a butterfly tatted on the small of ur back?

Pooh said:
None haven't came to surface, but I did run into a dude that I made a flick w/ in '99 and '00. If one surface let me know I need a copy. LOL
what was the title? ;-P

Pooh said:
None haven't came to surface, but I did run into a dude that I made a flick w/ in '99 and '00. If one surface let me know I need a copy. LOL
ha! Back in '99 my hair was blonde and on the small of my back is a tattoo: PRINCESS ;-)

Bam said:
What did ur hair look like from the back n 1999/2000, & do u have a butterfly tatted on the small of ur back?

Pooh said:
None haven't came to surface, but I did run into a dude that I made a flick w/ in '99 and '00. If one surface let me know I need a copy. LOL
nah, never did the nude photo thing....but video(s).....well thats another story...lol, I always made sure to have the only copy anyway...and after reviewing the footage the officials have voted that I looked pretty damn good at that (those) angles! So I wouldnt worry about any leaked footage...... lmao
and I'll do it again! WHAT!

No tattoos and a ponytail

Bam said:
What did ur hair look like from the back n 1999/2000, & do u have a butterfly tatted on the small of ur back?

Pooh said:
None haven't came to surface, but I did run into a dude that I made a flick w/ in '99 and '00. If one surface let me know I need a copy. LOL
can't remember the title

LatinTemptress said:
what was the title? ;-P

Pooh said:
None haven't came to surface, but I did run into a dude that I made a flick w/ in '99 and '00. If one surface let me know I need a copy. LOL
So far so good Ana not yet:)
HA! alright now!

Michigan's Finest said:
So far so good Ana not yet:)




Young, Black, and Fabulous

Rihanna's NUDES LEAK In HACKING Scandal + Traci Braxton STRADDLES Husband Kevin During Concert Performance!

 photo BxZlkazCQAAlPYG.jpg

Its a weeend of awlward moments apparenty.  "Braxton Family Values" star Traci Braxton performed her debut single "Last Call" while straddling her husband Kevin during a performance at Howard University’s Cramton Auditorium.  See what happens on stage inside, and get deets on Rihanna's nudes leaking (again)....


Gabrielle Union isn't the only YBF celeb whose nudes were hacked and leaked over the weekend.  We've just learned that Rihanna was also a victim of the Cloud hacking scandal.  While Gabby reached out the FBI, we don't expect a similar response from RiRi.  Don't forget...she posted her tatas on Instagram for free and got her account shut down.  Plus, she had her naked pics leaked on the net years ago.

Today, two new pics surfaced...one showing her nipples (censored) and another showing her nipple and a shot of her butt.  They look to be taken during a fitting or inside of a private apartment of some kind. 

But....why did the hacker even bother?  Seeing Rihanna's T-N-A simply requires a quick, fast Google search.  Same goes for the newest leaks...a quick Twitter search of her name will reveal all.


In other weird news....

 photo dsvddfefreer.png

Whatever the counselors at "Celebrity Marriage Boot Camp" told Traci Braxton and her formerly estranged hubby Kevin, it must have worked!  She was ALL over him during her performance at Howard University’s Cramton Auditorium recently as she crooned her new single, “Last Call.” Let's just say when the bar closes.....she ends up in his lap.

 photo tracisjfefe.png

On Twitter, Traci revealed that she'll drop her debut album next month.  Will you be getting it?


Get it....



Photo via Rihanna's Twitter

Kenya Moore, Cynthia Bailey, Nene Leakes & T.I. AT Moet's PRIVATE Dinner + Judy Smith, Don Lemon & Michael B. Jordan At The 2014 ADCOLOR Awards

 photo A79A35E0-05E1-4011-821D-956799B77EB3.jpg

Cynthia Bailey & Peter Thomas, Kandi Burruss & Todd Tucker, & Kenya Moore were all seen at Moët & Chandon Nectar Impérial Rosé "Executive Lounge” private dinner last night. Photos inside and pics from the 2014 ADCOLOR Awards With Judy Smith, Don Lemon and Michael B. Jordan.


