ok...what up fam....got a question for you out there....

How is a relationship viewed by you.?

Business transaction: Two putting in on finances, live together, "do some stuff together" and hollar at each other like homies.....


Regular: All of the above but with love, respect, and also treat each other as King and Queen of their world together......goals, ambitions, motivation to do for the other as they would have them do unto you....


You be the judge....need all opinions from everyone!

Money o Love!!! What is everyone seeking and why???

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Young, Black, and Fabulous

Snoop Dogg Dons "Whiteface" To TRANSFORM Into 'A White Guy Named Todd', Snaps Selfie With Nia Long

 photo wr1.png

Snoop Dogg took a page from Nick Cannon’s book, donning whiteface. And it looks like it could be for a possible role in a new movie. Peep more pics and videos inside…

 photo wr2.png

Remember all of the controversy that stemmed from Nick Cannon dressing in “whiteface” to promote his last album? Well it looks like Snoop Dogg is following suit…but possibly for a different project.

 photo wr4.png

 photo wr3.png

In a series of Instagram pics and videos, Snoop has transformed into a white guy named Todd, complete with whiteface and a blonde wig. We’re not exactly sure why, but it looks like it could be for a film since he snapped a few pics with fab Single Mom’s Club actress, Nia Long.

Todd is, according to Snoop, a single white man on the hunt for some for fly single females. And in his spare time he enjoys going paintballing, crocheting and a little spoken word. Sounds like an ad for a dating website right? That’s exactly what it is. Snoop has been advertising for a “site” called White Guys Connect. And it appears Nia could be the lead woman he’s looking for.

 photo wr5.png

Ha! Duck lips...


 photo wr6.png

Nia also shared a shot of herself and Snoop after he got rid of Todd. She captioned, “I love me some him :)”

Peep the funny vids of Snoop posing as Todd below:

Wonder what they're up to...

Photos: Snoop's IG/Nia's IG

LOOKING BACK...AT IT: Tyson Beckford RECONNECTS With Ex-Girlfriend/Model Shanina Shaik At The US OPEN

 photo tysofnefewewf.png

When you mix the US Open with fancy Champagne and genetically blessed individuals...things are bound to happen.  See pics of Tyson and former flame Shanina Shaik reconnecting/reflecting inside....

 photo AM7U2723.jpg

Supermodel/actor Tyson was spotted at the US Open at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens yesterday....looking editorial fresh!

 photo IMG_1298.jpg

Tyson, who was a vision in white, has been filming the stripper-themed romp "Chocolate City", a movie that who likely, hopefully, prayfully feature him, Michael Jai White and Romeo Miller in thongs (and not much else).

Tyson attended the Open as a guest of Moet & Chandon Champagne where he hung out in their VIP suite alongside other beautiful people...like his ex, Victoria's Secret model Shanina Shaik.  Though the two are rumored to have stop dating in November 2013 (and she was even "rumored" to have hooked up with Justin Bieber), something about the US Open and all those flying tennis balls reignited a flame.

 photo article-0-20E43C8C00000578-944_634x863.jpg

Their reunion was brought about after Shanina posted a photo of herself in the Moet & Chandon suite earlier in the week - Tyson commented on the post, wondering where his invite was. And you know what happened next? She returned to the suite last night,with Tyson!  First came the Champagne.... 


Then the selfies...

 photo article-0-20E43BE900000578-608_634x1173.jpg

And we bet he smelled good.....

 photo article-0-20E43C0100000578-939_634x905.jpg   

When a man realizes what he's missing...

We wonder if they went ahead brought their love back to the future?



1. Nicki Minaj's Pink Print album will be released on Nov. 28th. Story.


Photos via Pacific Coast News/Nike Communications



RUMOR CONTROL: Tameka Raymond BLAMES Editing For Negative Portrayal On “Atlanta Exes” + "Wild 'N Out" Model Brittany Dailey REFUTES Rumors That She Slept With Nick Cannon

 photo tm1.png

Tameka Raymond and "Wild 'N Out" model Brittany Dailey are clearing up rumors. Find out what Tameka had to about VH1 producers editing her to be a villain and what Brittany had to say about the Nick Cannon cheating rumors inside…

 photo tm2.png

If you’ve been watching the brand new season of “Atlanta Exes” you’ve noticed the “Negative Nancy” attitude Tameka Raymond seems to always have. We’ve seen her be quite critical toward her friend/castmate Sheree Buchanan and the mini showdown between Tameka, Torrei Hart (above) and Atlanta DJ Traci Steele.

But, Usher’s ex-wife wants her fans to know that this is not who she really is. Most viewers are aware that Tameka was going through a very trying time in her life with the lost of her son Kile Glover in a jet ski accident and the nasty, very public custody battle over the two sons she shares with her ex. On top of that, she also found out that one of other her sons was diagnosed with Type 1 juvenile diabetes.

