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Chris Brown DELAYS “Between The Sheets” Joint Tour To Complete Community Service + Keke Palmer Riding Around & Eating Chicken With….August Alsina?

 photo cbde.png

Bad news for Breezy fans! Chris Brown just announced he has to push back his joint "Between The Sheets" tour with Trey Songz and Tyga after a judge denied his travel plans. Get the deets and tell us your thoughts on this new pic of Keke Palmer and August Alsina inside...

Well…looks like the “Between The Sheets” tour is postponed…for now at least. Chris Brown just took to his Instagram to announce the dates for his upcoming joint tour with Trey Songz and Tyga have been delayed. The guys were suppose to kick off the tour in Hampton, Va on Jan. 27th. Chris said the tour is NOT cancelled; just the dates have been pushed back.

Why you ask? A judge denied his travel plans to go on tour since he still has 100 of the 1000 community hours he was sentenced to complete after violating his probation earlier this month. He sadly wrote:


I would first like to apologize to all the fans and people who have been supporters of me and all the music over the years. The beginning of the BTS tour has been moved to later dates now. The judge would not sign off on my travel to do the tour until I finish these last 100 hours of community service. I promise that I am busting my ass doing it everyday until it's complete. This is the most disappointing news I've gotten in a while. Everything happens for a reason so I wanted to personally inform my fans. The show must go on. Out of 1000 hours I only have 100 left. I will work my ass off to complete it and I will be on that stage. Once again I'm sorry for the delay. I love yall! We will let yall know the dates that are changed. It's not cancelled. Just moved around a couple weeks.


You'll recall, the "Ayo" singer was in court a few weeks ago for a progress report in the "Rihanna" assault case. A L.A. judge revoked his probation after Breezy traveled to San Jose for a show without permission. The show ended in gun fire, injuring five concertgoers.

Breezy goes back for a formal hearing March 20th and if he's found guilty of violating his probation, he could face jail time. No word on the new tour dates, but we'll keep you posted.

In other Breezy news....

 photo cbpris.jpg

It appears Chris is the victim in a new criminal investigation. Apparently, his jail ID was stolen and someone tried to make a quick up, selling it online for $10,000! Breezy's lawyer Mark Geragos was tipped off about the identity theft and hit up the San Bernardino Sheriff's Department who launched an investigation.

TMZ reports:

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... when Chris was jailed for leaving rehab back in April and taken across the country to Washington D.C. for his hearing on assault charges, one of his first stops was San Bernardino County Jail.

Chris was only there for a day or so, but procedure required a jail ID. When Chris left, his ID was left with the jailers.

The Sheriff's Dept. launched an investigation and traced the ID to someone in the area. We've learned cops seized the ID and grilled the guy, who insists he got the ID from a friend who got it from a friend.

Cops are trying to figure out how the ID got out of police custody and whether a crime has been committed.





Now let's talk about our girl Keke Palmer....

 photo kekeaa.png

Looks like Keke Palmer and August Alsina have become....good friends, to say the least. Chick posted up the picture above riding shot gun with August with the caption, "he can cook some good ass chicken ya'll" Oh??

Guess she's just a girl having fun. Earlier this month, the 21-year-old YBF chick was spotted hanging out with NBA baller JR Smith then cheering him on courtside during one of his games. Guess there's nothing wrong with options....



Photos: TMZ/CB's IG/Keke's IG

OUT & ABOUT: Rihanna ENJOYS Some Retail Therapy In Beverly Hills + NEW Season Of "R&B Divas: L.A." Coming In February With Two New Cast Mates

 photo aliceo3.jpg

After lighting up the red carpet at the Fashion Los Angeles Awards, Rihanna hit the Hollywood shopping scene for a little retail therapy. Peep her pics and get the deets on the new season of "R&B Divas: L.A." inside….


 photo aliceo4.jpg

Rihanna made sure to turn heads in nothing but a gold and silver sequined jacket at the Fashion L.A. Awards this weekend. But our favorite bad gal can also turn heads in a laid back look, rocking a crop top and high slit skirt while on a recent shopping excursion.

The Bajan beauty picked up a few new items from the trendy Alice and Olivia store in Beverly Hills today, pulling off a look like only she can.

 photo aliceo2.jpg

 photo aliceo1.jpg

As we all wait patiently for Rih's newest LP (dubbed R8), the "Diamonds" singer released her Kanye West & Paul McCartney-assisted track "Four, Five Seconds". Definitely something new and different from RiRi's other hits.

Also, the DreamWorks animated film HOME, where she voices the character Tip, will be released March 27th. Check this clip of Rihanna revealing what "home" means to her below:


In tv news....

 photo rrbll.jpg

While s new season of "R&B Divas: Atlanta" seems to be up in the air, TVOne's "R&B Divas: L.A." is back for a brand new season. And we'll be seeing what the ladies are up to sooner rather than later when the season premieres February 11th at 10PM ET. Looks like most of the original cast Chanté Moore, Lil’ Mo, Michel’le, Chrisette Michele and Leela James will be returning for season 3. All except Claudette Ortiz. But, two new members will be joining the franchise in her place.

