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Tamar Braxton Gets EMOTIONAL Over Vitiligo Insecurity + Tiny & Shekinah Get Attached At The Hip On “The Real”

 photo threal1.jpg

The ladies on “The Real” kept it 100 as they talked about their insecurities and extra baggage they carry around with them on a daily basis. Tamar Braxton got super emotional when she opened up about suffering from the skin disease vitiligo. Also, reality stars Tiny & Shekinah hit up the show to play a game of “Attached At The Hip.” Check it inside…

In today's episode, the ladies of “The Real” opened up and allowed themselves to be vulnerable as they discussed their personal insecurities and struggles that they carry internally. Pull out the tissues!

During an emotional chat sesh, the usually outspoken “Tamar & Vince” star Tamar Braxton let her guard down and revealed she suffers from a skin disease called vitiligo. She's spoken about it before, but many accused of her of giving a false excuse simply so sh could bleach her skin.  Tamar could barely talk from being so choked up. She revealed she doesn’t work with a lot of makeup artists due to her disease and at one point in time, she use to sit on her hands to try and hide them because the discoloration was so bad.

She candidly said,

It's so hard for me to talk about my insecurities so I always talk about "Oh I'm beat, I'm done." And, you know, I talk about myself and I say it out loud so I can start to believe it. And I just carry that with me only because I have a skin disease called vitiligo and it's so crazy that nobody believes it. Oh my God. And the reason why I won't work with a whole bunch of makeup artists is because I don't want other people to see it. And so I used to sit on my hands, 'cause it's really bad on my hands, and it's so funny that people think I bleach my skin because bleaching won't take all my pigment. It's so crazy. And I tan to try to hide it. And it's so funny because I, just backstage, just today, and that's why I'm so emotional, because I'm talking about it. Just today, somebody I haven't seen in a while was like, "Oh my God, I was thinking… who is that white woman over there in the white? Oh that's Tamar." And I find myself always defending that I am who I am. And so for me, I just decided, you know what Tamar? You are going to accept yourself for who you are because either you're going to like me for me or you're not going to like me for me.

The other co-hosts also got candid on their insecurities.

Tamera Mowry Housley revealed her struggle of comparing herself to her twin sister, “Instant Mom” star Tia Mowry Hardrict. She said she’s tired of being called the “cute, goofy” sister while Tia was always regarded as sexy. She spilled,

Umm, well… I'm a twin, duh. Umm and a lot of the times, being a twin, you can have… God, I'm about to cry. I don't want to cry. Dang it. Well, okay. I didn't want to cry. I haven't cried at all in a very long time and that was something I didn't want to do. It does. I've never actually told you guys this. Um, being a twin people compare and they compare a lot, by default. It's not their fault but sometimes, you know, they see two people and they either say, "Oh… She's the sexy one or she's the cute one. She's the goofy one, she's the sassy one." Well, I was known as the goofy cute one. And I used to read our fan mail all the time and that's what I used to get all the time when I was 16 years old and I kept it. Are y'all crying now too, Jesus. Well I kept it. So going to college, I carried that. I was like "Oh, the goofy cute one. I'm not the sexy one." And guys would literally go, "Oh, you're so goofy, you're so goofy!" And I always thought it was a negative term cause all I wanted to be was sexy. I didn't want to just be cute. So now, to this day, honestly, when people say, "Oh you're so cute," there's a part of me that goes "ugh." I'm 36 years old, I'm a grown woman, and I have to own that I can be sexy and not only that… Honestly, I wake up every single day and I question that and it doesn't matter. My husband can be like, "Oh my God, you look so sexy," and I hate that I always say, "Really? Really?" So I'm going to work through that…

Loni Love dished on a time when a professor made her feel inferior to another woman because of her lack of wearing high-end fashions, while Jeannie Mai disclosed she felt she had to get eye surgery popular in the Asian culture to make it in television after a family member told her she would need to have cosmetic surgery on her eyes.  And Adrienne Bailon admitted she equates relationships to being successful.

Check it:

Later in the show....

 photo threal2.jpg

“The Real” co-hosts were joined by Tamar’s friends Tiny (taped BEFORE her recent eye implant surgery) & Shekinah as they continue to to make their rounds promoting their new VH1 reality series “Tiny & Shekinah’s Weave Trip.”