Tameka wants her fans to know that the negative portrayal of her character is not her true character. The former celebrity stylist took to her website to explain why she did what she did and said what she said. And here’s an excerpt of what she wrote:

As with any reality show, we filmed hundreds of hours from which aggressive editing was initiated to elevate tension and create story. All of us, the entire cast understood this going in. We signed up for it. However, several scenes were placed together that did not happen in real time as they appeared. One joke, one side-eye or one critical comment transposed to another unrelated scene can create synthetic arguments that in reality did not occur. Editing can be and is dangerous!

The episodes you are watching were shot during the months of January through April of 2014. In those months, I was faced with the daunting task of moving out of my home, learning of my 6 year old’s diagnosis of (Type 1) juvenile diabetes, and enduring the trial surrounding my son, Kile’s death. Oh and filming a show…

When you watch the show, you may wonder why I ‘appear’ to be so negative. Or you may ask yourself, why did that happen? Or why did she say that? –I was going through a lot in my life. This isn’t solicitation for pity, rather understanding, especially from those who’ve experienced such times in their lives. I felt we were putting together a fluid narrative, but the editors took much of the logic out in the editing room and omitted a few kinder, more lighthearted scenes. So, much of what you saw attitude wise didn’t make sense. And when things don’t make sense the viewer assumes the worst – which is exactly what is happening.

As you have seen in only three episodes, it has gotten out of hand and turned into something like the other Reality Series – the same ones I turned down in the past. The ones that further the stereotype of Angry/bitter Black women. I am disappointed and frustrated to be presented like that. I am not that woman. I am blessed with a wonderful family, genuine friendships, and vast opportunities to inspire and affect change in the lives of millions. A responsibility I take seriously.

In episode 1 or 2… When Sheree stepped into lunch with her stomach out wearing (gasp!!) a white bra, I had an unfortunate knee-jerk reaction. ‘White bras’ are a pet peeve. I do believe they should be outlawed. I am actually working on a book called “White Bras and other Faux Pas,” so although my reaction was probably inappropriate, to me, it’s just that serious! Truthfully, we laughed for so hard about the subject and my reasons, of course that too ended up on the cutting room floor. Death to White Bras!

I have made mistakes. When the producers asked to film my T-Market (Flea Market) event in support of my “Kile’s Word Foundation”, I honestly should have never agreed to it. That was my fault. Once there, the producers felt the scenes didn’t have “enough action.” So, I was told they sent Torrei and her friend Traci Steele to start some shit – and shit they started! Not the optimal plan…

If you have been watching in episode 3, you have seen me say some unkind things about Torrei’s sisterlocks. A note to my Natural sisters: I have total respect for Natural Hair. In fact, underneath my weaves I’m natural too! I respect the choice and discipline required to go natural. I just do not subscribe or applaud those ‘synthetic’, presto additions that are supposed to emulate natural hair. After all, a weave is a weave is a weave!! We are all in the same gang! LOL! Please don’t be mad naturalitas, I love natural hair, be it locks, braids or an afro they are beautiful indeed… I am a little tense about bad edges however… that’s another blog post.

Torrei in a couple of scenes even had the bold audacity to speak about my kids. She even said on camera that people “around town” are saying that Kile’s death may be Karma. I wonder which town she is referring to, because if it’s Atlanta, That is my town. I have been in Atlanta for 17 years, compared to her four (4) months, be clear that is not how we roll. That is so inappropriate as to be beyond description. I hope no mother has to experience the pain of losing a child. For those that have implied that I have used his passing as an ‘excuse’, my only response is you try and decide which one of your kids can you live without? Once you conclude that the answer is NONE, maybe then you will understand the veracity of losing a child. The fact that she was even able to say that on camera is unconscionable. All things aren’t up for television banter nor do I take ANYTHING involving my children lightly. That’s when I lose it… yeah all bets are off about my Kile or any of my “five heartbeats”.

The bickering about my custody case, etc… are all based on misinformation, gossip and innuendo. None of it is factual. Just for the record, as always, I have shared custody of my children and nothing else should be used against me for a damned Reality TV show that is not based on reality, but ratings. Ignorance is just that… Don’t believe everything you read about me, unless I verify it. Period point blank…

Get the rest of her LONG letter here.

By now, we pretty much get the gist of these reality shows. DRAMA! So, it should really come as no surprise to the "stars" if the producers “paint a certain picture” because…that’s what they do. And if you give them the material, well...

And in other rumor news...

 photo bd.png

Since we found out Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon were headed down Splitsville Lane, there have been rumors going around on what actually caused the breakup. And one of those rumors, that we never really believed, was that he slept with one of his “Wild ‘N Out” models from his MTV show.

It’s alleged that Nick is carrying on a relationship with the video vixen turned “model” and that he is also paying for her lavish L.A. apartment. In addition to Brittany, Nick has also been linked to Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend Jasmine Sanders (he dated her shortly before linking up Karrueche).

But according to Brittany, the rumors involving her and Nick are NOT true. She took to her Twitter to debunk the gossip tweeting:



Well, there's that. Still no word from Jasmine though…


Photos: Tameka's IG/Brittney's IG

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