In a press release about the upcoming season, it reads:

This season will add a new Divas, Christina “Brave” Williams who will set out to overcome the obstacles associated with being a new artist and Stacy Francis, who earned her stripes in the theatre, seeks to successfully transition into the new world of R&B. Additionally, alumni cast members will make their season three return. Tensions are heightened and emotions are explosive as the Divas come together to mend their volatile relationships. Additionally, the Divas put their charitable side on display as they band together to give back to the community.  

Will you be tuned in?

Photos: Splash News

INTERVIEWS: Gabrielle Union REVEALS Why She ASKED For A Pre-Nup + Rashida Jones SHUTS DOWN A Reporter On The SAG Red Carpet


"Being Mary Jane" star Gabrielle Union opened up about the Ferguson unrest, domestic violence in the NFL and Hollywood's lack of diversity.  Read the highlights inside and watch Rashida Jones shut down a reporter at the SAG awards.

In a new interview with YAHOO Style, With This Ring producer Gabrielle Union opens up about everything from her marriage to Miami Heat basketball star Dwyane Wade, to why more actors and musicians are speaking up politically about domestic violence, Ferguson unrest and policing issues.  An in one of her most interesting moments, she revealed why she asked Dwyane to sign a pre-nup.   

I want people to know the work that it took to get through UCLA, that I had student loans and worked. I was eating Top Ramen and lived well below my means. Now that it’s time to get married to a man who happens to play basketball and has done well for himself, I want to make it clear that I have in no way hitched my wagon to his star. I have my own wagon and star.”


Hear are the highlights:

On if it bugs her that her show, Being Mary Jane, is often compared to Scandal:

“What bugs me is that they’re making the comparison because they’re both shows that star black women. It’s such apples and oranges. It’s like comparing True Detective and Law & Order — you would never do that. What it says is we need so much more diversity in TV. We need shows starring women of color or women of a certain age or women who aren’t a size 2. If that happens, the world isn’t going to end”.

On asking, husband, Dwyane Wade to sign a pre-nup:

“For women in Hollywood, when they’re coupling, everything is about the brand. Everything is about latching on to a rising star, so you can kick your heels up. That’s never been my story, ever. I make sure to let people know all of the hard work that’s gone into my career. I want people to know the work that it took to get through UCLA, that I had student loans and worked. I was eating Top Ramen and lived well below my means. Now that it’s time to get married to a man who happens to play basketball and has done well for himself, I want to make it clear that I have in no way hitched my wagon to his star. I have my own wagon and star.”

On who she would cast in a Bring It On reboot:

“[To play me], Keke Palmer, [Kirsten Dunst’s role,] Dakota Fanning, and Selena Gomez in the Eliza Dushku bad-girl role”.

On Chris Rock’s recent article about how few black women there are in movies and television:

“I think it was part of a larger conversation about a lack of real inclusion in the casting process. They say, “We just went with the best candidate,” but if you’re never considered, you never have a chance. I don’t think people won’t tune in to True Detective if I was Colin Farrell’s wife, or if it was Eva Mendez or Viola Davis. He was pointing out if you look at the biggest films and television shows, there’s not a lot of diversity. The fact that there’s a massive controversy about [the new Star Wars having] a black Stormtrooper is crazy. It’s a made-up world. But in movies, even if you’re in an outer-space community, there’s no diversity. Damn, that says a lot”.

On the state of America after the Ferguson and Eric Garner cases:

“The general lack of compassion for your fellow man is really frustrating. I think what the protesters are saying, or at least some of them, is it’s not just about police brutality. It’s about a widespread systematic crippling of some people in this country by birthright, and no one’s acknowledging it. There may be a power shakeup if you’re really going to do something about it. A lot of people aren’t interested in that. They say, “It’s not that bad. We have Barack Obama. We’re good.” Or, “You’re not getting lynched.” They’re not acknowledging the institutional racism that impacts daily lives.”

On actors and athletes becoming more vocal and political:

“People have always had their own personal views, but they weren’t challenged. I don’t think there’s any footage from back then where Michael Jordan was asked about an issue. I’ve known Michael for a long time, and I couldn’t tell you what his views are. It’s not something that comes up. He’s from before there was social media. In this day, there’s a news story about celebrities every second. People are demanding a lot more. The fact that I can do a press junket for a movie and people ask me what’s happening in my uterus says a lot. They want 110 percent of what you have to offer. But now that I’ve been given a voice, I’m going to use it.”

On the NFL and domestic violence in the United States:

“The biggest thing is that the NFL is a business. It’s professional sports, and there are 55 guys on a team. If there’s one guy out of 55 who’s done something horrible, you can’t taint the other 54 with the same brush. But in the sense that a guy committing domestic violence received a less harsh penalty than players did for smoking weed, in that regard [NFL commissioner] Roger Goodell has failed miserably in bringing the NFL to a more enlightened time. If he’d talked to his customers, they’d much rather have Cheech and Chong on the field than the villain in a Tyler Perry movie. The NFL is a microcosm of all industries. Domestic violence affects Wall Street, teachers, and policemen. We have a lot of work to do as a league, but we also have a lot of work to do as a society”.


Check out more photoshoot pics:


About last night...

In case you missed it, some funny ish went down on the red carpet at the SAG awards. Rashida Jones was being interviewed by TNT's Danielle Demski who "complimented" her skin tone saying, 'You look like you've just come off an island or something, you're very tan, very tropical.' Rashida quickly quipped, "I'm Ethnic."

Drops mic......



Photos via  Maria Karas

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