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Young, Black, and Fabulous

iHEART PERFORMANCES: Chris Brown & Jamie Foxx "You Changed Me" + Iggy Azalea & Jennifer Hudson "Trouble" + Snoop Dogg & Charlie Wilson "Peaches N Cream"

  photo ChrisBrown2015iHeartRadioMusicAwards77kmH9pLHc1l.jpg

Watch performances from Chris & Jaime, Iggy & Jennifer, Snopp Dogg & Charlie Wilson, plus pics of Jeremih (winning his first award) and Justin Timberlake inside...

  photo ChrisBrown2015iHeartRadioMusicAwards8WEN27XDl80l.jpg  photo ChrisBrown2015iHeartRadioMusicAwardsIOoo1iClXBul.jpg  

Tonight at the iHEARTRadio Awards, host Jamie Foxx hit the stage with Chris Brown for Jamie's new single “You Changed Me.” The song will appear on Jamie's first album in five years, due May 19th.

 photo ChrisBrown2015iHeartRadioMusicAwardsHP3Wc596dq1l.jpg

Jamie began with a dedication to his grandmother. 

 photo ChrisBrown2015iHeartRadioMusicAwardsWFdjSNSuqMMl.jpg  

In case you missed his opening monologue, Jamie nailed Bruce Jenner and Suge Knight with a few zingers.  He joked that Suge Knight discovered Snoop Dogg & Nate Dogg and now he needs a seeing eye dog.

He also joke, "Marvin Gaye might be dead but he ain't dead broke...he making beats in heaven."

On Bruce Jenner "I'm just busting your balls while I still can."



 photo JenniferHudson2015iHeartRadioMusicAwardsBXk0fzKQPgKl.jpg

 photo JenniferHudson2015iHeartRadioMusicAwardso-hUzPhTSvPl.jpg

Iggy Azalea (and her OBVIOUSLY pre-recorded vocals) hit the stage with Jennifer Hudson for "Trouble."

  photo JenniferHudson2015iHeartRadioMusicAwardsF7csBx4MRg8l.jpg  photo JenniferHudson2015iHeartRadioMusicAwards4l10YtapDM-l.jpg

Iggy nailed all her dances's not like she had to focus on nailing the lyrics.


Another performance...

 photo SnoopDogg2015iHeartRadioMusicAwardsNBC-s0CsrxveJ0l.jpg

Snopp Dogg & Charlie Wilson performed their song "Peaches N Cream".

 photo SnoopDogg2015iHeartRadioMusicAwardsNBC8j5DVaraLE-l.jpg

 photo SnoopDogg2015iHeartRadioMusicAwardsNBCt1jrrZbluh2l.jpg



 photo JustinTimberlake2015iHeartRadioMusicAwardsaIi3IGOY-shl.jpg

Justin Timberlake was honored with the Innovator Award, which was presented by Tom Ford (who also dressed him).

 photo Jeremih2015iHeartRadioMusicAwardsNBCZPaUTljYNsfl.jpg

Jeremih and YG (grabbing his crotch and lifting his shirt?????) were big winners.

 photo Jeremih2015iHeartRadioMusicAwardsNBCmHm5YcVQW6Il.jpg

 photo Jeremih2015iHeartRadioMusicAwardsNBC586SoiZZ3cfl_1.jpg

Jeremih took home tonight’s iHeartRadio Music Award for Hip-Hop/R&B Song of the Year for “Don’t Tell ‘Em,” featuring YG and he told the crowd it was his first award. Congrats!



Photos via Getty

iHeart PERFORMANCES: Rihanna ROCKS "B*tch Better Have My Money" For The FIRST Time!

 photo Rihanna2015iHeartRadioMusicAwardsNBChPaJkVSctqKl.jpg

Get your wallet...get your purse. Rihanna wants her coins!  Watch "BBHMM" for the first time....LIVE!

 photo Rihanna2015iHeartRadioMusicAwardsNBC9ZLEkatRa_-l.jpg

Tonight, Rihanna arrived at the iHeartRadio Awards in a helicopter...and rocking Versace.  On Instagram, her bestie Melissa Forde described the outfit as "#VersaceDown" (fur, glasses, boots, EVERYTHING). And it appears RiRi is paying homage to raptress Lil Kim. On her Instagram a few days ago, Rih posted a throwback pic of Kimmy with the hashtag #BBHMM. This outfit does scream "Crush On You."

 photo Rihanna2015iHeartRadioMusicAwardsNBCp0Tk24MmZ5ll.jpg

 photo Rihanna2015iHeartRadioMusicAwardsNBC_39sDhjsH-al.jpg

After a few days of teasing the new track, which hit the club and radio a few days ago, it was our first time seeing Rihanna perform the song live.
 photo TarajiPHenson2015iHeartRadioMusicAwardsqqo6mdYHlSel.jpg

It all kicked off with an introduction from Taraji P. Henson aka Cookie Lyon.  Perfect casting!

 photo Rihanna2015iHeartRadioMusicAwardsNBCSdoiYJpVv48l.jpg

She was joined by a group of female dancers.

 photo Rihanna2015iHeartRadioMusicAwardsNBCU0hk8FzXqJjl.jpg

In other news, her HOME movie made $54 million this weekend.