During their segment, they played a game called “Attached At The Hip” where they had to perform a series of tasks while tied together. Y’all know how these two can get when they are feuding. Find out if they were able to work together to get the jobs done below:  


Anyone else notice Tiny is back to rocking her wedding ring? Well alright.


Photos: Patrick Wymore/WARNER BROS

Christina Milian Takes Her Crimped Hair Out To Dinner + The Dream Shares New Pics Of Wedding

  photo crinkles2_zps8429bd8d.jpg

Christina Milian took her new hair out on the town last night in L.A.  Peep the pics and her ex-husband The Dream's new wedding pics...

Rocking denim on denim and orange suede Louboutin booties, Christina Milian was spotted leaving dinner at Cecconi's Italian Restaurant in West Hollywood last night.

 photo crinkles1_zps8a36282b.jpg

Cute look.  No Weezy?  Hmph.  Her new reality show 'Christina Milian Turned Up' Premieres On E! Sunday, January 18.  Will you be watching?


Meanwhile, Christina's ex-husband The Dream is gushing about his love for his new wife:

 photo ScreenShot2014-10-30at113340AM_zpse2711bf9.png  photo ScreenShot2014-10-30at113334AM_zps39cc9ee8.png

The singer-producer shared a few more pics from his wedding with new wife Lelonne.  And he's sharing why his whole life has a Ginuwine song.

The End, The Beginning! The fight for True is hard , in order to even fight for what's right for you,you must fight yourself and your own short comings and know exactly who you are and Love yourself fully and wholly. You must tear down your own fears and address your own weaknesses before you can provide strength and love for you and another! You must find freedom and believe what's great about you is a blessing and what's not so great is needed to have an idea of humble. Find passion for another as you seek what you don't have, only to notice that what you don't have in you can be found in another and Then you can be perfect, perfect for another and allow someone to be perfect for you. If I Practice loving I will eventually become Love itself. It's hard and it's elusive but so is life, and when you stop loving you literally have stopped living! 4L #findyourlove This world is to crazy to live and Dir without giving life a chance to be good to you!

Hopefully the third time's the charm...


Photos: Splash/The Dream's IG

OUT IN NYC: Kanye West SURPRISINGLY Snaps A Pic With A Photog + LaLa Anthony SPOTTED Making Her Way To Knicks Home Opener

 photo hatkanye1.jpg

Surprisingly, Kanye West was in a really good mood. So much so, he snapped a picture with the paparazzi! Peep Ye posing it up with a photog and pics of LaLa Anthony getting ready to cheer on her man Carmelo Anthony for the Knicks’ home opener inside….

Well someone was in a good mood yesterday. While making his shopping rounds in NYC (sans his wife and baby Nori), Kanye West was spotted leaving his hotel when a photog in an interesting sweatshirt caught his eye.

Kanye was so intrigued by his sweatshirt that he stopped for a photo-op with the photog! Now…we all know this is a big deal. Ye has had many not-so-nice run-ins with the paparazzi. In one instance, he and the photog were involved in a scuffle as Ye attempted to take his camera. Paramedics were was just a big mess. But now, it seems he's playing nice.

 photo hatkanye3.jpg

Not only did he pose it up with the photog, he stopped to snap a pic with fans as well.

 photo hatkanye6.jpg

But before the "Heartless" rapper took off in a cab....

 photo hatkanye2.jpg

He had to play paparazzi himself! Kanye was so fascinated by the young man's D9 Reserve crew neck sweatshirt that he copped a few pics of his own, snapping photos with his cell phone. Guess the fashion head got inspired.

 photo hatkanye4.jpg

Then shook hands before he rode away. Nice!

Also in NYC....

 photo csl2.jpg

The NBA 2014-2015 season has officially kicked off. Which means, celebs sitting courtside to watch their favorite players go hard in the paint.

And in true supportive wife fashion, LaLa Anthony stepped out last night to cheer on her husband Carmelo Anthony as he and his team went head-to-head against the Chicago Bulls. She kept is stylish in an all black sweater dress paired with black knee high boots as she walked inside Madison Square Garden for the Knicks home opener.  

 photo csl1.jpg

Unfortunately, the Knicks stumbled in their first game and were beat by the Bulls, 104-80. Tonight, the Knicks take on the Cleveland Cavaliers in LeBron James’ first NBA game since returning home. They will battle it out at the Quicken Loans Arena in Akron, tipping off at 8pm ET.

Who ya got?!


Photos: Splash News

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