ok...what up fam....got a question for you out there....

How is a relationship viewed by you.?

Business transaction: Two putting in on finances, live together, "do some stuff together" and hollar at each other like homies.....


Regular: All of the above but with love, respect, and also treat each other as King and Queen of their world together......goals, ambitions, motivation to do for the other as they would have them do unto you....


You be the judge....need all opinions from everyone!

Money o Love!!! What is everyone seeking and why???

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Young, Black, and Fabulous

Beyonce Hits The NYC Streets Solo In Leather, Despite Social Media Reports She Was In Cleveland

 photo 1414716269276_wps_1_October_30_2014_Beyonce_K_zps0ce39f4e.jpg

Beyonce was feeling nostalgic with her back-in-the-day style Christian Dior clutch purse in NYC yesterday.  Peep the pics inside and why the social media reports of her trekking it to Cleveland to see LeBron's game were likely false...

In a gray leather skirt and plaid button down, Beyonce was spotted leaving her midtown Manhattan office once again.  And, once again, she used her bag to block her middle section:

 photo spl878742_011_zps62471cca.jpg

 photo 1414716923137_wps_13_MANDATORY_BYLINE_TO_READ__zpse6f0f448.jpg   

Interesting.  Since before noon Thursday, folks on Twitter, claiming to be from Cleveland were making claims that Beyonce and Jay Z were spotted roaming the streets in their city in preparation of LeBron's big home-coming game.  No credible receipts were provided, but once she was actually pictured on the streets of NY later Thursday evening, The Carters in Cleveland seemed to be nothing but hopes and dreams.

While plenty of celebs were on hand at the Quicken Loans arena last night, it doesn't seem to us like The Carters were part of that.

Meanwhile, Beyonce is working on the big release of her upcoming TopShop joint adventure.  And keeping it effortlessly fab while doing so.


Photos: Splash/INF


JUST LIKE DAD -- Christopher Wallace, Jr. Celebrates His 18th Birthday With Mom Faith & Family...At The Studio

 photo venicem1_zps423ec37f.jpg

Christopher Wallace, Jr. is now 18!  And he celebrated with a family trip to the studio with his mom Faith Evans and more.  Peep the pics inside, and why he's giving us vibes that remind us of his dad more than ever...

The son of Faith Evans and the late Notorious B.I.G. just turned 18!  And we remember when he was just born! 

CJ headed straight to the studio to celebrate, and Faith's youngest son Ryder, family friend Kaydence and Ronnie DeVoe of New Edition were all there for the family fun too.

 photo venicechris1_zps8518c005.jpg

 photo evansj2_zpsf1afd19a.jpg

Cute.  His older sister Chyna tweeted him saying,

HAPPY 18th BDAY to my brother my homie my ace @ceejaywallace!!! love you soooo much bro... Time to take over

And his mom posted:

Happy 18th birthday to my 1st born son @cj_toa.. We're so proud of you! #love #mother #son #family #teamfizzy #teamprolific #ideserveit #incomparable1124

CJ has been living in L.A. and sharing litle bits of what he's been working on.  Check it below:


Bday Vibes @jahad_russaw

A video posted by Cجلد (@cj_toa) on Oct 10, 2014 at 7:01pm PDT

And if you didn't already think he visually reminds you of his dad:


fiends for dat fetti #guala #LiT

A photo posted by Cجلد (@cj_toa) on Oct 10, 2014 at 8:59am PDT

Happy birthday CJ!


Photos/Videos: Splash/CJ's IG

Tiny SPEAKS Out For The First Time Since PERMANENTLY Changing Her Eye Color, “I Just Wanted To Do Something Different”

 photo tinyeyes.png

For the first time, Tiny Harris is speaking out about undergoing surgery to have her eye-color changed from brown to ice-gray. Find out what she told “Good Morning America” about the procedure and what her husband T.I. thinks inside…

We were shocked to learn reality star Tiny Harris underwent surgery to permanently change the color of her eyes. Last week, the “Tiny & Shekinah’s Weave Trip” star posted a picture to Instagram announcing she had changed her iris color from dark brown to ice-gray and she seemed super excited about it.

During a recent trip to Tunisia, Africa (with hubby T.I. and her eldest daughter Zonnique), Tiny went under the knife for the procedure using BrightOcular which, according to the website, is intraocular implant that is placed in the anterior chamber of the eye to change the appearance of the iris. And the reason she had to travel overseas to have the surgery done is because it’s actually illegal here in the United States!

This morning, Tiny appeared on “GMA” where she explained step-by-step how the procedure was performed and how she felt once the surgical operation was over. She revealed,

"They go into the eye and they make a little slit," Harris explained of the procedure that uses a medical-grade silicone. "They take an implant and it's folded up. They open it [and] spread it over your eye. They told me that the procedure was going to be quick, five to 10 minutes an eye," she said. "They woke me up. It was very blurry, then it kind of fades in."

So what does T.I. think about all this?

"He was like, 'What are you doing?'" Harris said, adding that now her spouse is OK with the change. "He loves them," she said. "He's OK with it as long as I'm healthy and don't have any problems."

When asked why she decided to go through with it, she responded,

“I just wanted to do something different. And I have the right to do that. It’s my body.”

Well...it's not the first time she has altered her body in some way.

After she initially posted to Instagram that she had changed her eye color, she deleted the posting soon after. Maybe the social media backlash was too much for her at first.

Now, she seems to be comfortable with it all because she has since uploaded another Instagram post, praising the doctor who performed the surgery AND sharing a promo code for those of you wishing to change the color of your eyes. She also added a note from the team who performed the surgery. It reads:



I permanently changed my eye color with Brightocular and lovin it‼️ Huge thanks to the incredible doctor(s) for the amazing experience and for making my dream come true ! I hated wearing contacts just for the color and it made my vision blurry! Blessed to say my vision is #perfect after my #ice-gray implants! Special thanks to the #Brightocular staff for ALL that you've done to make this process happen, you're amaZing & thank you to the hospital's staff for your exceptional customer service as well,‼️I would also like to raise awareness about those under privileged living with serious eye conditions called ocular albinism, aniridia, and iris coloboma. Brightocular can help you. For more info everyone GO visit the brightocular.com website; to get the #BEST #DEAL when booking your appointment, mention Promo Code #KM404 and tell them I sent you!!! ✔️ SD Note: Ofcourse any procedure has potential risks but no one has gone blind with brightocular and the success rate has been close to 100%. The media is referring to a story from 2009 and data of side effects from a different shaped and even different colored implant that is currently used in Panama since 2002. Brightocular was launched and patent approved in 2010. We do not recommend using this implant from the doctor in Panama. Brightocular is the only artificial iris implant with the United States patent grooves and channels design to accomplish a successful surgery. For more info on the differences, risks, and benefits of all artificial iris implants used around the world, contact brightocular.

A photo posted by Majorgirl (@majorgirl) on Oct 10, 2014 at 1:23pm PDT


The part that stands out the most: "Of course any procedure has potential risks but no one has gone blind with brightocular and the success rate has been close to 100%."  Please note, there have been no LONG TERM studies conducted to confirm this....LONG TERM.

Anyhoo, check out her full interview here.

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