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Young, Black, and Fabulous

PUBLICIST To The Stars Yvette Noel-Schure REVEALS Intimate Deets About Working With Beyonce, Mariah Carey & Prince!

 photo publicyphoto85.jpg

What's it like working directly with Mariah Carey, Prince or Queen Bey?  Publicist Yvette Noel-Schure opens up about her experiences as a top-celeb handler inside...


We're rarely treated to inside deets about working for some of the world's biggest celebs (shout out to confidentiality agreements!) but publicist Yvette Noel-Schure spoke on "The Jake Sasseville Show" recently about representing Mariah, Prince, Beyonce and working her way up through Sony.  Check out interview highlights here:

On Prince

“When I did publicity for Prince for one year (the best year of my life!), I was the greatest actress that year. I never let him think I was a fan. It was very easy to talk to him which I didn’t anticipate.”

“What I loved about working with Prince is he expected me to bring something to the table. “Musicology” was reaching a fan base that didn’t grow up with Prince and I thought it was time to go to those newer fans… when I convinced him to do Black Beat Magazine, the magazine I ran for all those years, not only did he say yes, Rudi Meyer (editor of Black Beat) came and spent two hours with Prince sitting and talking to him.”

“You can’t record Prince’s voice. It was a lesson in seeing these journalists having to listen, take notes and Prince understood that he had to slow it down if he didn’t want to be misquoted.”

On Mariah

“[On my first day at Sony,] I was wearing a beautiful black dress. All the powerful people wore black, so I knew I had to wear black. I was ready to find a stack of things on artists no one cared about. Instead, there was one folder on my chair and it said Mariah Carey. She was the biggest music star in the world. I took the folder and ran to Larry Jenkins office… I told him someone forgot the Mariah Carey folder in my chair. Larry said Yvette, she is your client. And I need you to study up on everything.”

“Not only was Mariah Carey the biggest star in the world at the time, she was married to the CEO of Sony Music Tommy Mottola. Not only am I now responsible for the biggest star in the world but I have to report to Tommy Mottola, the husband of the biggest music star in the world and the CEO on the first day that I become a publicist having never been a publicist before.”

“It’s as if someone took me out on a lake, threw me out into the crater, and as they were pulling away, then asked Do you even know how to swim.”

On Beyonce and Destiny's Child

“I sat down with them (Destiny’s Child) and did makeup lessons… they were pretty advanced because Miss Tina Knowles was such a central figure in the lives of the girls of Destiny’s Child. Not just Beyonce, but Kelly who was raised in her house. LaTavia (Roberson) and LeToya (Luckett), the original two members, where the friendship blossomed in that house. They understood about hair and how they wanted to look. I knew in that moment that if Columbia Records trusted me with these young women, and if Tina and Matthew Knowles trusted me to be around these young women and knew that if they walked out of a room, they knew I wasn’t going to be shooting up a needle or smoking a blunt… I knew being a publicist was not what I needed to do. I knew I had to be a teacher and I had to be a guide and mentor.”

“One of the things I know that Beyonce probably appreciates about me, especially now that she has a family… is that I always said to the girls, at the end of everything, I’m going home to my babies. It got to the point where the girls of Destiny’s Child used to mouth it to me after the interviews or press day. She’s going home to her babies.”


Listen to the interview here



Photo via Jake Sasseville Show

PARTIES: Usher, Young Jeezy, Ray-J, Future, Teyana Taylor & Nelly POP BOTTLES At The Velvet Room

 photo PAW_6588.jpg

Usher, Young Jeezy, Nelly, Teyana Taylor and more closed out BET Hip Hop Awards weekend at the Velvet Room. See party pics inside...


 photo DSC_4150.jpg

The BET Hip Hop Awards were held over the weekend in ATL (see's coverage here) and last night, several celebs closed out the festivities at The Velvet Room.  Usher, who also performed at the iHeart Music Fest in las Vegas was spotted walking in.

 photo DSC_4978.jpg

Ciara's baby daddy Future was there.