Peep her performance below:



Photos via Getty

2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards RED CARPET: Jason Derulo, Zendaya Coleman, Chris Brown, Ludacris, Jennifer Hudson & More

 photo dfdfffddfsds.png

Tonight, Jaime Foxx hosted the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards where Jason Derulo, Zendaya Coleman, Snoop Dogg and others walked the red carpet. See pics inside...


 photo 2015iHeartRadioMusicAwardsNBCRedCarpetH55WwsUuW4Nl.jpg

Tonight, thousands flocked to the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards at The Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

 photo ChrisBrown2015iHeartRadioMusicAwardsj6_VB3wY-hPl.jpg

Chris Brown (he's up for 3 awards) hit the carpet in a colorful DSquared2 Spring 2015 jacket. 

 photo 2015iHeartRadioMusicAwardsNBCArrivalsrz7-t5f83Ifl.jpg

Actress Zendaya Coleman hit the red carpet, ready for spring as well.

 photo 2015iHeartRadioMusicAwardsNBCArrivalsyzR5jNDWeAol.jpg

She let her loose curls drape down her back. And it's safe to say, no telelvision host will be making comments about Zendaya's hair tonight.

 photo 2015iHeartRadioMusicAwardsNBCArrivalsX9vDkOAn2ccl.jpg

Her choice for this springtime affair was an exciting number from Fausto Puglisi Spring 2015, which she paired with Jimmy Choo heels.

 photo 2015iHeartRadioMusicAwardsNBCRedCarpetp74FbJD9aTEl.jpg

Award show staple Jason Derulo, nominated for Best Collaboration "Talk Dirty" ft. 2 Chainz, rocked all black. 

 photo SnoopDogg2015iHeartRadioMusicAwardsNBCTvZ_1GsW2s6l.jpg

 photo SnoopDogg2015iHeartRadioMusicAwardsNBCrWPlxn378mnl.jpg

Snoop Dogg appeared alongside his son Cordell Broadus. Cordell is famous in his own right, as you'll recall, he's hugely successful on the football field and got recruited by UCLA.

 photo 2015iHeartRadioMusicAwardsNBCArrivals8YQ7fnniy6El.jpg

Mike Tyson, who oddly enough, appears on Madonna's Rebel Heart album, rocked a white jacket with a subtle pop of color.

 photo Boy2015iHeartRadioMusicAwardsNBCRed3W3Gr-Ik_PSl.jpg

Radio Legends Big Boy and Ryan Seacrest (both host shows on iHeart radio) posed together.

 photo 2015iHeartRadioMusicAwardsNBCArrivalsn6PXhVBNHWvl.jpg

 photo 2015iHeartRadioMusicAwardsNBCArrivalsG2zLHiFaeBDl.jpg

Iggy Azalea wore Roberto Cavalli, and opened the show with "Trouble" ft. Jennifer Hudson.

 photo 2015iHeartRadioMusicAwardsNBCArrivalsAUgxrdZMEIXl.jpg

Lord KraVen, who describes himself as Pop|Rock Fusion Recording Artist, Songwriter, Actor & Clothing Designer get our pick for most exciting red carpet fit.

 photo 2015iHeartRadioMusicAwardsNBCRedCarpetSbCyOg6nqvDl.jpg

Ludacris, whose album Ludaversal drops on Tuesday, was among the presenters.

 photo CharlieWilson2015iHeartRadioMusicAwardsDZGteGibvT8l.jpg

Uncle Charlie came through! You ain't want none of Charlie Wilson rocking crushed velvet!  

 photo JenniferHudson2015iHeartRadioMusicAwardsSb4oz-zfvwZl.jpg

Jennifer Hudson showed off her impressive legs.

 photo JenniferHudson2015iHeartRadioMusicAwards3F0kLMTJ4lUl.jpg

 photo JenniferHudson2015iHeartRadioMusicAwardswH9E1klrhz5l.jpg

And her eyes are on fleek!





Photos via Getty/Splash


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