In honor of BET WEEKEND in Atlanta, the folks at Moët & Chandon Nectar Impérial Rosé presented the "Executive Lounge" black-tie dinner at STK recently.

The event brought out ATL "reality" royalty (the RHOA stars and their husbands) hip hop stars (T.I., Yo Gotti) and more.  In the photo atop, RHOA stars Kenya Moore (looking pretty hot in white), Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas posed it up together.  We last saw the three of them together for Peter's Salute To Excellence Awards.  Glad to see they're still all getting along...

 photo B7F7664C-09F8-4828-A059-DBE689B5E283.jpg

Nene Leakes, the reigning queen of reality tv, posed with hubby Gregg.

 photo A6257AFE-A89B-4EB4-BF51-003C6DCCEA50.jpg

During her exclusive with TheYBF.com, Nene hinted that she's be heading to Broadway in Cinderella.  And now, it's confirmed that she'll take over Sherri Shepherd's role as the wicked stepmother on November 25th!

 photo 68551FBA-81AF-45A3-B6AF-7B1AF71B86A0.jpg

Porsha Williams dined next to Nene and Gregg.  We would be interested in seeing how she and Kenya handle one another when the RHOA cameras are not around.

 photo 57A805C6-703A-4D18-9695-5FBC89ABDE93.jpg

Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker were there.  Kandi was also an honoree at Peter's Salute To Excellence Awards ceremony.

 photo CFBEF83D-BD15-43DE-BEF2-897A1A5046E4.jpg

"Atlanta Exes" star Monyetta Shaw and rapper Brianna Perry smiled for the cameras.

 photo BD611D32-014C-4642-87A2-8442A86F4DE2.jpg     

"106 & Park" host Bow Wow raised a toast to BET Weekend.  He's really trying it with this PR stunt huh?

 photo 64EA6369-3001-4F15-A620-E2AB0ABF711A.jpg

Musiq has quietly launched a hip hop career using the alias The Husel.  Are we here for that?

 photo 48D482C6-9EBB-4F08-B6C7-85F605D5A4EF.jpg

Keshia Knight Pulliam posed with one of the mini champagne bottles.

 photo 5C607919-3B83-4C12-BA41-C4AD3D59CF2C.jpg

T.I. saluted the event.

 photo 225571E9-1F93-4054-9235-AACBB4681B01.jpg

 photo 920EB4EF-D4A4-43BE-AA3E-664E71417D0C.jpg

 photo 96F97AB2-2185-4D57-B763-95F0CB78388A.jpg

Rappers Yo Gotti, Big Krit, Ty Dolla Signs, and Que were among the guests treated to seared tuna, salmon tartar, 10 oz filet of beef, roasted chicken, peach cobbler and music by DJ Ruckus.

 photo BF3B564D-0A47-44A5-AFEF-8C2A39E8BAFF.jpg

The event was hosted by music executive aficionado's, Shawn "Pecas" Costner, Mike Kyser, Chaka Zulu and Kawan "KP" Prather and Jennifer Drake.


Over in Beverly Hills....

 photo DonLemon2014ADCOLORAwardsnLjVvfdjv9il.jpg

 photo DonLemon2014ADCOLORAwardsAfterPartyCm-8J1AJg-El.jpg

Last night, the 2014 ADCOLOR Awards, celebrating and championing diversity in the fields advertising, marketing, media, PR and entertainment, were held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel.

 photo JayEllis2014ADCOLORAwardsAfterPartyMZjNDeV5Cc9l.jpg

The ceremony was attended by CNN anchor Don Lemon and actor Michael B. Jordan who posed with ADCOLOR founder Tiffany R. Warren.  Everyone who's anyone in advertising and marketing makes a point to be seen at this event.

 photo MichaelBJordan2014ADCOLORAwards76kiL-oI_sWl.jpg   

Author, tv producer and "Scandal" inspiration Judy Smith (who received The Catalyst Award) posed with Michael.

 photo CharlesKing2014ADCOLORAwards7JLBmcwk6Onl.jpg

 photo CharlesKing2014ADCOLORAwardsXxSwHv46N3vl.jpg

And Charles King, Partner at William Morris Endeavor (shown above with wife Stacey), received The Catalyst Award. Charles is credited with the stellar careers of Steve Harvey, Tyler Perry and more.  Love seeing the YBFers doing MAJOR things in the entertainment business world.