 photo DSC_4762.jpg

Young Jeezy was out and about.  He made headlines on Saturday night went he spent $20K on Champagne at Compound.

 photo DSC_4607.jpg

   photo DSC_4597.jpg

Busta Rhymes is still busting out of tight shirts.

 photo PAW_8846.jpg   

"LAHH Hollywood" star Ray J did a walk thru.

 photo PAW_7756.jpg

 photo PAW_7754.jpg

 photo PAW_7807.jpg

Teyana Taylor showed off her amazing abs.

 photo PAW_7761.jpg

She partied while Iman Shumpert smoked hookah.

 photo PAW_0463.jpg

Kenny Burns posed with Usher.


 photo PAW_7573.jpg

   photo PAW_7576.jpg   

 photo PAW_8487.jpg

 photo PAW_8377.jpg


 photo PAW_8112.jpg

 photo PAW_8060.jpg  

But the man who had the most fun was Nelly.  It was hard to come across a pic where he wasn't smiling and showing off his grill.  Good times. 



Photos via Prince Williams/ATLpics.Net

Laz Alonso Is Single…And Likes His Ladies To Have Clean Smelling WEAVE! + Kerry Washington RETURNS To “GMA” To Dish On “Scandal”

 photo lazwendy.png

Laz Alonso and Kerry Washington were on daytime television this morning. Laz is serving up tips on what it takes to be his woman and Kerry is dishing on the upcoming season of “Scandal”. Get it all inside….

Ladies! Laz Alonso is single…YES GAWD! But…if you want make a move on the sexy YBF star, there’s one thing you HAVE to have smelling good.

The dapper "Mysteries of Laura" star hit the couch on the “Wendy Williams Show” where he revealed his biggest pet peeve when it comes to women. During his chat with Wendy, he said his woman HAS to have good smelling hair. Yep…no sour weaves! He wants to smell clean, pleasant aromas when he’s cuddled up. He said,

“Weaves are cool. Whatever you need to do to feel confident, just keep it up. Keep it nice and healthy and clean. If I decide to bury my head in your hair I want to smell nice…pleasant aromas.”

You hear that ladies? Keep that weave smelling good and you may have a chance.

Also, the Hollywood hunk talked about a previos relationship he was involved in with a woman who liked to fight men…in the club. Oh…

Check it:

Also on daytime TV.....

 photo KerryWashingtonCelebsDropGMAEzr4mlwlU59l.jpg

 photo KerryWashingtonCelebsDropGMAGch10c0DMICl.jpg

Kerry Washington made her way back to the “Good Morning America” set this morning, a day after launching the “Scandal” Limited Line collection. And this time she’s dishing on the brand new season of the ABC series that we cannot WAIT to see.

 photo KerryWashingtonCelebsDropGMA5RczJp_rbsZl.jpg

The fab mom looked radiant in a yellow plunging dress as she dished on what’s in store for Olivia Pope this season. On the last episode, we were left on the edge of our seats after Oliva quit OPA and hopped on plane in hopes of restarting her life away from the White House. When asked about what's coming up in the new season, Kerry didn’t reveal much (cause we just love the twisted turns of the show), but she did let us in on what we can expect in the first episode. She said,

“I can tell you, you will know where the plane is going. In the very first episode, you will find out.”

Peep the clip below: 

And last night....

 photo KerryWashingtonLimitedScandalCollectionMkGhQvV37SMl.jpg

 photo KerryWashingtonLimitedScandalCollection-ktWdCiZDV7l.jpg

The head Gladiator hit the red carpet the “Scandal” inspired Limited Line collection party at IAC Building in NYC. And of course, she slays (yet again) in a blue and white form-fitting peplum style dress paired with dark blue metallic peep-toe sandals.

 photo KerryWashingtonLimitedScandalCollectionN7zL-S8gRB2l.jpg

She celebrated the launch of the new collection alongside Sr. VP of Design Elliot Staples. Loves it!

The 4th season of “Scandal” premieres Thursday at it’s new time 9pm on ABC. Get ready.



Photos: Splash/FameFlynet/Laz’s IG

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