Photos via Johnny Nunez/Exclusive Access.Net/Getty

Fantasia's Got A New Man...And She Wants The World To Know

 photo ScreenShot2014-09-21at31059AM_zpsf419766f.png

For the last couple of weeks. singer Fantasia has been hinting about a new love in her life.  And this weekend, she pulled the big reveal.  Deets inside that we've discovered about her new boo...

After a few traumatic relationships, it looks like 'Tasia has found her happiness.  So we hope.  The "Without Me" singer posted the above pic of a mystery man kissing her face Saturday night.  And the look on her face definitely screams "romantic".

The twosome looked to be leaving an intimate setting during her visit Atlanta, and after doing some digging, we learned a little more. 

She captioned the pic:

Went To My Fav Restaurant..10 Degrees South.. South African Food... Kings love A Real Queen ATL



 photo ScreenShot2014-09-21at31159AM_zpsd6cf30d2.png

Then Fanny posted her new tight bod in the above dress as a solo pic, and mentioned that a wedding had taken place.  We've since learned it's a close friend's wedding:

Thanking Akela @tshanelldesigns for Remaking A Dress That is Very Special To Me... The Wedding WS Beautiful and Being Here with My Ken Doll made it even Better.. Grown Woman Now

And then we noticed Fanny had already pulled the big reveal right before these pics were posted:

 photo ScreenShot2014-09-21at31120AM_zps175f5154.png

She says in full:

I wrote this song years ago titled Daydreaming.. It's On YouTube now ( the First song I had ever wrote) In the song I was singing about A very special presence that would come to me in my dreams every since I was 12 years old. He would tell me how beautiful I was and would always talk about my eyes and my smile. When it was time to wake from the dream he would asked me over and over please don't go. The funny part is it was never a sexual thing it was just his presence and the love that I felt in the Dreams (I felt Protected and so very safe). I would hear him call my name *Fantasia* and I would go, I would just follow him wherever.. It would be long walks in Beautiful places and EVERYTIME It was so peaceful, it felt like a best friend somebody I had known all my life. The Only people I would talk about the Dreams to was My Mommy and @neek1064 I began to think that I would only feel that kind of love in my Dreams.. Well I Don't Have That Dream Anymore because he CAME

Well, well, well.  Sounds like someone is in love.  And we've learned that the mystery fella's name is Kendall Taylor, allegedly.  But Fantasia calls him her "Ken Doll".

Oh, and did you notice his ring...on THAT finger?  Hmmm....we were so busy hoping she wasn't getting herself caught up in another marital love triangle that we almost missed a similar ring on HER ring finger.  Check her left hand above and below:


 photo ScreenShot2014-09-21at31922AM_zps4b96fb52.png


We're not sure what, if anything, the rings signify.  But it's definitey interesting.

Fanny also has been posting about cooking for her "Ken Doll", working out with him, and serving up her ASSets as well:

 photo ScreenShot2014-09-21at31441AM_zpsb103bfd9.png  

 photo ScreenShot2014-09-21at32017AM_zpsc7831297.png

And she recently posted a pic of plenty of shoes at her door saying:

These Moments with My Daughter, Son, Niece And Ken Doll are the Best.. Guess what??? Studio Thursday and I'm Going Rock Soul. It's Time... It's MY TIME

 photo ScreenShot2014-09-21at32116AM_zps098373b1.png

Well, this should be interesting however it plays out.  And we're hoping for the best.


Photos: Fantasia's IG

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